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Sequins: In the Garden

There are a few awesome things about blogging. One being, make new friends. I’ll admit, I was slow to join that realm of blogging, mostly because I went into the process with one of my besties, and then promptly convinced another awesome friend to start one herself (Have you seen it? She’s pretty cool)

Regardless, turns out there are some pretty cool people on the internet, and it’s been fun to “meet” them. Nicole from Gypsy in Japser is one of those awesome peeps, and coordinates a What to Wear idea. It’s fun and I jumped on board, because I’m nothing if not a joiner. FYI, Stripes will totally be joining in on this concept next time it rolls around, but I figured it wasn’t fair to spring it on her the second she got back from vacation. See how nice I can be?

Shirt: H&M (??)/ Shorts: Target/ Brooch: Local boutique/ Sandals: Saltwaters

When I saw the prompt was In The Garden, I immediately went “Oh, for tea parties and fancy things! Sundresses everywhere!” And then I read a couple of comments about it and realized I’d be the only one with that theme. That some people, shockingly enough, actually garden (it’s, like, a verb, people!) instead of just play in gardens.

That said, I have to confess–rather than a cute little green thumb, I have the black thumb of death. I won’t bore you with the details, but rest assured–whatever plant you’re about to tell me I can keep alive, I’ve already killed it. Twice.

It’s definitely a recessive gene, though, since both my parents are pretty fab gardeners. My mom’s front yard looks like the Secret Garden in full bloom with her just blinking in its direction. No joke. I’ll share pictures soon. My dad is redoing his entire back yard with elaborate plans (he already built the brick walls and leveled the ground). My sister has an ever-producing spider plant.

If it has a leaf, I kill it. Also, I’m allergic to everything outside. As in, the occasional plant will make my throat swell up. So I’m just not a get-down-and-dirty kind of girl. That’s all there is to it. I do, however, like flowers! And I love playing in my mom’s garden, and checking out what my dad is doing in his back yard! So this is my “when I visit other people’s gardens”.

That means a cute top to give me the perfect excuse to not offer assistance, shorts instead of dresses just in case I’m required to squat, shoes that can be washed off with a hose for the potential dirt, and a flower pin, since that’s the only type of florals I can sustain!

This was super fun and you all should check out everyone else who participated!


Sequins: Short Shorts

I live in shorts. They’ve always been one of my go-to items, since I’m not into pants and I don’t always want to sit lady-like in my skirts and dresses. I’ve heard from folks of all ranges of sizes who admit they’re self-conscious about wearing shorts. Since we’ve been on the theme of happy, postive self-image, I’ll say one thing I’m happy about are my legs. My legs are so good at doing tons of things, like walking to work and biking all over town. They’ve had a lot to recover from, like arthritis in my toes, three consecutive years of twisted ankles and blown-out knee, and the resulting weakness and necessary physical therapy.

My legs have survived all of that, though, and still let me do some pretty awesome things. My favorite, as mentioned before, being biking my butt all over town. These are legs that deserved to be shown off in all their glory, so when the weather warmed up enough to ditch the tights, better believe that happened.

Shorts: Sojourner/ Shirt: Thrifted Banana Rpublic/ Shoes: Hiltons/ Bag: H&M/ Fox Pin: handmade

We’ve finally been having some beautiful weather in the Northwest, so a jaunt to the ocean-front park was definitely high on my list of things to do. We packed a picnic, if you include water, iced chocolate coffee, raspberries and grapes, David’s guitar, my sketchbooks, and a couple books to read as a picnic!

Slight picnic-related sidenote? That beautiful quilt you see was made by Monsieur’s mom. She makes amazing quilts and he’s the recipient of an abdunant amount. She made this one specially for him, and it’s outer space themed. I love it, which is why it’s our go-to pinic quilt. When I took some photos of him playing with the intention of sending them to his mom, though, and I asked him if it’d be okay for her to see the quilt in the background, he paused.

“Maybe we can just crop that out”

So, Mrs Monsieur’s-Mom, on the off chance that you see this blog–first, please tell me. I’d like to know, and secondly, I hope you’re not mad that we used the quilt for a picnic quilt. We chose it out of love.

