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Won’t You Put Me In A Zoo?

Marci 12-4-12 DMV2

That was totally my favorite Doctor Seuss book growing up. I felt so bad for the poor little fella! He’d be so happy in a zoo. Anyway, this was totally all I could think of when I threw this outfit together.

This was my DMV + Car Insurance + Medical Appointment for David outfit. Comfortable yet professional, and for those who think I’m flashing some inappropriate levels of cleavage rest assured–there’s a tank under that top.

Marci 12-4-12 DMV1

Sweater Skirt & Shoes: Thrifted | Shirt: Mona B | Tights: gift Express

There’s not a whole lot to say except this outfit was a million times more comfortable than I expected and a lot more flattering than that shirt’s initial shape would lend you to believe. My personal policy, by the way, for the DMV is to go into as ridiculously happy as is fucking possible. Charm everyone who looks at you for longer than five seconds. Kill them with kindness. Oh and go in armed with a 16 oz iced green tea half sweetened from Starbucks.

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Sequins: A Few of My Favorite Things

I know I always love when the bloggers I read share some of their standard favorites, so hopefully you’ll forgive me this indulgence! Also, you know, there may or may not have been a camera mishap and therefore a slight shortage of outfit photos….

Without further ado, here are some of the things that are making me smile in February:

I spend a disgustingly large amount of my time staring at my computer screen, so changing up my wallpaper every month with an abundance of amazingly artistic and inspiring wallpapers is definitely a must! Smashing Magazine is largely over my head most of the time, but for a couple of years now, they have artists submit monthly wallpapers. I always pick out my top favorites for the month and have my computer set to cycle through them every fifteen or twenty minutes. Never fails to bring a smile to my face!

Hotel Deca looks ridiculously cool, but that isn’t entirely the reason why it makes me smile. Rather, I get super smiley looking at it because soon, I’ll be there! Monsieur and I booked a room for a mini vacation, and we’re both very excited to splurge on a romantic get-away.

I used to have hot pink hair, and I miss it–I miss it so much! My job is a smidge too conservative to let me getaway with it, so I find myself staring at The Dainty Squid‘s fabulous blue locks with an appreciative envy. It really doesn’t hurt that her clothes are frickin’ amazing!

I’ve been trying to talk myself into getting a subscription to this magazine for a while. I want to read everything in it, and then whip out my scissors and take the whole thing apart for fun afterwards. Because that’s how true crafters roll (amiright? amiright?)

Flavorwire is one of my sneaky go-to sources for “cool”, and I like their photography post by artist Robbie Cooper who photographed kids while they’re playing video games. It’s very surreal…

This is hand’s down the most inspiring video I’ve seen! I know it’s long, and it’s a little campy at times, but there’s something about a bunch of free-stylin’ hippies telling me that I can do anything that makes me feel very inspired. I love this video.

Sequins: Doctor Seuss Dress Up

This post is dedicated to Stripes, who enjoys giving me a hard time about my lack of silly poses.

There once was a Woozle
Who spent all her days wondering

“What oh What should I wear?I have red pants, blue pants
and creamy mint green pants
Brown shoes and Black ones covered in Dots
Shirts every color from Blue to Chartreuse
Even one covered with orange-plaid hand-drawn Gazots!”

There are shoes all over her floor,
Down to the basement and clear up the stair,
With clothes scattered right Here and way over There,
Even some pants on her Sailing Ship’s helm,
This Woozle was feeling over-the-top- Whelm!“Should I wear this or should I wear that,
Maybe oh maybe, my striped purple top hat??”

Then, with a Hop and a Skip,
the Woozle had an idea hit like a Brick

“I know what I’ll do, right Here on the Spot,
Oh yes I will, won’t I,
I will wear the Whole Lot!”

Shirt: UO (used), Pants & Vest: Nordstroms, Keffiyeh: Palestine, Shoes: Modcloth

Green Pants are a winner,
Purple Red Plaid is for sure.
Wrapped up with my Oversized Scarf,
and topped with a Yarny Vest like super-soft-fur!

*This morning, after getting dressed, I pulled in my fashion consultant (read: my darling dearest Monsieur).

“Give it to me straight, babe–is it too much?” I asked, gesturing to my ensemble. He paused, looked me up and down carefully, and thought a moment.

“Honestly? I’m not sure. It actually might be. It’s pretty ridiculous. But… I really, really like it!”