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Three years ago today

This isn’t really going to be an outfit post, you guys. Sorry. But there are some snazzy outfits in it! The thing is, three years ago* I met an amazing guy. His name is David, although up until recently you’ve known him as Monsieur. And he’s a guy who’s kind of worthy of a blog post. We’re celebrating our two year anniversary today*, and while it isn’t the most elaborate celebration you’ll ever hear of, it’s still a special one.

“Sometimes you have to fall apart before you can fall back together.”

When I first saw that quote on Pinterest, I  rolled my eyes pretty hard. I’m the type of girl who thinks “Jeez, enough is enough. You break up, you move on”. So when David and I broke in October 2010, I figured it was over. Which sucked, but I knew we’d live. We’d heal, and we’d be friends .

Clearly it’s not the case, and it took us slightly less than a year to figure that out. When we got back together we made a strong commitment to each other. We knew that if we decided to give it another shot, we knew we needed to be in it for all of the cards.

The past year has been a rough one for non-romantic reasons, and I’m just really glad that David has been there for its entirety. He makes me laugh when I’m grumpy, he’s calm when I’m spiraling into crazy land, and he’s patient. Dear god is he patient. And he’s all mine!

These photos are from the last of the three weddings. My dress is F21 and his suit is a rental.

*Well, technically, yesterday, but we celebrate it on the 20th so who knows when…
** See the above footnote

Traveling Back In Time

Let’s go on a trip, shall we? My good friend the Doctor has agreed to let me use his police box for one quick jaunt. It’ll be super short–just about a month ago. Remember all the weddings? I realized that Kels and I never posted our outfits for my sister’s wedding reception! And man, they were good outfits. So, like I said. Time travel.

I’ve worn this dress before, but I’ve had a hard time figuring out just how I like it. I realized I avoided wearing these tights with the dress because it felt too easy–the tights are the exact color of the shading on the purple flowers. So when I couldn’t decide what to wear, the obvious answer hit me like a ton of bricks.

Dress & Tights: Sojourner, Sweater: My sister’s closet, Shoes: Thrifted

The reception was a ton of fun, though, with a photobooth that Kels and I took complete advantage of. That’s how we have all those rockin’ photos on our sidebars. I also have some great ones with my mom, with my sister, and with one of my best friends from high school

Kels and I are doing our moose impression with my sister, and in the photo with my high school BFF and the one with my brother in law, we’re doing our bear impressions. Because that’s a thing with my family.

And that’s all! You may now return to the middle of September.

Sequins: A Teensy Break

So I think when I’ve forgotten two posts within one week, it’s time to admit that I’m stretched a wee bit too thin. Don’t worry, though, guys, Stripes and I talked it out–she’s going to cover my back until I’m settled in my new home, which should be hopefully next week. And then I’ll be back to talk about the awesomeness that was my sister’s bridal shower. Trust me–there will be awesomeness. Stripes & I might have had a ridiculous amount of fun with the photo booth! For now, though, know that I’ll miss you guys and also I figured out how to style a skirt that I’d been feeling weird about. It’s the little things that keep me happy.

Both the skirt and the sweater are the oddballs in my closet. Do you guys have articles like that? Like, I really like them and want to keep them, but every time I feel like I’ve got an outfit figured out, it somehow doesn’t work. Except for this one…. (I hope!)

This is exciting. Not quite as exciting as moving my entire life to Seattle, where I’ll be near family, my best friend from high school and her awesome boyfriend, nearer to Stripes, and Plaid will be a stone’s throw away.  Honestly, the only crummy part is leaving Lace and her soon-to-be Husband behind. So it’s a good thing I know her and I will always be good about Girl’s Nights, and her future husband is besties with Monsieur as well.

The not-so-exciting part? Packing. Ugh. I mean, Plaid is pretty frickin’ fabulous and helping us, but still. It’s crummy. Thank goodness for good friends. Oh also? Thank goodness for cotton candy machines. Especially at bridal showers.

