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Faux Food Baby

This was my post-Thanksgiving outfit and I know I’ve got an epic faux food baby going on in it.

Sweater: Kohls | Top: Thrifted | Tank & Jeans: Target | Bag: H&M | Boots: Mi Shoes

It’s a faux food baby because it’s really just how I’m standing. And I’m only standing that way to keep my mouth tucked in my scarf. Also, it’s not actually that cold out in these photos. I have my scarf over my face because I’ve got a cold sore and I don’t care how much body acceptance I’m supposed to have–that is just not a photo I want on the internet. So you guys get these somewhat goofy photos instead.

On a side note, though, I love how crazy wild and mess my hair is in these photos. It’s growing out kind of crazy and I’m trying to trim it the best I can. Right now it’s in a weird faux-Kate Gosselin the early years phase. Which I did. It’s really similar to how I had it in high school.

Also, and entirely separate side note, these are the last photos with my favorite, beloved hipster glasses. They were tragically destroyed in a really frustrating accident that makes me grumpy just thinking about it. We’re talking full-on annihilation. >.< So long, hipster frames, and hello new pair that I’ve had as back up but hated for along time and now like a lot.

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Oh These Dark Days

Man guys, let me tell ya, being a fashion blogger comes with it’s own set of woes. For reals. Like the fact that it now gets dark at 4 pm out here in the great NW. You want to know what’s really hard to do after its dark? Taking fashion blog pictures. So please, bare with me here with these cruddy pictures.

The single full body shot that wasn’t completely awful.

My sad attempt at showing you I was wearing brown boots with black pants. (A big first for matchy matchy Kels!)

My OMG is this really going to work? face.

What follows is a selection from my silly face pictures because I’m using a webcam album:

Shirt & Jeans:Express//Sweater:Target//Boots: Lucky Brand//Scarf: Charlotte Russe

Yeah, maybe next Saturday I’ll remember to get dressed before it gets dark again…maybe.


I think the only thing I dislike about season changes is losing certain key pieces of clothes to the storage bins, resigned to waiting for another year. I’ve never been someone who holds closely to the rules of different  seasonal wardrobes, but some things just don’t fit year round. For a little bit there, I thought one of my new favorite dresses would be in that same boat.

Uh hells to the no, though. I’m still figuring out how to wear the zebras in the winter, but for now I’m happy with the color palette as a good fall look. These tights are the best–they’re the perfect texture and thickness. The only downside is I can not for the life of me wear them unless there are similarly colored leaves on the ground. They are way too autumn.


The earrings were a gift from David and I love them. They’re so pretty and perfect for everyday wear with just a touch of something extra. I’m not the kind of person that really ever wears earrings, but these are some of my favorites. And sorry in advance, but I have no idea where he found them.

Also, just in case I haven’t already gone into excessive detail about this scarf, I love this scarf. I went to Paris after I graduated high school and found this scarf there. It’s beginning to fray and has a hole already, but I just can’t get rid of it. I love the colors–the bright red with the mint and turquoise. Yum.

Sweater: Target | Dress & Bag: H&M | Scarf: Paris street vendor | Tights: Sojourner | Boots: Mi Shoes

When the weather turns

I’m not one for segregating out clothing based on seasons, but to a certain point it’s a bit necessary. I mean, I’m not going to be pairing my halter tops with anything warm enough to justify them in the winter. On that same note, I have a couple dresses that I never wear until it starts getting ‘oh check out your breath’ cold. Which it has been.


My mom treated me to this dress a couple years ago, right after I graduated college. My sister, mom and I took a weekend trip up to Vancouver BC to celebrate that whole diploma thing. We stopped by Target first, though, and found this dress!

Dress: Target | Tights | Modsock | Boots: Mishoes | Bag: | Earrings: Gift from coworkers

I have no clue why my face is so serious in that one, but whatevs. This dress is one of my favorites because there are a million ways to style it. True story, this dress was the largest  factor in my addiction to floral tights.


I can’t remember if I’ve shown them off before, but my earrings were a parting gift from my former coworkers, along with like three boxes of my favorite candy. Those people really get me.

