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Sequins: Dress Your Best, Except When You Don’t

There are a few Bigger Name Bloggers who get teased on the Blogger Hate Sites (that I never ever ever read) for using that phrase. It’s the only phrase I could think of though, when posting a super casual outfit on this blog. I know I dress up a lot for the fashion shoots, and Stripes will confirm–it isn’t because I know I’ll have a camera poised on me. It’s just how I dress. Casual, unless it’s a funky shorts-and-tights combo, is pretty rare in my world.

You would make this face too, if someone had a camera that close to it

Not non-existent, though! As Stripes mentioned, we were both in Seattle this past weekend. I did the amazing accomplishment of only packing two tops, a pair of shorts, tights, and jeans. It was amazing. I never pack that lightly, or with that much denim. And now I know why… I was so sick of everything before the first day was over! My sister wanted to go to the mall to look at this great store for wedding jewelery, and across the aisle (row? walkway? I almost wrote street…) was a fun store with cute jewelry and sassy shirts. Which is how I ended up wearing this great combination of clothing…

Shirt: Fuego/ Keffiyeh: Palestine/ Shorts: Sojourner/ Tights: ModSock/ Shoes: B.A.I.T

I never dress this way. Except when, apparently, I do! I love this shirt, though. You can’t see the close up (yet) but it has a shallow v-neck. It is amazingly soft. It has a lime-green print of a long horn. I’m not sure what more I can ask for in a shirt, and have said requests be within legal parameters. I also had a fun time shopping with Stripes. We’ve both got some sad unfortunate drama in our backburners, so it was equally nice to 1) have someone tell me I looked amazing in what I tried on and 2) have someone mope for a couple minutes afterwards over iced coffee. That’s what best friends are for.

Man I miss the city. One day I’ll convince Monsieur that cities aren’t the devil’s playground (just talking about the possibility of moving to Portland makes him break out in hives). Then I shall rule the world.

Also, this isn’t like an official contest, but if someone has the ability to turn that bottom right photo of my wide-eyed face in a giff that blinks very rarely, I might have a trinket with your name on it. Because that would be hilarious. Also because I’m pretty sure that photo has already blinked twice while I’ve been typing this.

I am creepy.


Sequins: Peaches & Lavender


Sounds yummy, doesn’t it? True story–my mom is a really (really really) big fan of lavender, and there is a beautiful (and delicious) Lavender Festival held on one of the nearby islands. It’s a fun camping trip, and the festival has everything lavender that you can imagine. Including lavender ice cream, lavender cookies, lavender coffee. It’s a bit overwhelming to most but the die-hard fans, but I still like to taste. Same goes with peaches. My uncle, who is from Texas, calls me Peaches and it’s my favorite nickname. And between you and me, I have  a lot of nicknames...

But this isn’t really about food. It wasn’t supposed to be, that is. It was supposed to be about my new color obsession, ever since seeing my lavender-painted toenails paired with these sandals. I was obsessed with the mix for the better part of the day, so it surprised no one (and by no one, I of course mean Monsieur & Stripes) when I wore the same colors the next day.

Sweater: Thrifted/ Dress: Macy’s/ Tights: Gift, Macys/ Shoes: BC Shoes/ Necklace: Mi Shoes

What, one note wonder, you say? Whatever. This dress, by the way, was a whoppin’ 75% off. Very excited. It needed a minor adjustment, which I’ve made, and I love it. There are birds on it–I rest my case. This dress is also the result of shopping with my sister. She was in town a couple weekends ago and we went a little crazy shopping at the mall–which is something I pretty much never do. It was a blast and resulted in this dress, the yellow jacket and blue shirt you’ve already seen, and a beautiful black strapless dress. All on sale, which is the only way to shop. My sister is a dangerous girl to shop with.

Also dangerous, apparently, is Stripes! Do you see those shoes? If they look familiar, but you’er wondering if I just over-brightened the photo to wash out the red and white stripes, worry no longer.

Stripes bought sandals and I bought these–the twin sisters of my favorite red & white striped wedges, in a beautiful neutral tan. I love them. Monsieur loves them even more than their twins, which is strange (he’s partial to the flashier elements of my wardrobe).

The necklace is from the same place as the shoes, albeit purchased on a separate occasion. My coworker wears the most gorgeous, unique necklaces that I covet. But not really, since I’m not someone brave enough to wear large, chunky necklaces (that don’t feature an animal of some sort). Until this day, that is. I’m still working it in, but it’s a fun experiment. I think it’ll go well with the aforementioned strapless black dress.

How about all you quiet lurkers out there? Any chunky-necklace-phobias? Twin-shoe-purchasers? Food-related-color-obsessers?


