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Faux Food Baby

This was my post-Thanksgiving outfit and I know I’ve got an epic faux food baby going on in it.

Sweater: Kohls | Top: Thrifted | Tank & Jeans: Target | Bag: H&M | Boots: Mi Shoes

It’s a faux food baby because it’s really just how I’m standing. And I’m only standing that way to keep my mouth tucked in my scarf. Also, it’s not actually that cold out in these photos. I have my scarf over my face because I’ve got a cold sore and I don’t care how much body acceptance I’m supposed to have–that is just not a photo I want on the internet. So you guys get these somewhat goofy photos instead.

On a side note, though, I love how crazy wild and mess my hair is in these photos. It’s growing out kind of crazy and I’m trying to trim it the best I can. Right now it’s in a weird faux-Kate Gosselin the early years phase. Which I did. It’s really similar to how I had it in high school.

Also, and entirely separate side note, these are the last photos with my favorite, beloved hipster glasses. They were tragically destroyed in a really frustrating accident that makes me grumpy just thinking about it. We’re talking full-on annihilation. >.< So long, hipster frames, and hello new pair that I’ve had as back up but hated for along time and now like a lot.

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Sequins: Stop Reverse Back It Up

I read Stripes’ post from yesterday and giggled, since oh how I remember the pains of figuring that out. Granted, I was the girl in college who had the habit of dressing in a way that frequently prompted the question about my upcoming job interview from fellow students and professors alike, so my problem was really the mild sort. Regardles, figuring out whole new wardrobe requirements is no easy task. Wait for the segue. Especially when you’ve already cut your wardrobe down to a fraction of its original size. Oh there it was.

I’m not kidding when I describe this as the Second Coming of the 30 -for-30. I haven’t done a count, mostly because that would make me sad, but believe me when I said it’s small. And it’s somehow going to last me for a least a month, likely longer. And seriously, though, could I scream PrivledgedWhiteGirlFirstWorldProblems any louder?

I had a whole theme of what I was planning on writing about for this outfit. I took it yesterday, on Tuesday September 11, and I didn’t think much about the date as I was getting dressed. It’s an anniversary that makes me pause, but in an odd, reflective way instead of the more state-approved patriotic way. I did read some well-articulated thoughts about using this anniversary as a way not only to reflect on the actions eleven years ago, but on the consequences that occurred as a result of the day. As a result of America’s reaction.

I’m not that patriotic of a person–not in the sense that I love my country because it’s mine. Moreso, I feel like you love a country in the same way that you love and respect a person–because they deserve it. I think when you look at the actions of our country, the line gets a little lot blurrier. So when I took off my sweater and realized I had (very unintentionally) decked myself out in red white & blue, it was strange.

Like I said, those were things I thought about writing about–the challenges of turning my professional wardrobe into an everyday casual one while simultaneously chopping it into a fifth its size; the thoughts that get tied in knots when I start trying to decipher my own feelings about what happened eleven years ago which includes America’s reaction; I even considered a lighthearted post about an apple growing on one of the trees in the backyard. But then? I got distracted.

Then I got distracted with the fresh, ripe raspberries growing all around the wall I picked for photos. Omnomnomnom. Like, seriously guys, have you tasted the amazingness of fresh raspberries plucked from their branches? I repeat: Omnomnomnomnom.

Sweater: Thrifted | Shirt: Anthro | Tank: Target | Shorts: H&M | Tights: Express (gift) | Shoes: Modcloth

What to Wear to the BEACH

Alrighty folks, Stripes here, I’m excited to join in on the link up fun! This is my beach look…though I laughed when I remembered that I needed to don a swimsuit and we barely topped 65 degrees today in the lovely Pacific NW.

Tank:Nollies//Shorts:Thrifted A&E//Swim Top:Macy’s//Swim Bottom (that you can’t see):Target//Shoes:Old Navy

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Washington has notoriously awful beaches. We’re talking no sand, lots of rocks, and weather that’s most places’ winter weather-rain, gray skies, and if we hit a temperature above 70 degrees it’s an AWESOME summer’s day. This is how I totally forgot to wear sunglasses in the pictures- our weather has been awful for the last few days and I was fending off goosebumps as I posed for these photos. But hey, that’s a true NW summer for ya!

