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Fashion for Bookworms

Happy Halloween! It’s no secret that I like to read. An awful lot. An awful awful awful lot. My favorite genre is Russian classic literature, and I love love love authors who have been inspired by the genre (re: Haruki Murakami, David James Duncan, etc). So when I was in Portland with David a few years back, I jumped hardcore at the Master & Margarita shirt. It’s one of my all-time favorite books. I’m just, as you guys may have noticed, pretty bad at styling tshirts beyond anything that I would normally consider pajama-wear. We can pretend this is my blogger-styled Halloween costume. Book Nerd Extraordinare.

Sweater: Target | Shirt: Out of Print Clothing | Skirt: Gap Outlet | Tights: gift, Express | Shoes & Scarf: Thrifted | Bag: H&M

This was my best attempt. And probably my only attempt, since it just feels so weird every time I try and wear tshirts outside of a lazy sweatpants day in the house. Yes, skeptics, those days totally happen.

The weirdest part, though, wasn’t mixing a tshirt with a professional skirt. Nope. It was accidentally matching my outfit to my book, Telegraph Avenue, which is Michael Chabon’s new book.

I haven’t finished it, but when I do I’ll be sure to update the blog I have going on over at Like A Small Fire. So far, though, I’m actually drowning in it a little. The pace is not so much with the good, and it’s like jello on the eyes. The dried out kind of jello that a spoon has to push through. But I have higher hopes for the last third of the book. I’m an optimist. Oh and lest you think I’m slightly strange for matching my outfit, just know–so did a snail. So did a snail.


Guest Post: Work Sucks

I mostly own work clothes. They take up 4 days out of every week for me. And then on casual Fridays, I wear jeans and a sweater. So Mondays are the days when I try out my newfound fashion daring. This outfit was one of those experiments.

This dress was something that I nearly put back on the rack and walked away from. But once again, Mr. S insisted I try it on. It wasn’t exactly my favorite dress in the world. But I really loved the way it fit on my arms. Then I needed some kind of legging or tight to keep from being too provocative. I chose white because there’s no white in the dress. (A weird reasoning, but I think it worked out this time.) And then the boots were similarly chosen. Plus, I just love those boots. They’re from Macy’s. You may have noticed an overwhelming amount of my clothing comes from there. I have a confession. Before I was a big hotshot small town legal assistant, I worked at Macy’s for 2 years. If you got a 20% discount on all your favorite stuff, you’d own a lot of that stuff too.

Dress & tights: Target | Boots: Style&Co. – Macy’s

So this was my Monday outfit last week. Once again, my bosses had no reaction.

Guest Post: Fashion Phobia

What better way to kick off a new month than another guest post from my favorite not-a-blogger-yet-blogger, Alicia? I hope you guys love reading her stuff as much as I do, because I get pretty excited about sharing her with you!

As many women do, I have a few fashion fears, faux pas, and even fashion phobias. I am 5″4′, between a size 8 and 12, and I have very easy-to-spot hips. One of my favorite styles is the cute little wasit belt around a top or sweater or as a detail on a dress. It accents the shape of those gifted with the perfect waist for it. Like Kels. Don’t get me wrong, I love my waist. But my body simply is not correctly proportioned for belts. UNTIL…

Dress: INC from Macy’s | Shoes: DSW | Sweater: Random department store in Napa.

I originally thought this dress was a cute top with a separate leather skirt on the mannequin. When I asked the sales associate at Macy’s where to find the top, she pointed me to the dress. Which brings me to another fashion phobia of mine: leather skirts. How do you pull it off without looking like a biker chick or just plain out of place? Why, you combine it with the adorable top to which it is attached! Normally I would walk away, wistfully wondering what if. What if, just maybe, that was the dress that conquered my fears of leather skirts and waist belts? Luckily, Mr. S was there with me. He thought I would look sexy in it. When I looked at the price tag and saw it had originally been $160 and was reduced to $60, I tried it on. And loved it. When I went to check out, it was actually even further on sale. Long story short, with 8.2% sales tax, I still got it for under $50.

You might take special notice of the shoes. I have no shoe phobias. I love these babies. I bought them online at DSW. I made the gutsy move to try to pair my two loves together as a work outfit. (Ok, maybe some wouldn’t find it gutsy, but dangit, I was wearing a leather skirt to a law office!)

In the picture above, you can see more of the little belt that somehow worked and that supermodel feeling I get when I wear heels. Or leather, apparently. However, because my teensy-weensy town is uber conservative as far as work clothing is concerned, I could not wear the bare shoulders to work. And thus, I regretfully donned a sweater. Really, I love the sweater, too. Mr. S and I picked it up at some random department store in downtown Napa on our honeymoon. But I feel it takes away from the dress itself. It came down to the choice of not wearing an outfit I absolutely adored and compromising on my own fashion sense.

The dress was just too good not to wear. And I don’t feel I compromised too much. My bosses didn’t say anything about it at all. And I recovered fully from two of my fashion phobias! Maybe next I’ll overcome my irrational fear of pastel skinny jeans… or not.