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The Power of Unicorns

I don’t take Facebook seriously, and on my personal page my about me goes like this-

If you’re bright pink and covered in glitter, there is a 98.45% chance that I’ll love you forever. The odds increase if you are also a unicorn.

It’s been a bit for a while now, but I have to say it’s true. If you’re a unicorn, there is a high probability that I will love you. So when David checked the mail and found this package waiting for me from the weekend, he won massive points.

It’s kind of hard to tell, I know but it’s a unicorn necklace he found online. That guy spoils me and I like it. Also, I didn’t realize this until after we did the photos, but it was super windy and I have a unicorn horn in every photo. I must be channeling their power!

Sweater & Shirt: H&M | Necklace: Gift | Shorts Tights & Shoes: Target

I have to say I’m really in love with this shirt from H&M (sale section, $5, yes please) but what really sealed the deal was how it perfectly frames the unicorn in the shirt pattern. I mean, it just doesn’t get much better than that!



Deca Legged Fashion Blogger At Large

Okay, so I wrote an entire introduction paragraph. It was off topic and mostly consisted of me rambling about my mom’s dogs, who I was dog sitting in these photos. Somehow wordpress ate that paragraph, though, and I’m not retyping it. Out of spite. Look, clothes!

I don’t know if you guys are keeping track, but I am–I wear a ton of red when fall hits. Not entirely sure why, but candy apple red is just my absolute favorite thing ever lately. Which makes me entirely unfashionable, since word on the street is oxblood red is the new fancy color in town. Excuse me while I gag over that name…

If you blur these photos and make them small, it doesn’t look like I’m standing next to a wall–it just looks like an epic cloud skyline. Also, it doesn’t happen very often, but every single item of clothing I’m wearing excluding the shoes (but including the tights) was either purchased used or a gift. I wore this outfit to dinner with the paternal component of my family on Friday, but it was too dark by the time I saw David so no photos. Boo. Sunday, though, we spent the entire day in sweatpants being super lazy. We had to run errands, though, and walk to the dogs, so I put my Friday outfit back on to get some outfit photos. Which is the first time I’ve put on an old outfit just for the sake of photos. Guys, I’m starting to take this whole thing too seriously. Clearly.

Sweater, Shirt & Skirt: Thrifted | Tights: Express, Gift | Shoes: B.A.I.T | Leashes: Petco | Dog (right): Local Shelter | Dog (left): c/o Dog (right)

David has this silly habit of trying to catch photos of me when I’m not looking. I don’t really put those on the blog, but it’s the dorkiest game ever where I try to not let him see me watch him, and then he looks away and takes the photo and I change my expression at the very last second. It’s worth it to see his confusion when he reviews the photo in the screen.

The dogs’ expressions back me up on this one–there was a really weird noise to our left

This outfit is almost entirely c/o’d

I mean, not in the way you think. My favorite brown sweater and my only pair of jeans ripped on the same day, so my mom graciously agreed to replace them.

Sweater & Jeans: Target (c/o my mommy) | Boots: Mi Shoes | White Tank: Romys | Gray: F21 | Scarf: Vintage | Necklace: Thrifted

I wore this outfit on a breakfast date with David and my mom, and it was met with her approval. 🙂 To the point where she asked if I had taken photos of it for the blog yet. I think it’s really fun(ny) when IRL people ask about the blog. Anyway, this outfit post is for her!

We spent the weekend pet sitting for a couple we know through my sister’s in laws, and oh my gosh. They had the cutest doggie! I mean, sure, I’m partial to my own pooches, but I’ve never seen David go gaga for a dog that way. He’s not much of an animal person.

It was adorable. And I totally have way too many photos of the animals. I narrowed it down to my top favorite of each pet. Indulge me?

Just like cuddling Fluffy

My sister and I had matching stuffed animal versions of this breed when we were growing up. Her’s was named Fifi and mine’s name was Fluffy (I was the younger child, don’t judge). It was definitely my favorite stuffed animal for years.

I’m not even really a fan of cats at all (with very limited exceptions) but this guy was a total sweetie. He’s an older cat, and too lazy to finish his meows. He’d just give you a little baby-eyed look and croak a little, so I couldn’t resist picking him up and going the full monty and head-butting with him while we cuddled.

Sequins: The Ups and Downs of Travel

Hello–this post might seem like it’s late in the day to you, but I assure you–I’m posting at like 10:30. Hello Hawaii time….

