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Sequins: My Modern Alice

I’m sure I’m not alone in this supposition, but if I had to make a guess, I’d say that Alice (from Alice in Wonderland, of course) is the most remixed character in literary history. The story itself is constantly being reimagined, and with every reimagining, Alice herself is remade. I think it helps that the story itself is so bizarre and unexpected, and no one really knows what it’s about. Although Cracked takes a shot at the “right” interpretation here.

Dress: Charlotte Russe; Sweater, Vest, Ring & Shoes: Thrifted; Tights: Gift

This dress always makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland, no matter how I style it. Usually I opt for the vest pictured with purple or marroon tights, but I’ve been jonesing for a fun way to wear my new polk-a-dot sweater so I branched out a bit.

Seriously, though, this sweater? The internet made me buy it! I completely blame the internet (specifically this pin) for me blossoming obsession with polk-a-dots. I may have gone a little overboard with them in this outfit (have you seen how ridiculous those shoes are?) but I totally and un-apologetically loved this outfit.

I did not, however, love the crazy wild wind that messed my already-being-difficult hair. I was whining to Stripes about my hair–I’m a fan of the length but I’m seriously having the hardest time styling it. If I do nothing to it, it looks like limp noodles. If I spend hours blow-drying it straight, it last about five minutes before turning into greasy-looking limp noodles. And if I use my snazzy blow-drier attachment to help the natural waves turn into curls, it looks like a monster trying to eat my face (see above photo for reference). And then, of course, once satiated, it turns into limp noodles. In short, I’m failing in my stylistic efforts to prevent noodle hair. Any tips are much appreciated.

*Ahem. Back to my main point. This is my funky, modern version of Alice! I’m pretty sure she would have rocked this look perfectly. After all, what’s the point of getting dressed if you can’t dress up? And really, lest you think my costume is lacking in the props department, be assured….

…I even had my White Rabbit.


Sequins: Celebrating Whiskey Day!

Happy Whiskey Day, everyone!
What, you didn’t know it was Whiskey Day? Well, that might be because I’m the one who declared that Saturday, January 14th, official Whiskey Day. What, you don’t dedicate themes to every day? Yesterday was Be Nice To A Stranger Day (no joke, I had five random strangers say “Good Morning” on my walk to work) and tomorrow is Do A Girlie Craft Day (Stripes and I have some Pinterest-worthy plans. Don’t worry, there will be pictures). The only real thing required for declaring a day of your own is some sass and determination (but a DIYed letter banner doesn’t hurt!)

Vest Shoes & Jacket: Thrifted; Shirt & Tights: Target; Socks: Modsock; Scarf: Campus

Celebrating Whiskey Day
It’s a pretty easy holiday to celebrate, even if you’re not a whiskey fan. It’s mostly an excuse to dress like a grumpy old man, watch belligerent and gritty movies, and add a snarky tone to your theme. Some of my friends might argue that this is my standard Saturday, but don’t listen to the haters! Raise your glass, put on your comfortable pants and sweater vest, turn on Tombstone and enjoy Whiskey Day!

(Oh, and it doesn’t hurt if you happen to have a pair of Whiskey-flavored socks…)
**Note: the banner is totally a legit Pinterest challenge, based off of this pin! Although the more I stare at that pin, the more I really just want to make that exact banner… I probably will soon

Stripes: Vest 2.0

Happy New Year all! I hope everyone had a great (and safe) New Year’s Eve. I ended going over to a friend’s house to play boardgames, drink wine, and get lots of puppy loves (there were three doggies celebrating with us). While I had a blast I wore totally boring clothes which is why this post is about an outfit I wore a few days ago; the vest 2.0.

I posted about this vest a couple months ago without the hood and mentioned it’s fluffy faux fur hood that I had taken off for that day. Well, here’s the hood in all it’s goofiness. So the biggest surprise I found while trying to take pictures in the hood was how hard it is to get a decent picture with fur surrounding your face. As Sequins put it, in half the pictures I looked like I had stuff between my teeth because the fur got all up in my mouth and as I would like to put it, posing with a hood on was much harder than people make it look on other blogs! So, I’m sorry to say, I am not going to post any pictures of the hood up because it turned out looking good. And now I am reconsidering ever wearing hoods ever again because I am doubting my ability to look stylish in one again… 😛 This one is just me being silly and looking SUPER white. Gotta love being Irish in a city that gets 20 days of sunshine a year. What’s funny (to me anyways) is that my face and chest don’t really tan- my legs (which absorb color like a sham-wow on a puddle of water) still have a bit of color from this last summer but the one shade I got on my face was gone by the end of September. It totally makes buying make-up easy, though, because I only have one month a year where my face is slightly tanner than my foundation and even then the difference is so small that I either just wear my same old foundation or just skip it all together.

Vest: Aeropostale (old), Shirt: Target (old), Jeans: Gap (old), Shoes: Converse (old, but they still make the same color still).

Hope you have a great New Year’s Day! Sequins and I are working on a bunch of new posts for you all for the coming days/weeks; hope you all enjoy our upcoming clothes, creativity, and cool thoughts (ok, so it was hard to keep the alliteration going but you get the point-we have lots of exciting things coming your way)!


Stripes: Vest Season

Hey again

Fall in the Northwest usually means:

  • Rain
  • Random hail and wind storms (which we had an EPIC one this weekend…thought we were going to lose power for sure, surprisingly we didn’t)
  • Rain
  • False threats of snow
  • Rain
So when we have mild weather without rain it instantly becomes puffy vest weather!I’m always super excited for vest weather because we only get about 10 days a year where you can pull of the puffy vest without getting rained on or being too warm/cold. The stars pretty much have to align.
On the day of this photoshoot I was a little stressed…hence this picture (though I’m still a bit of a ham, even when angry):

But this is a good reminder to not take life too seriously because, really, it’s just life. Stuff happens and you learn to be happy again.

Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Undershirt: American Eagle (old), Top Shirt: Aeropostale (old), Vest: Areopostale (old), Jeans: Gap, Boots Rocketdog via Famous Footwear (old).