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What to Wear on a Bike Ride

I’ve posted before, a little superciliously some might say, about what to wear on a bike ride. A lot of fashion bloggers have gotten slack about not showcasing their helmets in their bike-related outfit posts, but responded with the excuse that helmets are ugly and therefore not featured, but are still a part of their daily bicycle commute.

To which I say–screw it. To get an honest-to-god photo of what I look like on a bike, I once again travel back in time to when David (my sweet Monsieur) and I had a picnic planned in a park after work. I biked there, and he had his camera. The verdict?

I’ve found that almost everything I have in my wardrobe works for biking. Most importantly, of course, is my helmet. I also find that I can wear my skirts and dresses while biking, and the process for deciding what works how is easy, as long as you follow a few simple rules.

First, invest in a pair of biking shorts. These will save you a lot of grief. Also, if you’re like me and wear tights with everything, you should note that darker, more opaque pairs have a similar effect as biking shorts for all intents and purposes.

Jacket, Vest, Shoes & Purse: Thrifted; Flower pin: H&M; Dress: Sojourner

Furthermore, if you’re planning on wearing a skirt or dress on a bike ride that you haven’t tested before, it’s good to build in enough time to test it out for a block or so before really heading out. I write this rule as words of caution, and less from personal experience, because every now and then I would find myself biking to work and resorting to biking one-handed while my other hand frantically tucked the hem of my skirt under my bum ever ten seconds. Those were the days I’d walk my bike home and feel really silly.

To see what the other girls participating in What to Wear are wearing on their bikes, by all means check out these links. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!


Sequins: So Very, Very Twee

I got dressed in this outfit and was super excited about it it. Then I looked down and went “Holy crap, I kinda just look like a generic blogger”. I should redo my DIY, apparently. Anyway, this is the most twee outfit I’ve worn yet, so you should prepare yourself for the most twee post yet. I won’t let that detract from my love of this outfit.

I was super stoked about my outfit, especially since Monsieur & I had our usual standing Wednesday plans. He was playing at open mic night at a really good mead-ery, and I go to listen to his set and a few other musicians, and then we go home. I know, we’re precious. Have I mentioned yet that I’m with a musician? Because if I haven’t yet…. I’m with a musician. And we drink mead. I told you, there’s really no non-twee way to describe this night. Bare with me.

We went out for (local, organic, alternatively-topped) pizza and I asked him to bring the camera so we could grab a couple outfit shots first. He (very willingly) complied, and we were all set to go when I see him frown as he says

“We’ll have to do this fast”

I nod, pose fabulously (Stripes and I have been training, after all) when…

“Or not at all. Your battery is dead”


I’ll admit–I usually don’t care when an outfit gets recorded. I know I’m a fan of my clothes 95% of the time, so it’s not a big deal. This was a let down, though, if for no other reason than I WORE HEELS. There’s something about wearing heels (especially ones the blog hasn’t seen before) that makes me feel the need to have a photograph validate my shoe choice. How shallow can I get? Answer: Pretty darn.

I moved on with my life, we enjoyed pizza, and then went to the mead place for the open mic night. He let me know that our good friends, Lace and Mr Lace were coming to join us, which was a perk. They’ve recently moved about forty minutes away, so I miss them. A ton. Have I mentioned that I get to be Lace’s Maid of Honor? It’s exciting.

They show up and the first thing Lace does is gush over my outfit (I’m telling you–it was a good one). I thanked her and rehashed the dying camera incident. She nodded sympathetically and then…

“Let’s just take them on my phone. It’s got a camera in it”

… This, people, is why I love my friends.

Sweater: Target/ Dress: Charlotte Russe/ Tights: American Apparell/ Shoes & Bag: Left Right Left/ Bag:

Those shoes are totally the first grown up purchase I made when I first was hired at this job. They were my fancy shoes. Or, if you’re a much-loved close family member, they’re my “witch shoes”. Regardless, they’re fancy and they have a heel and I love them. Along with the rest of the outfit. It’s fairly twee, yes, but the real icing on the cake is the bag I picked up the other day…

*sigh. The things I would do for good typography. Also, this outfit is definitely bike-able. I rode my darling little (not-so) twee bike to work when I wore this.

So, Lace, thanks again, you darling wonderful beautiful lady, you, for taking my pictures and saving the outfit!