So there you have it. A mostly-typical Saturday with my favorite fella. Also, we got a couple really sweet comments about Stripes’ and I’s online friendship. And I never really thought of it the way it was mentioned, but I like that we can be a positive role model for a healthy female friendship. I know a lot of women (myself included) struggle with female friendships. Granted, I just struggle with friendships in general because I’m an extreme introvert, but I get that maintaining female friendships is a legit hard thing to do. I’m glad that it’s easy for Stripes and I, as well as with my other beautiful, wonderful close friends out there–my sister, Plaid, and Lace (the one getting married in September), among other lovely ladies.  With that said, though,


It’s boring without you.

Sequins: Dress Your Best, Except When You Don’t

There are a few Bigger Name Bloggers who get teased on the Blogger Hate Sites (that I never ever ever read) for using that phrase. It’s the only phrase I could think of though, when posting a super casual outfit on this blog. I know I dress up a lot for the fashion shoots, and Stripes will confirm–it isn’t because I know I’ll have a camera poised on me. It’s just how I dress. Casual, unless it’s a funky shorts-and-tights combo, is pretty rare in my world.

You would make this face too, if someone had a camera that close to it

Not non-existent, though! As Stripes mentioned, we were both in Seattle this past weekend. I did the amazing accomplishment of only packing two tops, a pair of shorts, tights, and jeans. It was amazing. I never pack that lightly, or with that much denim. And now I know why… I was so sick of everything before the first day was over! My sister wanted to go to the mall to look at this great store for wedding jewelery, and across the aisle (row? walkway? I almost wrote street…) was a fun store with cute jewelry and sassy shirts. Which is how I ended up wearing this great combination of clothing…

Shirt: Fuego/ Keffiyeh: Palestine/ Shorts: Sojourner/ Tights: ModSock/ Shoes: B.A.I.T

I never dress this way. Except when, apparently, I do! I love this shirt, though. You can’t see the close up (yet) but it has a shallow v-neck. It is amazingly soft. It has a lime-green print of a long horn. I’m not sure what more I can ask for in a shirt, and have said requests be within legal parameters. I also had a fun time shopping with Stripes. We’ve both got some sad unfortunate drama in our backburners, so it was equally nice to 1) have someone tell me I looked amazing in what I tried on and 2) have someone mope for a couple minutes afterwards over iced coffee. That’s what best friends are for.

Man I miss the city. One day I’ll convince Monsieur that cities aren’t the devil’s playground (just talking about the possibility of moving to Portland makes him break out in hives). Then I shall rule the world.

Also, this isn’t like an official contest, but if someone has the ability to turn that bottom right photo of my wide-eyed face in a giff that blinks very rarely, I might have a trinket with your name on it. Because that would be hilarious. Also because I’m pretty sure that photo has already blinked twice while I’ve been typing this.

I am creepy.

Sequins: Bringing Down The Hammer

Well, not really. I’m not bringing anything down, if we’re being honest. There was a cute and obscenely random graffiti tag of a hammer, though, which made me giggle.

This outfit is the best weekend-me outfit I could possibly come up. My sister was in town this weekend and we went shopping and man oh man did I so not need two tank tops, a top, a jacket, and two dresses. But the closest I came to paying for any of it was a minimum of fifty percent off. So worse things could occur, I guess. This top (and the tank underneath) was one of my treasured finds, coming in at a whoppin’ 60% off. This outfit turned out perfectly comfortable for a friend’s graduation BBQ. A couple points were docked for having to sit on the grass with short shorts, but other than that, perfect! This outfit shows that we are so friggin close to having a summer!

I’m so in love with the pattern! The color is so sweet and the print is so playful and it matches almost everything in my wardrobe. In fact… oh wait… my future outfit senses are tingling… In fact, the odds are very likely that I wore this top two days in a row, once as part of a weekend look and once as a business look. That’s the prediction for today.

Sweater: H&M/ Shirt & Tank: Romy’s/ Shorts: Thrifted/ Shoes: Toms

Sequins 30 for 30 Golden Twenty Something Age

There’s something kind of amazing about being a twenty something in a small town. Every now and then, the stars line up right and you get to do some really fun things. One of our (fabulous but incredibly flaky) friends was celebrating his birthday, so we bought over some fruit, hummus, pita chips, cheese plate, and a bottle of cake (Three Olive’s “Cake” flavored Vodka. Seriously, cross my heart, it tasted like funfetti that had vodka poured into it. Crazy weird) and had a ton of fun.

