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Quilt Show Fashions

My mom asked if I wanted to tag along to a quilt show she was volunteering at with her guild, and I said sure why not. It was a ton of fun and filled with very sweet women. I also had some time to carve away and get some writing done, although never as much as I want. Figuring out what to wear to a quilt show was probably more thought out and fun than it should have been, but I had just gone shopping and wanted to incorporate new things. And if you don’t understand the sentiment behind that last sentence, I don’t think we can be friends. Sorry.

The exciting new article I added to my wardrobe was a pair of black skinny jeans. It’s almost embarrassing how long I’ve been jonesing for a pair, but I wanted to exercise self control. I wanted to hold back a little bit. That lasted a couple of months, and then I decided the best way to celebrate the news that I had a new job was buying a pair of pants to wear to said job. So that happened.

Sweater Jeans & Shoes: Kohls | Shirt: Thrifted, Handmade | Brooch: Handmade | Keffiyeh: gift from a friend, Palestine

I figured dressing for a day around incredibly creative quilters meant I should throw on some handmade stuff. The pin I made a while back, and the shirt I thrifted–although it’s very clear from the construction that it was handmade. The sweater, jeans and shoes are new. And PS feel free to notice that those shoes are wedges, and that I spent the whole day parading around and letting the world think I’m a whopping two inches taller than I actually am. 5’5″ impersonating, here I come!

Okay so as you’re reading this, just know that I’m probably at my first day of work. Unless you’re like me, and you let the posts in your google reader stack up until you’re hopelessly behind and finding out what people did two months ago. In which case, welcome to 2013! Let’s hope the world didn’t end after all, eh? Made it past December 21st, did we? Woot!

What to Wear on Laundry Day

This is the post where I flash you guys. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s true. I haven’t done this to you in a long time, but yeah. I tried to not flash you guys, but if you wanted to see what to wear on laundry, if you’re me, then it would look like this

It’s that time of year where David doesn’t get home until after sunset, and I still haven’t figured out a good tripod backup in this apartment. One day (hopefully soon) I’ll break down and invest in a tripod,  but until then I usually jerryrig chairs and stepstools. I plan on utilizing all these unopened boxes soon. But on this particular day, I actually left my camera in his car. That sentence can only be followed with–even though I left both my memory cards at home. *Le sigh!

Jacket: REI | Shirt: H&M (originally a dress) | Sweater: Express | Skirt: Homemade | Tights: Buffalo Exchange

The thing about laundry day is, and I’ll try to do this without humblebragging because ew much, I have a lot of clothes. Enough so that laundry day doesn’t rely on any of my clothes running out, but rather knowing I have enough in the laundry pile to be a complete load of laundry. This means I don’t get to my B-List of clothing very often, but I thought about the things I don’t wear very often and this is what I came up with!

The things I skip over in my closet have a fairly repetitive ring to them–active wear, homemade clothing, and cheap tights. Also on the list but not in the photo because it wasn’t visible is awkward fits. I know I should get ride of my Express sweater, but I can’t. I love it. I want so badly to love it even though it’s the most awkward fitting thing I’ve ever owned. The skirt and shirt I skip because I made (/modified) them, and for some reason I just don’t. The skirt tends to wrinkle really easily, and in my mind it looks unfinished. I never got around to sewing a liner on the inside. The tights I bought at Buffalo Exchange, and it’s a lesson I need to never repeat. Their tights are always the lowest quality costume-y tights. It’s sad.

What’s really sad, though, isn’t my overabundance of clothes–it’s that this post coincided perfectly with me actually needing to do laundry. The tragedy? That hamper is still just as full as it was the day before I decided to do laundry. Sometimes I’m a pretty awful SAH

You should check out the other awesome ladies who are participating in the What to Wear series, though! And if you want to join us, you should definitely email Nicole: Gypsy in Jasper .

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Sequins: Thursday is Craft Day

It’s a super long and super silly story, but my mom and  had plans to check this cute little local pie shop out for their alleged Thursday Craft Night. We sandwiched the actual event in between epic craft shopping and then actual crafting at a totally different place with my sister joining in on the fun (which, btws, is totally awesome since she usually shies away from our overzealous craftasticness).