Four Eyes Is So Last Season

So I’m practicing with the whole taking-my-own-photos thing, since my main photographers are pretty occupied during the day. David is always willing at the end of the day, yes, but he’s tired so I don’t want to push my luck. Also, the sunlight at 6:30 is becoming a pretty rare commodity.

Sweatshirt: Fred Meyer | Dress: Thrifted | Tights: Gift | Boots: Clarks

The thing is, apparently, I’m a total camera whore when no one is around. Also, this is a fun outfit. I keep waffling on top of the fence when it comes around to taking off the glasses from my deer friend. But who knows–maybe it’s just the peak of fashion to have a four-eyed deer companion hanging out on your top.


I’m getting so good at layering dresses with things, guys, it’s not even funny. I mean check out that skirt–better believe it’s a dress. Also, wearing that skirt made me ache with longing for my black mini skirt with the white birds.  I’ve only worn it on the blog  once, since it’s pretty new. But this whole jaunt into limited-closet-hood has given me some good ideas on how to wear that skirt.

Oh, also, if you’re curious, my personal blog is up and running over at Like A Small Fire (it’s a quote from a poem). Check it out if you want to read my long tangent-y rants on stuff that isn’t fashion. There’s some art and photography, too.

Oh, also also, if you’re curious, I’ve been using crutches this whole weekend but inconsistently. My knee is feeling a bit better, but constantly like a pencil is wedged under the kneecap. I can walk for a bit (or stand, or pose for a camera) but if we’re talking a grocery store trip then the crutches are tagging along.

Guest Post: Work Sucks

I mostly own work clothes. They take up 4 days out of every week for me. And then on casual Fridays, I wear jeans and a sweater. So Mondays are the days when I try out my newfound fashion daring. This outfit was one of those experiments.

This dress was something that I nearly put back on the rack and walked away from. But once again, Mr. S insisted I try it on. It wasn’t exactly my favorite dress in the world. But I really loved the way it fit on my arms. Then I needed some kind of legging or tight to keep from being too provocative. I chose white because there’s no white in the dress. (A weird reasoning, but I think it worked out this time.) And then the boots were similarly chosen. Plus, I just love those boots. They’re from Macy’s. You may have noticed an overwhelming amount of my clothing comes from there. I have a confession. Before I was a big hotshot small town legal assistant, I worked at Macy’s for 2 years. If you got a 20% discount on all your favorite stuff, you’d own a lot of that stuff too.

Dress & tights: Target | Boots: Style&Co. – Macy’s

So this was my Monday outfit last week. Once again, my bosses had no reaction.

Something Clever About Status Quos

I couldn’t find the right title in my brain, but it involves a clever reference to my return to status quos. I don’t know what’s been going on with the messages between my brain and outfit selections, but it’s been weird, guys. Like, wearing blue jeans and stretch pants and plain t-shirts weird. Which, if you’ve spent any time looking at this blog (or at me), you’d know–that’s pretty friggin’ weird.

So I’m happy to say that when I got dressed this morning, I reached for this dress. This dress, which I thrifted for a whopping ten dollars the other day. I’m rather fond of this dress.

Sweater: Target | Dress Necklace & Belt: Thrifted | Tights: Fred Meyer | Boots: Mi Shoes

Also, can we pause for a moment on the tights? I love them. I picked them up as back ups to my reverse-polka-dot tights (which I’m now realizing I don’t think I’ve ever worn on the blog…) for my rehearsal dinner outfit, and I love them ten times more than the originals. They make me feel pretty fabulous, which I’m pretty sure is the entire point of fashion. At least, that should be the point of fashion. I’m sure I have a step sister who might chime in and offer an alternative point, what with her whole fashion-college-background, but I say you should always wear things that make you feel fabulous. Including, for the record, jeans and tshirts, if that’s your thing.  No judgements from this end, my friend, if you feel fabulous dressing like a commoner.

One day all of my friends are going to gang together and beat me up with their collective jeans. And then strangle me with their tshirts. Which is okay, as long as I get to wear something as pretty as this dress when they do it.