I know I definitely partied it up a bit in college, and there’s this fine balance that everyone seems to need a few years to figure out about how to have fun drinking without going overboard, and this was a party where everyone there was in a good rhythm. There were the classic throw backs like beer pong, but there was actual ping pong, too. There was drunk kayaking, there was a pinata, there was a barbeque full of ribs, there was some strange frisbee jousting, night-time hackey-sacking and croquet. All of this took place on their lake-side lawn, which framed the most beautiful sunset.

Um so do you see the chicken? Because the best part were definitely the chickens! They have five of them, and they’re just past their awkward, haven’t-finished-changing-all-the-feathers-yet stage, so they had these great little pigeon-sized bodies just full of super soft feathers. I know I’ve posted about my lack of love towards the avian population, but I’ve always secretly wanted chickens. And I think these guys may have helped convince Monsieur that we need chickens…

I was bonding pretty hard core with this chicken. We watched the sunset together.


Oh and I guess I can show you guys what I wore. For the record (since you’ve already got a pretty good look), this was one of those days where I wasn’t so much thinking about putting together an outfit, as I was grabbing all my favorite pieces, and this is the outfit that occurred. I was a big fan, though. It was super fun!

Hat: Mi Shoes/ Scarf, Sweater & Vest: Thrifted/ Shorts: H&M/ Tights: bella/ Shoes: Modcloth/ Necklace: Charming Charlie

Sequins 30 for 30: The Bookstore Ritual

First off–have I mentioned how many weddings are happening in my immediate circle this summer? Four. My step sisters, my good friend from college, my sister’s, and my other good friend from college. The last two I’m Maid of Honour for. It’s a lot, and means that a lot of my free time is thinking about someone or another’s wedding. This weekend it was my step sisters. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend her actual wedding, which will be in Quebec in June, but I was able to attend her bridal shower this weekend in the big city.

Monsieur and I are getting in the habit (that I’ve spend years cultivating) of visiting the bookstore that is very close to the train station before actually hopping on the train. I have an absolute book buying…. well, “problem” isn’t an accurate word. Excessive habit, perhaps? Excessive book buying habit? Well anyway, we went to the bookstore for a few other things, and we opted to be brave/nerdy and do photos there!

And please note my necklace–it was my birthday present from Monsieur. I’m absolutely in love with it, especially considering how much I’ve been jonesing for just such a necklace after seeing this pin. So yeah, I’m thrilled with it. Also? This outfit is one that I honestly never would have pieced together if it weren’t for the 30 for 30.

And oh and last note? My sister and I have the same initials, and we found a bottle of wine with our (shared) initials as the name. So we’re definitely drinking that while watching Triplets of Belleville. Anyone seen it? Totally crazy! I’m kind of totally in love with it!

Shirt: Thrifted J Crew/ Belt: Thrifted/ Shorts: H&M/ Tank: Sojourner/ Shoes: Soda/ Tights & Necklace: Gifts (Stripes & Monsieur, respectively)

Sequins 30 for 30: Friends In Low Places

I’ve got friends low places, or so the song goes. Not really–I don’t think, at least. I done, however, have awesome friends. In cool places. Awesome friends who find cool trinkets from those cool places, and who then mail those things to me. Curious yet? Fell off the train that was my thought? That’s okay. I’ll just show you a picture, then.

**Update: My darling friend let me know that the necklace is from Charming Charlies, and there’s only one of its kind up here in Washington. Apparently it’s based out of Texas, and apparently (or so the reports go), everything in that store has the same level of awesome a my necklace.

See that necklace? That necklace was found by a good friend of mine, a good friend who has a blog that you should check out. Girl is crazy interesting with her crazy lists. But back to the necklace! Isn’t it awesome? The paper in the typewriter moves. And it’s a full QWERTY key board. Ugh it’s so cool it hurts! And the rest of the outfit isn’t that bad (if I do say so myself)…

Shirt: Gap, Thrifted/ Shorts: H&M/ Tights: Bella/ Shoes: Clarks/ Necklace: present!

Are you loving my ponytail? I told you all it was dorky! I’m so happy to have my hair up, though. It’s been up the whole weekend. It take a couple of hair clips to support it, but man alive is it comfy! Right now I’m just curled up in my boyfriend’s sweatpants (few things are more comfortalbe than the things that come out of his wardrobe), watching Game of Thrones with him and our darling friend Lou Lou (he hates the nickname, but he puts up with it like the good sport that he is!)

Let’s take one last look at that friggin’ awesome necklace, shall we?

Ahh… What a necklace. What a gift! Lordy I must be spoiled rotten!