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Sequins: 30 for 30 Date Night

In case you were wondering, the newest update on living together is that it’s going well. Like, really really well. My fella? He’s awfully swell.

Err, sorry about that… Not quite sure how that rhyme slipped in there. Ahem.

Anyway, yes. Living together was a good choice (not that I, for even a moment, doubted that…) to make. The one thing we realized, though? We still have to date each other. And dates that include munching on some random snack while I work on an art project watching an episode of Star Trek (in other words: every single night ever) just doesn’t count.

So we went out! On a real date! Complete with live music! It was exciting. Until the girls who shared our table talked through everybody’s open mic performance. Finally we got up to stand by the door and I told them off, like the bossy pants I am. They were quiet after that. We also went out for coffee and books beforehand, and had a long and really good talk about what we want our life to look like, what goals we have, and how we can support each other. You know, mushy couple stuff.

We were going to do outfit photos, too, at this place I’ve been jonesing to get pictures from. We only got a couple of shots before it started raining, so I’m limited. It’s a simple outfit, though, so you can fill in the blanks, I’m sure.

Oh and PS, see how my hair is up? That’s a sure-fire sign that it’s heading to the chopping block soon. Like, tomorrow soon. Like, really chopped. Like this kind of chopped. I’m so stoked. Time to bring the mohawk back.

Dress: Thrifted/ Scarf: Gift from BFF/ Shoes: Soda/ Tights: Old Navy/ Socks: bella


Sequins 30 for 30: Growing Our Family

It’s true, Monsieur & I have been having some serious talks about growing our little family unit. And I shall pause before explaining further, to give time for my mom to climb back into the chair she just fell out of.

(That’s not true–my mom wouldn’t fall out of a chair in shock. She would merely raise an eyebrow as she continues to read, looking for the explanation with pursed lips going “I know my daughter better than this. I would not find this out through her blog”. Well, mom, you’re right. I was being clever and misleading. You (and Stripes, who’s all “Seriously? I found this out through the friggin’ blog??”) can rest assured–I was just being misleading), and for my other blog readers who are going “Wait, I didn’t think she was even married??”, rest assured–I’m not. We have no intentions of being married. We are rather serious about each other, though, enough so that I can make a baby joke without worrying that he will bolt for the hills. He only bolts for about a block or so.

Monsieur and I are looking at getting a pet. Or two.

Aha, clever readers say, I knew she had something up her sleeve!

I’ve wanted my dog to come back into our lives for a while now, but it’s just so up in the air with us moving in August that I can’t quite say with certainty that it’ll happen. Hopefully, this darling pup of mine shall soon be in my life on a more permanent and less visitation-based way. Because, as I’ve previously alluded to, I deal with some intense bouts of depression. It’s hard, and I’ve learned that no matter how supportive and loving my family and close friends are (of which they are plenty supportive), nothing quite helps get me over the hump like the love of a furry creature.

So without further ado, I’d like everyone to say….

Pet rats. I know. I know. Before you squeal and go all “oh gross!!”, though, hear me out—they’re smart, they potty train themselves, they’re really friendly and interactive, and they actively enjoy being pets. They’re the best rodent you can have for a pet, since they’re not inherently terrified of people and dislike having you touch them (ahem, like, every hamster, gerbil and guinea pig I’ve ever met). I had my first pet rat when I was like six years old, and I’ve just learned that they’re wonderfully low maintenance and  caring pets. And, bonus, they live in a cage! And are easier to clean up after than 80 lb boxers!

The sweet, local, independently-owned pet store has a new litter of baby rats and they’re best for pets when you get ’em young, so we popped down to look at them yesterday and we’re taking two home this afternoon! I’m really excited. Monsieur is hesitant, but they say the fathers never really have their parental instincts kick in until the baby comes homes. So I’ll keep you posted!

Until then, let’s hear it for one of my new most absolute favorite outfits ever!

Dress & Scarf: Thrifted/ Sweater: Target/ Necklace: Charming Charlie (Gift!)/ Purse: Melie Bianco/ Boots: Mi Shoes/ Tights: Gift from Stripes!

This is my stoic face, eh?

Sequins: DIY Creepy Love Gift

So I’m not actually in town this weekend, I took the train south to the big city. It’s my birthday in EXACTLY one week and one day, and my family insisted I visit so they can shower me in love and affection. Which, you know, I’m always down with. In the meantime, though, I had to leave Monsieur behind. He works weekends and couldn’t make this trip. ONE* of us (and I won’t name any names) isn’t very excited about spending the weekend apart. ONE* of us might be a bit of a baby when it comes to things like this.

So to make the parting a little less sorrowful, I whipped this up! Warning: It might be the creepiest love note I’ve ever left him. Ever.