For the record, the actual Craft Night event consisted of a confused barista looking at the sign and saying “Oh, wow, we stopped doing that ages ago. People just stopped coming. I mean, I guess sure you can craft here if you want”

In between the pockets of our strange story, though, my mom took some super cute photos of me. It was fun watching her get into the actual art direction, too, so be sure to keep an eye out for more photos from her (I’ve already signed her up for some Photo Dates, which are way less dependent on flaky pie shops than Craft Dates)

I tell ya, I could get used to this whole living near family thing–the kind of thing where they buy me lunch and take my photo. So maybe I just mean I could get used to this whole mooching off my family thing 😉 My family just rolled their eyes hard enough to wind up a clock for ten years, because I’m the baby of the family and have always been the family mooch.

Dress & Shirt: Thrifted, Tights & Shoes: Mishoes

You guys should see what this dress looked like before I took my sewing machine to it. Imagine about two more feet of fabric down to my toes and then a wider waist so it’s more drooper. Bleck.

Sequins: A Balancing Act

I feel like I’ve had that as my title before. It might be mostly because it’s the title of my life. There are times where the balancing act is fairly seamlessly woven into the fabrics of my daily processes, and other times where it’s a conscious presence looming above. That’s when it starts feeling oppressive. There’s a constant juggling show of me making sure I’m doing All The Right Things. You know–have I spent enough time with my family? Friends? My partner? Have I spent enough time by myself? Have I been reading enough non fiction to further encourage that part of my interests? Have I been working on my art? Have I been working on art that isn’t directly related to one person’s wedding or another? Have I read that one fiction book I started a few weeks ago and haven’t thought about since? Have I even remotely considered riding my bike somewhere? Probably not.

This sounds all very first-world-y and that’s fine. That’s almost the point. It takes so much of all these different components for me to keep my head above water, and then I go and start focusing on an amazing book, Arab Spring Dreams ed. Nasser Weddady & Sohrab Ahmari. It’s really… well inspirational isn’t quite the right word. But it’s a reality check. About the differences between my life and those of people younger than me fighting passionately, and sometimes to the death, to fix the wrongs they see in their governments.

My life is less full of such direct advocacy. It is however, full of small steps I take to make sure I’m doing the best I can. I live as honestly as I can and I take care of myself the best way I know how–and believe you-me, that’s a complicated process.

The balancing act isn’t solved in a day, or in a blog post. It was just top-of-mind conscious when I set down to write this. On a lighter note, (literally), you might notice I chopped some more of my hair off. I have to say, the asymmetry of the style is my new all-time favorite. Lets hope the next bride I’m standing next to feels similarly. Also on the chopping block were my mint green pants. I love my new long shorts. It’s like shopping but without spending any money! Excitement.

On a sillier note, I wrote half of this post before heading out with my mom to the art store (I’m in Seattle housesitting for her and she leaves tomorrow, so we snuck in some mother-daughter-time). I get a text from Stripes, who had previewed my (unfinished) post. “Your post is a little heavy–everything okay?”

She’s a good friend. I hope none of this is to melodramatic sounding, though. Mostly it was just the topics rolling through my brain. I’ll keep reading books about topics beyond my scope of identity and learning more about the world and the ways in which I am not, but could be, or should be, or won’t be, or shouldn’t be, involved.

Shirt: tagless, and worn backwards/ Shorts: Nordstrom’s, modified/ Shoes: Modcloth/ Bag: H&M/ Earrings: Mi Shoes

Sequins: Drawing a Blank

So there’s this part of my life that’s awesome. That part includes  my friendships, my partner in crime, my job, this blog, art projects, writing exercises, the excitement of moving out of state, my sister’s wedding…. the list goes on. That part is pretty full, and most of the time, I’m pretty good at focusing on that part.

There’s another part of my life, though, that really isn’t fit for blogger consumption, or even Facebook. That part tends to rarely make an appearance, but when I go for multiple blog posts with nothing of anything substantial to say, I have to admit that (like 99.99% of other bloggers out there), there is in fact more going on behind the scenes. Today is a day like that.

Without being frustratingly vague, today is a rough day. Today I have to deal with certain unpleasant things that I’d rather just pretend don’t exist. Today I also am supposed to blog a cute photo of whatever ridiculousness I wore to work the previous day, which is cool. It’s fun, and I’m totally game. I’m actually a pretty big fan of what I wore yesterday. See?