Sequins: Sunday Musings

This post is later than intended. One of the rattas fell of their play area (which is the top of our heater, which is turned off and unplugged), and is now hiding inside the heater. It’s been an interesting day so far >.> That being said, here’s what has my attention lately…

This challenge has been a ton of fun, and I’ve been horrible at keeping up with it. Sundays are turning into my catch-up days. I’m still about a week behind, but I figure it doesn’t really matter, since I’m digging the prompts. Here’s one I worked on today

I’ve been way way way sporadic in my reading, which is super unusual for me. Usually I’m a two-books-a-month kind of girl, but lately I can’t focus as well. I have been reading this book, though, which is holding my attention. Ready for me to reveal my true depth in nerdom?

Which leads me to my new favorite website, PopMatters and also the tv show I’ve been watching on Netflix whenever I’m working on art projects

Buffy is a classic, and I love it. I love it so much. Even Monsieur is getting into the show as I’ve been rewatching it, which is funny, since he’s not a big fan of most of what I watch (and by most of what I watch, I really mean I watch pretty much nothing at all and he likes most of it).

Oh and slightly off topic? I think Stripes & I would look pretty bitchin’ wearing this necklace as our BFF necklace

One of my favorite bloggers, Kaylah from The Dainty Squid, is doing a a super cool giveaway. That I want to win. Which is why I’m getting myself an extra chance to win by sharing it with you here. See the giveaway? See how cool it is?

Oh and I’ll do a full post about it later, but just as a sneak peek, I had a blast on Saturday with the Carpenter (from our Tea Party). We took our cameras to the best spot in our town for a fun photo shoot.

Hope everyone else is having a good Sunday! Wish me luck wrangling my silly goose of a ratta.

Sequins: Flowers and Tassles

Does this dress look familiar? If not, clearly you don’t blog-stalk us enough 😉

I had this weird moment where I panicked about the shoe choice with the dress, but Monsieur reassured me they were fine. Because for five minutes, I entered a parallel universe where I was concerned with color matching. It was weird, guys, but I’m glad to have a partner like Monsieur to walk me through it.

The dress, though, needs some work. The top fits loosely (which, by the way, never ever ever happens) and needs pinned together, or maybe up. I haven’t figured out what it needs just yet.

Oh and in case you thought I stopped loving on my purse, think again. Stripes was showing her purse off, so I figured I’d flaunt this baby once more. Also, I’m a complete dork, but I didn’t realize until writing the previous sentence that I was saving these shoes for a different, special reveal. Ah well–there was another accessory that was going to go along with them, so that’s still on. Also also? These shoes are amazingly comfortable. They didn’t need any kind of breaking in or anything. Uh-may-zing.

Tired of me flaunting my nerd frames yet? Because honestly? I’m totally in love with them. I’ll also share how I did my nails pretty soon, if you dig them. It was a ton of fun.

Alright guys, the episode of Buffy that Monsieur and I were watching just ended so that means it’s bed time.

Dress; Sojourner/ Purse: Melie Bianco/ Shoes: Mi Shoes

Sequins: Numerically

Driven approximately six hundred and sixty five miles (Monsieur, that is)

Driven a total of two miles (Me! And one was with the manual, on the roads!)

Eaten a combined total of three burgers

Watched one movie in theaters (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, and we loved it)

Sat and watched the river flow by two times.

Purchased four books

Eaten at zero Chinese restaurants

Took an all-time record low of only twenty five pictures

Drank ten million ounces of tea

Sequins: Exciting News? Perhaps…

Hallelujah for the weekend, amiright? And a holiday weekend, at that! You know those greedy coworkers who take a vacation day on a holiday weekend? Ugh, right? I know! I’m totally one of them this weekend, though, and I could not be more excited about my four day weekend! You guys are totally reading this as Monsieur and I hit the road for a trip to his hometown, one state south. It’s like an eight hour drive, but it’s totally worth it.

Why? Because we need to scope out the town for good apartments to rent!

…. That’s right, we’re moving.

It’s true, and it’s pretty exciting. I’ll be done with my job at the end of July, and we’ll be moving in August, after two of the three summer weddings are over, and then popping back into town for my second gig as a maid of honor this year. It’s going to be kind of crazy, but in a fun, wild adventurous kind of way. I’m excited and terrified and convinced we’re just being goofballs.

Jacket: Old Navy, thrifted/ Necklace Ring & Sweater: Thrifted/ Dress: H&M/ Tights: Macy’s/ Shoes: Target


PS I totally have tamed the craziness that is my hair, don’t fear. It’s still kinda crazy though

Sequins: Bike To Work Day!