Whoa, that was random. Why was that so random?

This is what jolly ranchers look like after being used in a cotton candy machine. It’s pulverized sugar crystals.

And since I like being nice, if you entered a comment, then email me your address and I’ll send you a handmade card. But not until after I’m done with my move….

See y’all in a week!

(Or so)


What’s the best thing to do after you’ve been traveling a ton? Travel more, duh! I’m hanging out with Stripes at her hometown. We’re doing bottles of wine, nail polish, crafting, and epic amounts of discussions regarding guys. We’re preparing for tomorrow, which is my next in line bride’s shower. So, wish me luck with fun crafting! I’ll show you the fun stuff I made for the shower soon, as well as what I did for my sister’s shower. Promise!

Like my mini skirt? It was a little out of my comfort zone, but I’m glad I got it–it’s super fun, and I’m excited to match it. Guys, I haven’t talked about this much, but I’m super excited to figure out how to make my wardrobe work for not-work and not-not-work. I realized that I had been subconsciously pressuring myself to wear shorts since they’re not work-appropriate, and I don’t have to wear work-appropriate things. But that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to wear my work clothes…. It took longer than I’d like to admit for that last bit to sink in.

This is Maggie–look familiar? She’s pretty into her ball, and it being thrown, and since I’m pretty into dogs, and obeying their every whim, we became pretty close friends. Which is why she ended up in 90% of my outfit shots. It’s cool, I’m not a diva. I know how to share. What I don’t know, however, is which side of my shirt is the front. If it looks vaguely familiar, that’s because I wear it all the time–except the other way. I was putting it on this morning and realized it doesn’t have a tag. So suddenly my brain asked “Have you been putting this shirt on backwards the whole time you’ve owned it?”

Maybe, brain. Maybe. Or maybe just for today.

Shirt: Thrifted/ Skirt: H&M/ Shoes: Seychelles/ Necklace: Gift (from Monsieur)

Sequins: Did I mention my sister got married?

Because in case you haven’t heard–my sister got married. To her best friend. A guy she’s known for over half of her life. He’s kind of awesome. Like, in a I’ve-considered-him-my-older-brother-since-I-was-ten-kind of way. Anyway, to wrap things up, I got permission from my sister to share some of their professional photos she received in a sneak peak. Woot!

Oh and if further proof that my speech was amazing and hilarious was needed…

Some of my favorite peeps, right there. And thus endeth the wedding photos!

Oh and because this is, technically, a fashion blog? I found my Maid of Honor dress in a thrift store for ten dollars. I never remember the designer, but it’s a semi-fancy one, so a fun find. It was originally white, and I dyed it using a combination of purple and pink dyes.

Sequins: Maid of Honor Round One

Wow guys.  So I guess I didn’t expect to fall off the face of the blogging earth, but I guess that’s what happens when your sister gets married in Maui and you’re the Maid of Honor. Lots has been going down. Yesterday, though, was The Day and everything went off mostly without a hitch–unless, of course, you’re me. If you’re me, you’ll find yourself with hives covering your entire body from an allergic reaction to the sunscreen, a dress with a zipper that breaks and you have to be literally sewn into, and a couple other crises that I can’t remember. I was laughing with my dad about it at the ceremony. It was like all the bad luck that brides fear was flying at my sister, and I managed to jump in front of her every time. I’ll share more pictures later and go into more details later, but for now I’ll just say two things–I’m exhausted beyond belief, and the happy couple is definitely worth the effort.

These were our Getting Ready outfits. Hers was white, as is appropriate.

Technically, I gimp’d this photo, but it was to make my camera more accurately reflect what we were looking at during the beginning of the reception. And yes, the happy newlyweds were on the beach with their photographer during the sunset.

Sequins: New Favorite Book

Meet “Lace”. She’s one of my best friends. I know her through Monsieur, and she knows Monsieur through her fiance. Her fiance and Monsieur are pretty close.
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