My First Day of Work

If you’re even a little surprised to see that I wore my black skinny jeans in this outfit post, then clearly you and I have differing opinions on what it means to be obsessed. Which is fine. But seriously don’t be surprised.

Sweater & Jeans: Kohls | Shirt: H&M | Necklace: Gift | Shoes: Clarks

Like I said, don’t be surprised. Also, after my first day of work I found out the dress code was monochromatic black & white. Patternless black and white. Which is even more strict than the last time I had a job with a black and white dress code. So expect to see a hell of a lot more of these black skinny jeans.

David saw the first picture I posted and commented on how good I’m doing with the whole taking my own pictures thing. Of course, what he didn’t see in that picture is that it’s the closest thing to a full body shot. I failzored hardcore, friends. This was the best shoe shot I got. Also, I love these shoes. I don’t care how so not in fashion they are. I love them. Love love love.

I posted a photo on my other blog about my first day jitters. It’s not accurate, though. The photo above is way more accurate regarding how I looked on the first day. Can you see the difference? It’s subtle, I know.

Answer: no nose ring for work time. and this is how I feel about it.

2 responses to “My First Day of Work

  1. I feel like black and white is starting to become the new professional dress code. There are many companies out there who are starting to adopt it, mostly because they figure most people have black and white already in their wardrobe, and it’s easy to match. And it provides a good foil to a colorful environment (i.e., product should stand out, not the employees). It makes me sad that it’s gone non-patterned. I also remember mixing/matching black and white patterns like a boss at said job. I took it as a challenge.

    • I’m okay with it, although I have a big-ass rant about Professionalism drafted up for my personal blog. It’s the lack of patterns that irritates me. I mean, I’m game for a challenge when it comes to black and white as well, but to take away patterns takes any of the fun out. Now it’s just plain boring.

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