Some Thoughts on Self Care

Happy Sunday everyone! This week has been one seriously emotional roller coaster. And while it’s been a little rough, it has also reminded me of the importance of self-care. From getting your nails done, to snuggling with your doggie, to taking steps to improve your health, to relaxing in a warm shower, to looking at pictures of puppies on the internet-self-care is amazing. And while I do do all of the aforementioned I’ve started realizing I’ve started using fashion as a form of self-care lately.

Photo on 12-1-12 at 5.35 PM #7Rather than try to merely look pulled together or appropriate for the situation, I’ve been picking my clothes mainly by what will make me happiest for the day and remind me that I will make it through whatever may come my way. Take this outfit.

Photo on 12-1-12 at 5.34 PM #3I adore each and every bit of it-it’s comfy, it’s easy to wear, I can do everything I need to do and fit in, and it flat out makes me happy. And really, what’s life if you’re not happy?

Photo on 12-1-12 at 5.35 PM #8Despite all the stress that’s been thrown my way these last few days, at least I’ve been able to be comfy, happy, and, most importantly, silly. All of of which have significantly boosted my ability to deal with life and take everything as it comes…and take it from this life-long worry wart, that’s not small feat.

Photo on 12-1-12 at 5.35 PM #11

Shirt:Bellingham Farmers Market//Tank:A&E//Jeans:Gap

I totally and completely recommend that you wear at least one outfit this week that makes you unbelievably happy because it definitely makes a difference in your day (just ask Marci who has been rebelling against her work dress code…that’s rough over there!)

Have a great start to the week guys and smile big as you throw on those chunky sweaters/leggings/amazing heels/embellished tees/what have you.

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