I’m just not overly in the mood to write something appropriately fluffy to go alongside it. Tomorrow is a new day, and with it another chance for me to get refocused on the awesome parts of my life. A part that includes playing the most ridiculous, old school Sega Tetris-styled games with Monsieur, watching a ventriloquist act flop on it’s poor little wooden face, and continuing to town shop as we plan our next big adventure!

Sweater, Shoes & Necklace: Thrifted/ Dress: Charlotte Russe/ Tights: Bella

I’ll see you all on Saturday, my friends, with a slightly chipper post!

Sequins: Change My Eyes To Match The Color Of My Hair?

Okay, I’ve tried to find the clip everywhere but with no luck. Anyone remember what that line is from?

When Dorothy gets her makeover after entering the Emerald City, there’s a part where the woman look at Dorothy and trill “We can even change the color of your eyes to match the color of your hair!” and she sings it back to them, confused but excited.

The scene stuck with me, what can I say? It always mildly freaked me out to think of them changing her eye color. In retrospect, they probably meant eyeshadow, but still. Creepy…

Anyway, that’s what popped in my head when I achieved my milder (and much less permanent) version:

I changed my clothes to match the colors of my nails!

I had fun playing with my nails, and I wanted my outfit to match. I really had no clue if I had all the color components, but as it turns out–I do! It was a moment of ultimate triumph. Also, you can see the details of my nails on my other blog, over here.

Sweater: Thrifted/ Belt: H&M/ Shire: Element/ Skirt: Handmade by Me/ Tights: Macy’s (gift)/ Shoes: Seychelles

Also, I think this outfit proves I’m finally (finally!) getting into my spring time groove.

Guest Post: My Personal Barbie Doll

Okay so as Stripes and I recoup from the craziness that was our April 30 for 30 Challenge, I figured we’d kick May off with a fun guest post! Introducing, my personal barbie doll err I mean, my sister!

My sister is technically two years older than me, but the family joke is to call her my little sister. Namely because she’s so little! Growing up, she was always more of a tomboy and less concerned with the girly things like makeup and hair styles. She’s also the patient and thought out one, so she was the one capable of growing her hair out. While I was running around, painting my nails every color of the rainbow and chopping my hair off, she took it easy.

This made her the perfect Barbie doll! Her hair has almost always been ridiculously long, so I love that I get to play with long hair whenever I want, without actually having to grow my hair out. She was also my mannequin during my make up years, although we’ve definitely reversed roles these past few years. Lastly, she’s a ton of fun to dress up. She has a teeny tiny figure so she’ll fit just about anything I can find. Accessories are her nemesis, so I’m often called in to help her out.

In short, my friendship with Stripes is really easy because everything Stripes mentions to me, fashion wise, is something I’ve dealt with my darling sister approximately three or four years ago. It’s really funny, actually. They’re both such naturally, organically beauitufl creatures that I think the prospect of adding to their looks just becomes overwhelming. Or something. Without further ado, though, I bring you some of my favorite picks from my sister’s stylings

I think she looks rather stunning with the teal dress. She found this dress when we were shopping for dresses to wear at our dad’s wedding a couple years ago. The shoes she found as a candidate for her wedding reception in August (another one will win, though, I think. We had a lot of fun being girl with the winged eyeliner and bright red lipstick. I love having a Barbie doll to do victory roll hairstyles on!

One of her classic looks to work. She picked out the fabric for the skirt and I made it for her. I think I was the one who talked her into wearing the brown tights with the brown boots, and she pairs it with the brown top for a great monochromatic effect.

This is a pretty classic winter look. The girl can wear neutrals like no one I’ve ever met! She’s also a chronically cold person, and thus the faux fur muff (which was a gift from our stepmom) went over pretty well. We all teased her about how Russian she looks in this getup.

Well I hope you enjoy! She’s definitely my favorite sister ever (and I’m pretty sure it’s not just because she’s my only sister….). We’re both really proud of how we survived the awkward painful teenage years (I still have a scar on my cheek from one of our altercations) and have developed a strong, mature relationship. She’s someone I know will always be there for me, and she’s proved her loyalty in ways no one should ever have to be asked. I love her, I respect her, and I will always “make her hair fancy, please”, as she so often asks.