Want to make your own? (Oh man, though, seriously if any of you ACTUALLY make this, I want pics. Pics or it didn’t happen.) Well here you go!

Supplies: Color printer (or black and white, I guess, it doesn’t really matter), colored markers (I used two highlighters & an ink pen), heavier cardstock, scissors, post it notes, tape & glue (I used both, but only because I went really fast), and a BIG sense of humor.

  1. Start with a picture of yourself. I chose one from this post. Print it out and cut a close outline. I find that using a full body picture works best, so you don’t look like a scissor monster cut your feet off.
  2. Draw random patterns and designs on your cardstock, a little more than the height and width of your cutout.
  3. Glue your cutout down on the decorated cardstock, and move on to step 4. Or, if you want to do it the way I did it (which I don’t recommend) cut a slightly wider outline.
  4. Draw a base on cardstock for your cutout to stand on (if you’re really smart, unlike me, you’ll just incorporate this part in step three and only use one piece of cardstock. If you’re smart.).
  5. Cut out the base, and attack your person (or don’t, if you were smart enough to combine steps 3 & 4. Unlike me).
  6. Draw speech bubbles on your post it notes, making sure to draw the arrow part of the speech bubble on the adhesive part of the sticky note. Cut out the silhouette.
  7. Stick to face and repeat! Make as many silly sayings as you can think up! I made a separate (even creepier) stand up piece of cardstock that holds all the speech bubbles (not picture, but use your imagination!). Some of my favorite speech bubbles included “…did you just fart?” (take another look at that picture and tell me that’s not what my face is saying!).
  8. *BONUS STEP* Don’t tell your loved one/friend/family member/freinemy what you made, and then leave this in a place where they’ll find it. I put mine on Monsieur’s night stand, so he won’t find it until he’s just about to go to sleep. Mwuahahaha.


*Okay, I’ll admit it. It’s both of us. Both of us are really bad about spending more than 24 hours apart from each other. It’s embarrassing.

PS: I definitely think that my DIY belongs here, but since I haven’t been able to stop laughing since I decided to do this, I think it’s worth it. He’s laughing, too. Trust me.

Sequins: Sometimes it’s not a good day

Sometimes, for absolutely no rhyme or reason, it’s just not a good day.

Sometimes, no matter what you* do or how nice you are to yourself, the only solution is to give up and crawl on the couch. Sometimes a hug won’t fix everything, and sometimes you’re sad for no good reason.

But sometimes, when you really need it, a beautiful adventure will be there for you.

*And by “you”, I am, of course, saying “me”.

Sequins: I Am A Walking Taxi Cab

When I was a little obnoxious teenager, excited to move away for my college experience, I had this idea of living with my first college roommate, and having fun girly adventures. One of those adventures included playing the “What Should I Wear?” game, and having someone to play dress up with.

I went to college, was roomed with an (adorable, wonderful, creative, fun) senior who was also a die-hard tomboy and could care less about fashion. Needless to say, I gave up on The Dream.


The morning of this outfit, I was hemming and hawwing and finally called Monsieur over. I asked him what I should wear, and he said a dress, because I wore a skirt the previous day. Intrigued, I poked further, to see if how far I could go before he rolled his eyes and said the classic, guy-answer “I don’t care” (or, my favorite from him, “clothes”)…

I asked him what color tights I should wear.

He said yellow. Then he paused, and asked if I actually had yellow tights (I do).

I asked if I should throw a new yellow-tight-outfit combo, or go with a classic. He said new, so it would be new for the blog (because he remembers what days Stripes and I do photos). I told him I had never worn yellow tights on the blog. He said to go with a classic.

I pulled two dresses out and asked with one. He went with the taxi-cab dress*.

And thus, it was (again) solidified that he is clearly the love of my life. He does the dishes, he lets me turn a light on in the car so I can read on long trips, and he plays the What Should I Wear Game with me. Clearly he is the roommate I always wanted.

Living together full time has been going great, in case you were wondering. My life has somehow, though, become a little heavier than usual in the amount of video games I play, and somewhat lighter in how much crafting I usually do, but I imagine that will get sorted once the appeal of having a PS3 and my favorite games constantly at the tip of my fingertips wears down.

*It’s silly, because I really like this outfit, but I avoid putting it together because I feel like I’m screaming “New York taxi” at the top of my lungs. And now that I’ve given you that mental image, just try to see anything else when looking at this outfit.

Am I right, or am I right? Well, sorry about that.

PPS: I promise I’ll stop with the grossly couple-y romantic posts. Soon. Thank you for indulging in it this long.