As far as my beach style really goes, I prefer comfort. I like to wear clothes I can easily exit out of so I can jump into a lake/ocean/bay/what have you and won’t get destroyed or look awful wet so shorts and a tank are pretty much a must for me. I LOVE these shorts that I thrifted four or five years ago, for a whopping 99 cents, so much that I have pretty much ruined all the factory distressing and they are super stretched out (but that’s what makes them so comfy!). I also prefer cheap flip flops for the beach (and only the beach because they kill my feet) so I don’t ruin any of my investment sandals which are usually made of leather and it’s really easy to get rocks and sand out of them. The only things you’re not seeing in this picture that I would also bring to the beach are a towel or blanket, sunglasses, sunscreen (a MUST!), and a frisbee or journal.


Sequins here. I’m feeling really bad following up Stripes’ outfit, but such is life. She’s right, though, about weather in the northwest (PS I’m sitting in the Sacramento airport waiting to fly home, and I’m so tired. I wrote whether wether weather back there, so apologies for the gross grammar issues). Beaches are for the determined, although I like to count myself among the determined. However, I don’t know if you’ve picked up on this by now, but I’m not in the northwest at the moment. I’ve spent the past week in Hawaii, so you can just guess what I wear to the beach!

The first photo is definitely the most misleading, since I didn’t actually use this board like I expected to. I brought it out the first time we went snorkeling, as a precaution, but then it wasn’t necessary. I planned on using it to body surf a few days later, but I just ended using my body instead of the board. Tons of fun, regardless! What I had the best time doing, though, involved this accessory…

Snorkeling is the bees knees, guys. It just rocks. I saw so many fish–the last day my mom and I went out on a more advance turf (the one behind me) and she even got to see a sea turtle! I saw the unpronouncable Hawaiian state fish, so I’m feeling pretty excited about life in general. And because I like doing my small part to promote happy and healthy body image on the internet, here’s a better glimpse of what I actually look like when I’m on the beach.

Bikini: Macy’s, Sandals: Saltwaters, Snorkel: Foodland Grocery, Necklace: ABC Store

I think it’s important that you all know two things about the above mentioned photo:

First, yes I did wear the sandals into the water. Those shoes are amazing and deserve a post all their own. Second, I also wore that necklace into the water, and I’m pretty sure it worked as fish bait. Particularly for the famed Humuhumunukunukuapau’a.

Thanks for everyone who’s participating in these posts! They’re tons of fun and you should check out everyone else:


Sequins: Travelwear

You’re reading this on the last day before Monsieur & I fly out to Hawaii for our vacation, so I’m just a touch busy. Although, if you couldn’t get enough of Stripes’ vacation posts, then don’t fret–I’ll be adding my own to the mix soon enough. Don’t you fret. For now, though, you can feast your eyes of my last travel outfit! This was for a train trip, so less intense than my current trip, but still.

Gray tights and denim shorts was the very first styling that led me to my tights-with-shorts obsession. You guys don’t see it too much on the blog what with me recording almost entirely my work outfits, but trust me–it exists. Also, I know at least one person seeing this post is squealing with an “ohemgee she got it!”, so yeah, Stripes, I totally found one!

Backstory–Stripes sent me a text a long time ago letting me know there was a a super cute seafoam green jacket at the place she found her hot pink blazer. I went to scope it out and they were already out of stock. I went back recently, though, when my sister dragged me to the mall and couldn’t resist. It’s mine now!

Blazer: Charlotte Russe, Shirt: H&M, Tights: very old, Sandals: Saltwaters, Shorts: Target, Flower: downtown boutique

Do you guys have any fashion trends that you stick to like comfort blankets? Because that’s what tights and shorts are for me. This happy trend has been going strong for four years in my life, and I don’t see it letting up anytime soon!