I was really looking forward to sharing my silly travel adventures with you all, because Monsieur and I are nerdy enough to have very very silly travel adventures. Like, playing Mario-Kart-on-the-plane kind of silly. And themed-bracelet-I’ve-been-waiting-months-to-show-off kind of silly.

Instead, though, I talked to my mom after I landed and found out that one of  our dogs, Ginsburg, (who I had taken to the vet the day before we left) wasn’t suffering from liver failure–but that her liver had already failed. It was sad and difficult, but my family made the right decision to have her put to sleep.

Which, by the way, sucks.

We adopted Ginsburg when she was nine and gave her a pretty awesome last couple of years.

For those curious, as far as we can tell she’s a Corgi-Dauschund mix. Her ears, when rubbed, will form the full Corgi ear position. She’s always looked like she was a puppy, and she’s always had the sass of a little old lady. She has the best back-handed snark face I’ve ever seen, human and mutt alike.

I took this and the next photo on the way to the vet. Intuition told me to grab a couple silly snapshots of her. I will say, getting that long car ride with her was pretty awesome. She’s always been a massive cuddler (to me), but having that extra time to snuggle in is making this whole thing easier.

Thanks for letting me go on about this dog. I promise I’ll be back on Friday with something a little happier and more Hawaiin-themed. Mahalo & Aloha!

Sequins: The Ups and Downs of Pet Ownership

I don’t really intend to turn into the ratta version of the crazy cat lady fashion blogger, which is why you haven’t heard a whole lot about Monsieur and I’s foray into pet ownership. Also, though, about two weeks after we took the plunge, we got to deal with the downs of pet ownership–we lost one of them.

Not as in, we misplaced one of our rattas, but unfortunately Grendel turned out to have some horrible uterine tumor and she died. She was definitely a tiny little runt of a thing, and her Rex whiskers, Dumbo ears and lack of hair definitely proved that she was all about those recessive genes. Talk about getting the short end of the stick…

After watching Harper mourn her littermate for a few days, our hearts couldn’t take it and we went back to the petstore to see if any of her sisters were still left. There was, and after some deliberation and discussion (wherein Monsieur utilized his big ol’ puppy eyes, pleading the new rat’s case like I’ve never seen before), we took Harper’s sister home. We were worried about how well she’d adjust to having a new rat to share her space with, but our worries were for naught–they’ve spent 99% of the time glued to the hip. They’re adorable and it was exactly what Harper needed. So without further ado,

Harper left, Gibson right

I tried to get a solo shot of Gibson, but remember when I said they’re inseparable? Wasn’t exaggerating! They’re pretty adorable, and it was a good decision. We still definitely miss our goofy Grendel, though. It was definitely lame, losing her right when she was getting really brave and friendly with us.

better believe she’d do anything for a piece of pasta

Stripes: Awesome Stuff Sunday 3.18

I hope everyone one had an awesome week, here are the highlights of what I found on the internet this week:

The cute animal of the week  is this hipster fishy. Hipster fishy says, “I came from this pet store in a really obscure part of Portland, I mean I could tell you the name but you’ve never heard of it.”

I adore this line of literary clothing! 

Here’s your proper dose of good a’capella for the week:

Yes, this week there are 2 a’capella songs, I was thinking you needed a little bigger dose because it’s been a while since I posted any. This is Realtime, they were a local quartet who won some big titles but they recently got a new tenor (whom I am friends with, nbd or anything) and became Via Voice. Anyways, Loch Lomond is one of the songs that kept me singing as a kid because I heard a choir do it when I was in elementary school and decided on the spot that I wanted to be able to do it too. And actually, there are only 2 other songs that fall in this category and I’m working on one right now (details on that one later) 🙂

And, finally, I’ve spent most of my spring break thus far wishing I was even half as fierce as Beyonce.

Stripes: Awesome Stuff Sunday 3.11

Welcome to Awesome Stuff Sunday! Here are some of the cool things I found on the internet this week!

I am SO stinking in love with her dress!

OMG this is my favorite kitty picture since the kitty flying through space on a synth.

Sequins and I made this scrub for a much needed girls night, ahhh so relaxing!

This is a really interesting look into food allergies. I really appreciate her big picture view of the current, dramatic rise in allergies. Also, I think there is a lot we could be doing as a nation to improve the quality of our food and help our children avoid some of the health pitfalls we face today.

And a classic Death Cab for Cutie song.

Have a happy Sunday!