Sequins: Professional Daisies

I mentioned a while back in this post that I wore that top two days in a row (eww, gross, no way, that’s yucky, ewww). with different tank tops underneath (oh way better, but still kinda ewww) because of how much I loved it. It’s been forever since I’ve been a Good Blogger with Consistent Posts, but what can I say? My life has been kinda really crazy lately. Hopefully a good, consistent routine will start forming and you can look forward to all my amazing outfits with my new frames (because seriously guys? I don’t know if it came across in Monday’s post but holy crap am I just so in love with my frames. So. In. Love.) It took a while to adjust to the frames, because for whatever reason I’d get motion sick with these. Four days, though, of pure determination and I’m good. I can see in them and function all day and it’s fine. I think it was just the adjustment they made the prescription, which would be very boring but basically they made my very very very bad eye’s lens a little weaker and my not as bad eye’s lens a little stronger, which made it hard to adjust to. Good news, though, is that my very very bad eye is getting better! Bad news, of course, my not-as-bad- eye is getting worse.

Oh and for the record, Stripes gets total and completely credit for this jacket. She’ll show off her equivalent soon, and let me tell ya it’s adorable. So adorable that I asked her where she got it, and then went on a quest for my own. I would’ve gotten an identical one, but I didn’t want to step on any toes (I told Strips that and her exact response was “Dude you should have gotten it, it would have been fun to see how we’d each wear it!”). I’m happy with my choice, though. Yellow is a color I’ve avoided for a really long time. When I was little my dad told me I should never wear yellow because it looks horrible on me, and that stuck. I’ve tip toed with the idea of breaking from that rule, though, and a couple years ago I wore a yellow shirt around him. His response? “That color looks really good on you. Why don’t you ever wear yellow?” I reminded him of what he said, and he promptly denied it. Story of my life. Lesson learned?

Don’t follow fashion rules.

We might live on opposite sides of the state, but Elizabeth from  Delightfully Tacky said it best–it’s definitely still Sweater Weather round these parts. Also, side note? I’m so in love with her wardrobe and the way she styles things. This top definitely made me flash to her blog when I bought it, mostly because I know she would wear it in super cool ways that I have yet to figure out. I’ll get there, though, one day.

This outfit was from one of those rare moments where I could actually get away with short sleeves, no hoods, and bare legs. I’m nostalgic putting this post together, since it is a very, very gray sky out my window. You’d think it’s still March up in here

Oh and last note–the shoes. It should be known that I’ve had these shoes since my dad’s wedding in October 2008 and this is the second time I’ve ever worn them, apart from his wedding. If you guys haven’t figured this out by now, I’m really, really really bad at wearing heels. They’re wedges, though, and that whole biking-in-wedges thing is totally legit. I biked in this outfit!

Jacket: Charlotte Ruse/ Shirt: Romy/ Skirt: Thrifted/ Shoes: Mia/ Earrings: Gift from Monsieur

*PS that icky-looking white stuff on the wall is paint, not bird poo. Just sayin’

Sequins: Seeing Red

Mostly because I know the future of the blog, and I’m definitely wearing red dresses two days in a row. I might pull out my red stripey dress and make it three days, if I’m feeling radical. Or, rather, if I’m feeling red. Which I might be–it’s anyone’s guess as to what I’ll be in the mood to throw on tomorrow. Why do I feel like cackling an evil laugh right now?


Without further ado, I bring you…. outfit photos.

Jacket Shoes & Dress: Thrifted/Vintage
Belt: H&M
Sweater: Target
Tights: Bella

This felt like such an easy outfit to put together, and I realized it’s all different pieces from my 30 for 30 (for the most part). I feel like enough time has passed (a month) and it finally feels safe to wear these pieces again. I didn’t realize I was avoiding them until I put a bunch of them together. Also, this is a bikeable outfit for me. Also also, there’s mud on my pretty shoes from biking. Also also also, every time I had to add another article of clothing to my thrifted outfit line, I felt more like a hipster. Just wait until next week. I’m really excited for something, and that something is definitely going to level me up to the next level of hipster. Because, you know, it’s my dream in life to level up in hipster-dom.

Sequins: Bike To Work Day!

Today in our town, as well as many others throughout the country, it’s Bike to Work (or School) Day! It’s an exciting day full of promoting alternative transportation and getting people out of their cars. I know a lot of people don’t have the luxury of biking to work, and I really feel for the people who have those horrible hour-long rush hour traffic commutes. My parents used to have an epic hour and a half commute to work, inching along the freeway during rush hour, so my heart goes out to you guys. It sucks.

