The Post That Has Been A Long Time Coming

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while…kind of. I had my reservations: I like to keep a (admittedly small) bit of my life private, I wanted to keep this part of me safe-almost harbored inside of me, and I know things change fast in life and I wasn’t sure I could handle the heart break of this changing and me having to tell you. But I’m here today to tell you, with much anxiety and anticiaption (from a small collection for friends *cough cough Marci*) that I have a boyfriend.

Say hi to Matt (previously known as Mr. New York).


(This is us in New York this last summer with the sunsetting behind us over New Jersey)

Matt has been lurking around, behind the scenes of Moose like my personal Quasimodo for a while. Though thinly hidden, he has been here for months making many of my posts possible. So, folks, here’s what you haven’t been seeing…

You all saw this scarf on this post but what I didn’t mention is that Matt brought it to me from all the way over from Thailand.

This picture was taken after this picture…

This picture:

Was taken just before this picture:

And this last weekend’s pictures from Leavenworth,

Did not include these pictures:

I realize this is not the most profound nor life changing news I could be throwing your way (unless you have my face tattooed on your chest and you’ve been secretly trying to seduce me for years in which case, I’m sorry, but it might be time to go get a new hobby) but it’s still a little nerve wracking. Regardless, it was time to let you all in on my little secret (not to mention make it way easier to talk about all the exciting plans we’ve made for Christmas and New Years).

Here’s to many more adventures, great times, and lots of kisses!

PS- Seeeee Matt? I know you’re reading this…our relationship is officially blog official.


8 responses to “The Post That Has Been A Long Time Coming

  1. I had no idea I was coming off that intense–I was mostly just opting for supportive. Good to know. Yay for blog officialness, though!

    • Haha you managed to ask us at least 1-2 times a month when we were planning to go blog official but we also totally realize you were just really excited/rooting for us. Though, we did get a pretty good laugh every time you’d ask because you seemed more excited for us to go blog official than we were (though, judging by the look in Matt’s eye when I pitched the idea in Leavenworth, he was a very close second). We fully embrace & love your enthusiasm. I also thought you’d get a kick out of Matt’s response to this post: “Hahahahah awwwwww! That blog post is adorable! I feel like a love ninja who just leaped out of the shadows!” Now we can openly blog about the double date plans we’ve made for December! Yay!

      • I didn’t realize you guys weren’t as enthusiastic. Yeah I was just being supportive. But that’s still cool-go ninja Matt! (… who never talks to me anymore, grumble grumble..)

      • Hahaha! I’m sorry I’ve been stealing all of his chatty time…I know he’s really excited for our double date in December! And, as far as enthusiasm goes, you know how I get about things that deal with commitment (like the word commitment…). 😛

  2. Aw, you guys are adorable! Have you ever seen the movie Amelie? I almost feel like Matt is the gnome, where you take a picture of it at different places and we’re just now getting to see it. Love ninja indeed! 🙂

  3. Haha you guys really are too cute! I have some hesitations about sharing names and secrets on my blog too, but…my husband (who goes by ‘husband’ on my blog is also named Matt 😉 Thanks for sharing!

    • Haha thanks for “getting me”. He was really excited to be blog official and the next year of my life is probably not going to make much sense without this piece of info so it seemed like it was time to bite the bullet and put it out there. Congrats on snagging a fellow Matt, by the way, they’re quite the catch, aren’t they?!

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