Sequins: I Am A Walking Blanket, And That’s Okay

I kind of hope color blocking is still in, because then I can pretend that’s what was I was going for with this outfit. Mostly, though, (mostly = entirely) I was going for comfort. This outfit was so comfortable my coworker teased me for falling asleep and drooling on myself at my desk.*

Dress& Shoes: Thrifted, Sweatershirt: American Apparel, Tights: Macys, Necklace: Fireworks & Lisa Leonard, Hair bow: DIY'd from Modcloth Shoes (long story)

I wore this outfit for no reason other than Monsieur really likes the dress, and it was Valentine’s Day. Poor planning (re: poor brain function) meant that I wore the dress while I was at work (re: not with him), and that the moment I came home all I wanted to wear was sweatpants.

Fortunately, I have a hunch he likes me regardless of what I’m wearing, and we still had a pretty snazzy Valentine’s Day. He cooked (and did the dishes, which means I’ll definitely keep him) and we settled in to watch Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, which is one of my all-time favorites. And, you know, he was even okay with turning it off early because it was a work night and I was falling asleep.He’s definitely my favorite Valentine. And as I spend today wearing that same sweatshirt, only with an old tshirt and jeans while he officially moves in (instead of living here 90% of the time, unofficially), let’s hope I keep liking him that much!

Shirt: 7 Diamond, Pants: (he has no clue), Shoes: (probably) Nordstroms

*Okay so that didn’t happen at all, but this outfit is so comfortable it could happen. If I’m not careful.

Sequins: Happy Valentine’s Day! (And Some Wearable Art)

Happy Valentine’s Day! As planned, I’m wearing the red dress from this post on the holiday, but here’s a recap of outfit from the romantic getaway weekend I had with my lovely Monsieur. I hope your day is full of love and happiness! And, for the record, I totally don’t think that love is limited to a romantic relationship–I may have spent Saturday loving on my Monsieur, but better believe I spent Sunday celebrating Valentine’s Day with my family, in our yearly tradition of Decadent Sunday. There were waffles, ice cream, board games, and lots and lots of love!

One of my favorite art styles was the modern, hip crazy art from the 1920s. Deco art is super cool beyond just paintings, and it’s my favorite style for a lot of things–jewelry, architecture, and even clothing. Which is why I was super excited to find this dress. I mean, really, does it scream deco or what?

It was a particularly appropriate dress for Saturday’s Valentine Extravaganza with Monsieur, and not just because his favorite color is purple. What better dress to wear to an Art Deco-inspired hotel, and then the EMP? Plus, you know, it doesn’t hurt that it is super comfortable and super soft. And super, super colorful, which I think you should know by now is my most absolute favorite thing about clothing (even if I don’t wear neon clothes everyday, just know that I want to. I want to so bad.)

Sweater, Dress & Vest: Thrift Shop, Tights: Macy’s, Shoes: Old, Jewelry: Family

Also, side rant: I found this dress at my favorite used clothing store, but it was one of the new ones they’ve been sneaking into the racks. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about them mixing in new clothing (mostly because they’re being super sneaky about it), but I’m pretty sure I don’t like it. This dress was still a win, though, because it was 50% off.

I hope everyone is having a love-filled, fabulous Valentine’s Day! ❤

An ode of things I love about those closest to me: I love you all so much in all your unique, quirky ways.

Weekly Doctor Who nights with you keep me sane. I’m glad I got to know you, and I’m very grateful that you are a much more patient person than I can ever hope to be.

A:There’s a sense of comfort in knowing that no matter how bad I fall down, you’re always there with understanding, compassion, and a bowl of ice cream. I can’t wait to stand next to you this September and watch you marry your best friend.

J: I’m proud of you, how you’ve grown, and how you’ve pushed me. Celebrating ten years together is an friendshipversary I’m looking forward!

Stripes: The craziest things come flying out of your mouth and make me laugh so hard. You’re a fabulous person to plan anything with, and you make me feel brave enough to step outside my comfort zone.

Plaid: You’ve opened my world to the magic that is Dairy Queen’s flamethrower sauce, which would be enough to cement you into my book of forever friends. We’ve planned parties together, we’ve celebrated holidays together–I love that you are always up for my whims, and when I lack for ideas, you always have ten.

Mommy: I don’t know how I could have gotten this far in life if I didn’t know you would always be there the second I required it. Your ability to love completely and without reserve is your best trait, and I’m so proud of you.

Sister: You’ve always been my protector, and I love you for keeping me safe. I also love that you didn’t kill me in my sleep for stealing your clothes when we were teenagers. You sparked my obsession with fashion, for better or worse. I love the friendship we’ve grown into, and I love planning your wedding with you!

Monsieur: You love me at my worst, so you deserve me at my best.