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An Update!

Hey all! I have some exciting news: I am now writing over at A.L.A Mode-come check it out! And, as always Marci is still writing/kicking ass at TheGlitteredPterodatyl

We miss you (and Moose) and hope you check out our solo (yet collaborative) projects!



Happy Thanksgiving from the Moose


For all our American readers, we extend a Happy Thanksgiving with full bellies and maybe even a touch of political awareness and sensitivy. We are grateful to you all for reading us. We’re grateful for the comments that let us know we aren’t just talking to ourselves, and for all the interactions we get to have with you guys. Mostly, though, we’re grateful for family. Families that we might not share blood with but that still invite us for Thanksgiving. For all the people, blood-related and not, who open their arms and hearts wide for us regardless of the holiday. We love you all very much!

Expect Slow Posting

Kels and I live squarely in the land of free and home of the brave, with bald eagles flying above us daily also included. So we’re taking it slow this weekend as we unplug and eat lots of food. Or, in my case, drive lots of hours to our state’s nearest southern neighbor. In the meantime, though, I want to show you some fun new stuff I added to the blog–buttons!

Moose In Chartreuse
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Moose In Chartreuse"><img

I’m still working on adding different sizes and variety, but for now you can feel free to share us on your own blog, if you’re so inclined. We have a new page on the top of the blog Grab A Button and you can check there for the whole shebang. We’re not nearly coordinated enough to have any kind of sponsorship program yet, and we’re not even sure if we’re going to take it in that direction. One of these days we’ll get together with fancy hats and clipboards to draft an official marketing plan for the Moose, but until then, enjoy! Take! Share if you like!

My First Day of Work

If you’re even a little surprised to see that I wore my black skinny jeans in this outfit post, then clearly you and I have differing opinions on what it means to be obsessed. Which is fine. But seriously don’t be surprised.

Sweater & Jeans: Kohls | Shirt: H&M | Necklace: Gift | Shoes: Clarks

Like I said, don’t be surprised. Also, after my first day of work I found out the dress code was monochromatic black & white. Patternless black and white. Which is even more strict than the last time I had a job with a black and white dress code. So expect to see a hell of a lot more of these black skinny jeans.

David saw the first picture I posted and commented on how good I’m doing with the whole taking my own pictures thing. Of course, what he didn’t see in that picture is that it’s the closest thing to a full body shot. I failzored hardcore, friends. This was the best shoe shot I got. Also, I love these shoes. I don’t care how so not in fashion they are. I love them. Love love love.

I posted a photo on my other blog about my first day jitters. It’s not accurate, though. The photo above is way more accurate regarding how I looked on the first day. Can you see the difference? It’s subtle, I know.

Answer: no nose ring for work time. and this is how I feel about it.

Lost & Found

My sister’s apartment is turning into my own personal lost and found. During the move I lost the black mini skirt with the birds on it, as well as my teal shirt with the lime green outline of a long horn. I realize you probably don’t have these articles of clothing memorized, and while I’m absolutely heart broken about that, it’s in large part due to the fact that they’ve only been on the blog one time each. They’ve also only been worn on my person one time. Each. So when they went missing, I was a little irritated. I kept trying to retrace my steps but couldn’t figure out where they’d be. I gave up looking eventually and had my mom and sister over for a board game and dinner. My sister showed up with a bag that had the shirt, the skirt, and something else I had apparently left at her place. She’s the greatest. I was going to post a picture of the shirt and I reunited, but wordpress is being blah. So instead you get lots of words. I promise I’ll stock back up on outfit photos soon. Like, today soon.

Measuring my life in coffee dates

Small take on the whole coffee spoon imagery, but that’s my life lately. A lot of coffe dates. Breakfast dates. Lunch dates. I’m really not complaining–it’s great to develop friendships with all these people I’ve been hanging out with, extending our relationships beyond what they originally started as–coworker, mother, acquaintance.  This particular spot was with my mom. We had a fun day planned full of crafts and shopping and errands, so we started off at our favorite breakfast joint.

The day didn’t go exactly as planned, but it was still nice to hang out with my mom. Also, it’s kind of funny but I’ve gotten into a weird niche with my outfits around her. The last four outfit photos she’s taken, I’ve worn two different dresses. Weird. This is the dress I was talking about last week, though. She found it when we were at Goodwill a while ago, and I just love it. It fits so nicely and so comfortably!

Dress & Shoes: Thrifted | Sweater: H&M | Tights: bella | Necklace: Gift

There are trees outside my window

Seriously guys sometimes it takes me a while to come up with a post title. Other times this time it takes me forever, until I give up and write the first only sentence that popped in my brain when I looked at my outfit photos. Suddenly the mystery of my blog writing is gone. Whoops.

There is totally a huge tree outside my window, though. Well. Outside my glass doors that lead to the balcony. I’ve been having a lame-ass time with random stuff so I told David that he should text me periodically throughout the day about the tree we have, and how awesome is our tree?

The whole view is pretty gorgeous, and definitely a large part of what keeps me sane lately! As for my jerryrigged tripod? Iffy at best. I have some normal photos, but here’s my favorite.

Sweater Tank Pants & Boots: Target | Shirt: Thrifted

It took me until typing that out to realize my entire outfit, sans shirt, is from Target. I usually make a point of avoiding doing that. Am I alone? I always feel weird when I wear all one brand. Even weirder when I walk into a store wearing mostly their brand. Gives me hives. Which is silly, I know, but haven’t we established that most of what keeps my inner wheels turning is silly? No? Let’s stare at the trees again then