Fortunately, though, a lot of live in places where we can bike to work. Or bus to work. Or even walk to work, if you’re super super lucky (I’m super lucky). I think biking to work can intimidate a lot of people, but trust me–it’s great. You get some endorphins going, you have a ton of energy to start your day with, and people avoid giving you work because you’re too smelly to approach!*

The trick to biking to work, besides feeling comfortable and confident on a bike, is your clothing. I’ve already talked about the miracle that is biking in wedges, but honestly guys, I’ve amazed myself at some of the things I’ve worn while straddling my bike. So I’ve thought about it, and there are really five points I think are worth considering when getting dressed, if you know you’re biking.

Wear a helmet. I’m not even joking–some other blogger had a post about bike polo and she made some cute comment about how it’s not your typical fashion-blogger-on-a-bike post because all the girls you see in her post are wearing helmets. Helmets are really important. Like, super important. So don’t skip it. Your brain is really important, and you should treat it as such.

I’ve heard of people protesting the helmet thing because of silly things like ruining your hair, and Modcloth did a really cute series about helmet-friendly hairstyles. Personally, I asked my stylist when I got my hair cut about a product I could put in it that would ruin my hair when I get a little sweaty, and she gave me some crazy weird, semi-expensive water-reactive product. Meaning, I style my hair in the morning after my shower, I put on my helmet, I get to work and if my hair is a little sweaty, I restyle and fix it right then and there. If, the more likely option, my hair is not sweaty, because my bike commute takes two seconds and is entirely downhill, I rinse my hands in the sink and fix my hair that way.

As for your top, I’d suggest pretty much anything that has a tank underneath it, to keep any potential sweat stains from cropping up on your look. Looser, breathable fabrics are ideal. If you’re wearing something in layers, like a vest, I usually take the vest off and throw it in my purse before starting a longer trek. I also love heavier structured jackets for biking, because they make me feel safer.

The denim jacket (because I definitely was not kidding about the blogging world making me jones for one) is a perfect safety addition. It’s structured and heavy to keep my arms from being skinned if I fall, and it’s not so heavy that I’m drenched in a puddle of gross sweat by the end of my ride.

Use a bag or purse with an over the shoulder, messenger-style strap. Unless you have a basket on the back of your bike, in which case I’m super jealous. My old bike has a basket, a cheap-o white crate from Target, and it was seriously one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. A total lifesaver for longer trips, grocery store runs, or anytime you don’t want a bag to make your back super sweaty!

I’m definitely a girl who will bike in dresses and skirts, as long as they’re the right kind.What’ the right kind, you ask? Anything that doesn’t flash the cars. Oh, did you need me to be more specific? It’s usually a knee length a-line skirt that isn’t going to crawl up your legs as you peddle, like a tighter pencil skirt might. If it’s too flowy, you run the risk of it billowing out in a majestic, panty-revealing cloud which is also no good. I’ve biked in the flowier stuff, though, and you can just tuck up the excess skirt to keep from flashing. I’ve found it works pretty well.

For today, though, I totally took it easy and wore pants. Skinny jeans! I added a belt, though, as a safety precaution to keep from plumber-crack-flashing the cars behind me. I’m sure they’re grateful. Also, don’t be afraid of color! We all know color is super “in” right now (um when is it not?) but it’s a great safety measure. Make sure you’re wearing things that drivers can easily see. At night, this might include dork-tastic reflector bands on your ankles and across your back. Trust me, when you continue living after each bike ride, you’ll find it worthwhile.

I might talk it up about biking to work in platform wedges, and that’s all good and fine, but when you know you’re biking a lot (which I was on this day–I had about an hour total on my bike, full of hills), wear appropriate shoes. I opted for my trusty Birkenstocks, but Toms work wonders and pretty much any shoe you can wear socks with. Even ballet flats are fine, as long as you have those mini, invisible socks on. Looking fashionable is all good and well, yes, but take care of your body. A little dose of sensible never killed anyone!

Have fun and stay safe out there! Did I forget any important tips? Definitely let me know in the comments! Also, should you feel so inclined, I wrote a ton more about the other aspects of bike safety over on my other blog.

Jacket Bag & Shirt: Thrifted/ Pants: Target/ Sandals: Birkenstocks/ Pin: H&M/ Necklace: F21 years ago

*Okay maybe that one isn’t so much a positive, but just remember to wear deodorant. Or leave some at your desk. Or in your purse. Or briefcase.