Kels Galore

Hi, I’m Kels! I just completed my BA in Political Science and Social Studies with a Minor in Psychology this last spring at my small-ish Washington liberal arts university. Up until entering “the real world”, I directed a mixed a’capella group on my university’s campus and thoroughly enjoyed being half hipster and half college co-ed but now I’m on to bigger and better (and more stylish) things.

What do I do now that I’m (allegedly, anyways) in the real world? I craft until my fingers and tired and I can’t stay awake anymore (which, now that I’m up at 5 everyday isn’t all that late into the evening). I mess around on various stringed instruments and rock the eff out in the car. I also have the big girl paychecks I could only dream of in college so I’ve been stepping up my style…and really, what better excuse when trying to decide if I really need one more pair of boots than “it’s for the blog”? Needless to say, the next year should be filled with some epic fashion evolution on my behalf.

Other than that, I’m allergic to a ton of foods including wheat, gluten, dairy, yeast, coconut, palm, and peanuts so I’ve been known to do a post or two about the allergy stuff in my life-GOTTA REPRESENT! I love looking at pictures of cute animals and playing with doggies. I have a pet bunny who hates people so I’ve started bribing her with veggies to try and get her to like me. I love quilts, glitter, Titanic, the color blue, chocolate, and coffee.


2 responses to “Kels Galore

  1. Cool blog. Coldplay is my favorite band too. What songs do you like?

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