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Stripes: Awesome Stuff Sunday 3.11

Welcome to Awesome Stuff Sunday! Here are some of the cool things I found on the internet this week!

I am SO stinking in love with her dress!

OMG this is my favorite kitty picture since the kitty flying through space on a synth.

Sequins and I made this scrub for a much needed girls night, ahhh so relaxing!

This is a really interesting look into food allergies. I really appreciate her big picture view of the current, dramatic rise in allergies. Also, I think there is a lot we could be doing as a nation to improve the quality of our food and help our children avoid some of the health pitfalls we face today.

And a classic Death Cab for Cutie song.

Have a happy Sunday!


Stripes: Food Allergies

As you may or may not already know, I found out several weeks ago (via a blood test, so it is legit) that I have a ton of food allergies. 28 foods to be exact with the most obnoxious being wheat, gluten, dairy, yeast, eggs, fish, shellfish, and peanuts (yep, that’s 6 of the top 8 most common food allergens). Since finding out what all I am allergic to, I have [for the most part] successfully removed all these foods from my diet What I did not expect, however, is how hard it can be to fully remove these foods from your diet!

I feel like I should preface with I am in no way a medical professional (the last science class I took was geology and that was 4 years ago…yeah 100% not a doctor/nurse/dietician). So you should of course run everything by your doctor before making any huge life changes in regards to food allergies. Furthermore, everyone’s bodies react differently to different allergens so what works or happens to me may be totally different from what happens to someone else.

In these past weeks I’ve turned to the internet-I mean what else is a modern girl supposed to do? I’ve done hours of research, chatted with several friends with similar (or worse) food allergies, and even created a pinterest board of foods I can eat so when I feel sad about not being able to eat my old favorites I can find something equally as awesome. Since I’ve relied so much on info from other bloggers (seriously, dozens!) I decided that every once in a while, when I find something awesome pertaining to food allergies, I want post about it so we can keep the info flowing around the internet.

I suppose my advice for anyone who has recently discovered they have a (or ten or twenty or fifty) food allergy is that it is so worth it to take the food out of your diet, even if just to test to see what the food actually does to you. This detox period will be frustrating. I experienced intense, sudden nausea, headaches, and a lot of emotional distress- realizing that you can’t eat anything aside from a side salad on a menu is beyond upsetting especially while you watch your friends and family eat all your old favorite foods. The cravings suck. I’m not going to lie and say I never craved anything while I was detoxing; I missed all my old favorites so bad. In turn, though, I did learn that I have a level of will power I did not previously know I had. Through my detox process I learned that all the stomach aches and pains I perviously thought were normal could just disappear, I actually have a pretty flat stomach (seriously, not to brag but I almost have abs! I was beyond thrilled the morning I realized this fact!) when I’m not bloated from wheat, my sense of smell and taste improved, I respond differently (way healthier) to stress, and I am generally happier.

Sweater: The Gap Outlet (old), Shirt: JcPenny (old), Belt: PacSun (old), Leggings: The Loft (recent). Of course I had to add one silly picture-I'm not quite sure how I ended up like this in this picture but it sure felt right in the moment it was taken.

I guess what I am trying to say is I totally think it is worth getting tested by a doctor via blood or scratch test and if you are allergic to a lot of stuff (or, of course, just one or two foods) there are a ton of resources on the internet and I hope to be one even if it is not the main intent of this blog. Through my own journey to an allergen free life I hope that I can help other people live a healthy and allergen free. I am hoping to post links to other blogs, recipes (including my attempts at gluten/egg/dairy free baking which I have been too chicken to try thus far), tips, and my personal experiences as I settle further into my new lifestyle.

Anyone else have food allergies? What are some of your best tips, tricks, advice, blogs, or pinboards that have helped you?


Sequins: Pretty Homemade Things

I’m having a nice getaway with my Monsieur (yeah, so we do that a lot, what of it?), so in the meantime, enjoy some of the fun things I’ve made that make happy lately.

This was a birthday card I doodled for my friend, who turned a whoppin’ 28 last week

A look at the Valentine’s Day cards I made for friends and family (with a rather pun-y message inside)

The cardboard long-horn mount i have on gracing my wall, tentatively named #83 (since that was his ear tag number). Any suggestions?

I love my gold bunting, as well as the garland it is currently is sharing space with for Valentine’s Day. I love that glittery heart garland much I’m considering keeping it up year round…

Hope everyone else is having a love-filled, happy Saturday!

Sequins: Celebrating Whiskey Day!

Happy Whiskey Day, everyone!
What, you didn’t know it was Whiskey Day? Well, that might be because I’m the one who declared that Saturday, January 14th, official Whiskey Day. What, you don’t dedicate themes to every day? Yesterday was Be Nice To A Stranger Day (no joke, I had five random strangers say “Good Morning” on my walk to work) and tomorrow is Do A Girlie Craft Day (Stripes and I have some Pinterest-worthy plans. Don’t worry, there will be pictures). The only real thing required for declaring a day of your own is some sass and determination (but a DIYed letter banner doesn’t hurt!)