Today in our town, as well as many others throughout the country, it’s Bike to Work (or School) Day! It’s an exciting day full of promoting alternative transportation and getting people out of their cars. I know a lot of people don’t have the luxury of biking to work, and I really feel for the people who have those horrible hour-long rush hour traffic commutes. My parents used to have an epic hour and a half commute to work, inching along the freeway during rush hour, so my heart goes out to you guys. It sucks.

Fortunately, though, a lot of live in places where we can bike to work. Or bus to work. Or even walk to work, if you’re super super lucky (I’m super lucky). I think biking to work can intimidate a lot of people, but trust me–it’s great. You get some endorphins going, you have a ton of energy to start your day with, and people avoid giving you work because you’re too smelly to approach!*

The trick to biking to work, besides feeling comfortable and confident on a bike, is your clothing. I’ve already talked about the miracle that is biking in wedges, but honestly guys, I’ve amazed myself at some of the things I’ve worn while straddling my bike. So I’ve thought about it, and there are really five points I think are worth considering when getting dressed, if you know you’re biking.

Wear a helmet. I’m not even joking–some other blogger had a post about bike polo and she made some cute comment about how it’s not your typical fashion-blogger-on-a-bike post because all the girls you see in her post are wearing helmets. Helmets are really important. Like, super important. So don’t skip it. Your brain is really important, and you should treat it as such.

I’ve heard of people protesting the helmet thing because of silly things like ruining your hair, and Modcloth did a really cute series about helmet-friendly hairstyles. Personally, I asked my stylist when I got my hair cut about a product I could put in it that would ruin my hair when I get a little sweaty, and she gave me some crazy weird, semi-expensive water-reactive product. Meaning, I style my hair in the morning after my shower, I put on my helmet, I get to work and if my hair is a little sweaty, I restyle and fix it right then and there. If, the more likely option, my hair is not sweaty, because my bike commute takes two seconds and is entirely downhill, I rinse my hands in the sink and fix my hair that way.

As for your top, I’d suggest pretty much anything that has a tank underneath it, to keep any potential sweat stains from cropping up on your look. Looser, breathable fabrics are ideal. If you’re wearing something in layers, like a vest, I usually take the vest off and throw it in my purse before starting a longer trek. I also love heavier structured jackets for biking, because they make me feel safer.

The denim jacket (because I definitely was not kidding about the blogging world making me jones for one) is a perfect safety addition. It’s structured and heavy to keep my arms from being skinned if I fall, and it’s not so heavy that I’m drenched in a puddle of gross sweat by the end of my ride.

Use a bag or purse with an over the shoulder, messenger-style strap. Unless you have a basket on the back of your bike, in which case I’m super jealous. My old bike has a basket, a cheap-o white crate from Target, and it was seriously one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. A total lifesaver for longer trips, grocery store runs, or anytime you don’t want a bag to make your back super sweaty!

I’m definitely a girl who will bike in dresses and skirts, as long as they’re the right kind.What’ the right kind, you ask? Anything that doesn’t flash the cars. Oh, did you need me to be more specific? It’s usually a knee length a-line skirt that isn’t going to crawl up your legs as you peddle, like a tighter pencil skirt might. If it’s too flowy, you run the risk of it billowing out in a majestic, panty-revealing cloud which is also no good. I’ve biked in the flowier stuff, though, and you can just tuck up the excess skirt to keep from flashing. I’ve found it works pretty well.

For today, though, I totally took it easy and wore pants. Skinny jeans! I added a belt, though, as a safety precaution to keep from plumber-crack-flashing the cars behind me. I’m sure they’re grateful. Also, don’t be afraid of color! We all know color is super “in” right now (um when is it not?) but it’s a great safety measure. Make sure you’re wearing things that drivers can easily see. At night, this might include dork-tastic reflector bands on your ankles and across your back. Trust me, when you continue living after each bike ride, you’ll find it worthwhile.

I might talk it up about biking to work in platform wedges, and that’s all good and fine, but when you know you’re biking a lot (which I was on this day–I had about an hour total on my bike, full of hills), wear appropriate shoes. I opted for my trusty Birkenstocks, but Toms work wonders and pretty much any shoe you can wear socks with. Even ballet flats are fine, as long as you have those mini, invisible socks on. Looking fashionable is all good and well, yes, but take care of your body. A little dose of sensible never killed anyone!

Have fun and stay safe out there! Did I forget any important tips? Definitely let me know in the comments! Also, should you feel so inclined, I wrote a ton more about the other aspects of bike safety over on my other blog.

Jacket Bag & Shirt: Thrifted/ Pants: Target/ Sandals: Birkenstocks/ Pin: H&M/ Necklace: F21 years ago

*Okay maybe that one isn’t so much a positive, but just remember to wear deodorant. Or leave some at your desk. Or in your purse. Or briefcase.