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Alright Guys…

I’m working on my final memo for the quarter. And when I say memo, I mean 8 pages of exceedingly precise and concise text that in regular writing is roughly 10 pages (how do I know? Because my memo is currently sitting pretty at 10 pages…so much editing to do!) Needless to say, I’ve been a little distracted and slightly crazy (before proof reading this sentence read as: “Needless to day, I’ve been a little distraction” yeah…lots of distraction going on over here). So. Today, I’m bringing you some things that have been getting me through my crazies.



Grumpy Cat!


Things I want when I’m all graduated from this program and can actually afford awesome stuff:things-id-tell-my-17-year-old-self




melted snowman



And, of course, Jenna Marbles!

Things I Don’t Understand About Girls Part 2: Slut Edition

Outfit Pics to come this weekend…post-memo-pacalyse. Woo! Something for us all to look forward to! Have a good end to the week guys, God knows I can’t wait for Friday at 4 pm when I officially start my first true weekend off from life in months!


Dear Kels

It’s been a while since we’ve talked. I know things are crazy busy in your world, and I’m sad that I haven’t been more available with all the hectic uncertainties in mine keeping me preoccupied. That is a poor excuse. To make up for it, I have a series of pictures I took of my sister’s cat discovering balloons when we set up for a recent birthday party.

One of my favorite things about you is how entertained you are by the Little Things in life. It’s one of the reasons I thought you’d like this particular series of photos.

Despite the stressful curveballs life might be lobbying in your direction, I do know you have some pretty darn exciting things as well going on, and I’m totes excited to hear more about them. In fact, I’m hoping that as the quarter nears an ending, maybe I can talk you into visiting Seattle over the weekend. We could meet up on campus and catch up over coffee, then you and I can hop into a library for some studying time. I don’t think I’ve told you in-person about my novel, but I think a quiet study environment would be very welcome focus point for me. Selfish, I know, but still true. Let me know if you’re interested.

Oh and this is kind of a side note, but I recently stumbled across this blog and the name alone, Looks Good From The Back, always makes me chuckle. Like, I can imagine you saying it as I walk out of a dressing room wearing some bold thing that you can’t stomach and I think is awesome amazingness dripping with unicorn drool. Also, being them seems cute. Their friendship is adorable.

That last photo is my favorite from the series. I hope you enjoyed them, but even if you didn’t, it’s okay. They were a ton of fun to take, since getting snarked on by kitties is somehow one of my secret favorite hobbies.

Take it easy,

PS I made you an equivalent signature and uploaded it to the library if you like it. I mean sure, I could email you this information, but somehow this is more fun.

What to Wear to the Pumpkin Patch

I think my internal scheduling is just a couple weeks off from the world at large. David and I are planning a pumpkin patch adventure with Alicia and her Mr S soon, but it hasn’t happened yet. And since I’m all about true authenticity, I figured I’d show these photos from last year when David and I pumpkin patched it up. It’s funny, because I took them hoping we’d turn them into a bloggy post, but it was before Kels and I solidified the birth of Moose in Chartreuse.

Jacket, Sweater, Tank & Shoes: Thrifted | Tights: Old Navy | Shorts: Sojourner

Those glasses make me nostalgic. That hair color, though, not so much. But don’t think I was finished accessorizing! I think the most important element of a good pumpkin patch adventure is proper accessories. My absolute necessity, of course, is a matching wheelbarrow-pusher. I would never travel to pumpkin patches without one.

This next accessory is a tricky one, but a must-have if you’re the right type. I love a good themed event, so how can you get away without adding pumpkins to your ensemble? Personally, I recommend a good old fashioned pumpkin hat.

One has to be careful, though, to not let all this fabulous accessorizing go to one’s head…

Who does that king think he is, giving me side eye like that? I think he’s jealous of my fresh orange shade

Okay, okay, we’ve had a lot of fun with this post. And yes, by we, I mean the Royal We—just Me. But seriously, guys, pumpkin patches aren’t just fun and games. What we do in a pumpkin patch has repercussions, and it’s important to be aware of the consequences your actions have on the lives of others. This guy knows how it is. He can sense his future, and he knows it isn’t pretty.

And it’s getting less and less pretty the closer that tractor rolls…

With that said, be sure to check out all the other wonderful ladies who participate in this fun bloggy share. I know it’s cheesey, but I do have a ton of fun seeing how everyone else interprets our prompts–trust me, no two bloggers are the same!

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