Two For One Special

Times 2

I couldn’t decide which top to wear while David and I were running errands. He knew I wanted to sneak in an outfit photo so he told me to bring both.

We’ll do photos for both outfits, babe.

I knew there was a reason I love that man. Besides the fact that he pretty much rocks me socks off on a daily basis. Anyway.

Marci 12-4-12 Plaid 2

Shirt: F21 | Dress: Thrifted | TIghts: Target | Shoes: Fred Meyer

Marci 12-4-12 Plaid 1The plaid top ended up winning for the day, but only because it was more comfortable and my errands consisted largely of sitting in waiting rooms. Comfort was key. Also, this is exactly what I wore–that is, no coat. I should probably cut that out. It’s getting cold out.

Marci 12-4-12 Formal 2

Sweater: Kohls | Dress: Thrifted | Tights: Target | Shoes: Fred Meyer

Marci 12-4-12 Formal 1This felt too formal, but I still loved it. I think it’s a super cute holiday outfit and it’ll definitely make another appearance, once the timing is right. Oh and lastly–so don’t care that I’m like ten million months behind on this tred. The blue & red look so smashing together I could just melt. Melt.

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5 responses to “Two For One Special

  1. I love both outfits, but I prefer the red dress and sweater one. I wish you were my personal stylist. I would never have thought to put the blue with the red but it is BEYOND adorable. (Plus, those tights make your legs look amazing.)

    • Thanks! And thanks! I keep saying we should do an epic shopping trip together soon.

      • After Christmas, definitely. I should be a lot less strapped for cash then. And I’ll come to Seattle. Lord knows there’s nothing here in Mount Vernon! haha Also, I need that little push to try on things I would never try on alone. Sorry, as the best friend with least fashion limitations, it has to be you. 😛

      • Pretty much, yup! Our guest bedroom will be waiting for you!

  2. that dress is adorbs! especially paired with those tights. cute cute cuteee.
    and as a side note, I really miss finding shoes at fred meyer.

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