Vest Shoes & Jacket: Thrifted; Shirt & Tights: Target; Socks: Modsock; Scarf: Campus

Celebrating Whiskey Day
It’s a pretty easy holiday to celebrate, even if you’re not a whiskey fan. It’s mostly an excuse to dress like a grumpy old man, watch belligerent and gritty movies, and add a snarky tone to your theme. Some of my friends might argue that this is my standard Saturday, but don’t listen to the haters! Raise your glass, put on your comfortable pants and sweater vest, turn on Tombstone and enjoy Whiskey Day!

(Oh, and it doesn’t hurt if you happen to have a pair of Whiskey-flavored socks…)
**Note: the banner is totally a legit Pinterest challenge, based off of this pin! Although the more I stare at that pin, the more I really just want to make that exact banner… I probably will soon

Sequins: New Years with Monsieur

Happy New Years, everyone!

Monsieur: Sweater, Target; Tie, Garcia; Pin, I made!
Me: Sweater, Gap; Boots, Can’t Remember; Socks, Mod Sock; Skirt, Thrifted; Pin, I made!

My dad bought himself a fancy camera and wanted use his daughters and their respective partners as models. We traveled for our New Year’s Celebration, which means we had limited clothes to pick our outfits from. Fortunately, Monsieur was totally on board with wearing a fox pin (apparently it’s not too feminine! Yay!). Then we posed.

Turns out it’s hard to get a good picture of just our top halves, horizontally, considering the height difference. Also turns out? We have very little patience for serious “nice” poses.

This is our model photo.

Then it just devolved into us making horrific monster faces. We’ve sorted through our favorites to figure out which ones we’re getting framed.

This is going on the mantle, for sure. Possibly our Christmas card. Happy New Year’s!

Sequins: Literature in Liquid Form

I love how in my last post I was busy bemoaning the fact that I never wear bright colors in wintertime. Apparently today is my exception. Purple tights, hurrah! Also making an appearance is my mug. I keep this mug at my desk at work, and it almost always accompanies me on my lunch time outings (especially since my lunchtime outings almost exclusively lead me to the same coffee shop). I painted it myself in what was an epic long, three-visit journey to our local paint-your-own-pottery store, and it has a quote from Melville’s Moby Dick on it.

But as for me, I am stricken by an everlasting itch for things remote

It’s funny how much I love (several) lines from Moby Dick, but I really was not an overwhelming fan of the book. I’m stuffy and boring and will always prefer my Russian classics to the exclusion of almost everything else. My favorite author, Murakami, only worms his way onto the top because he’s even more of a Russians classics fanboy than I am, and manages to heavily reference them in just about every novel he writes (be still, my heart!).

This is my “smize” attempt. I think considering I don’t even do “smile” that well, it turned out fair enough.

I don’t actually have a lot to say about this outfit. It’s happy, it’s bright, it makes me feel comfortable in my own skin for the…..fifteen… hours I’m going to spend wearing it.

Scarf: Antropology (gift)
Pin: Made by me! from this Pinterest link
Dress: H&M
Sweater: Target
Jacket: Thrifted
Tights: Macy’s (gift)
Socks: ModSock (new local kitschy sock store)
Boots: Fred Meyer
Spray Paint on Boots: Dangerous result of Stripes & I’s Spray Paint Party that took place when I finished work, after five. Unfortunately, in our neck of the woods “after 5:00 PM” is actually synonmous with “pitch-fucking-black”, and I didn’t see the damage till it was to late. It was definitely fun, though!

Sequins: A Foxy Outfit & Pinterest Challenge

Or, rather, an outfit with a fox on it.

Winter makes me wardrobe colors really monochromatic and dull. I mean, sure there’s still my standard pop of red, but come on people. In the summer and spring, that pop of red is usually competing with turquoise tights and purple shoes and who knows what else.

Oh, did you not catch the fox in that photo? That’s because it didn’t really show up well with the angles.

This was a prototype of a bunch of Christmas presents I made (namely for my stepsisters), and I kept two (you’ll see the other one in the next outfit post). Also, as you might be able to tell, it was super windy that day! Stripes got some epic hair shots from the wind, but mine always looks slightly like limp noodles in the wind. Whatever, I love my hair!

Sweater: Fred Meyer
Shirt: no-longer-in-business store in Canada
Skirt: Gap Outlet
Leggings: The Loft Outlet
Leg Warmers: Express (Christmas present)
Shoes: Thrifted
Bag: Sojourner
Pin: Made it myself!

The pin is most definitely a component of my most recent Pinterest Challenge.


The Pinterest Challenge originated from this pin and while I was making them I decided to try my hand at other animals. I wanted to do a bear, but my prototypes all came out looking either foxy or wolfish, and since foxy happens to be a nickname of mine (shush, monsieur picked it out, and it’s based off a print I made a while ago), I decided to run with them. I stumbled across a pin from a girl’s etsy shop (which I can’t find now nope here’s the link!)  which gave me a great idea for how to paint them!