Lost & Found

My sister’s apartment is turning into my own personal lost and found. During the move I lost the black mini skirt with the birds on it, as well as my teal shirt with the lime green outline of a long horn. I realize you probably don’t have these articles of clothing memorized, and while I’m absolutely heart broken about that, it’s in large part due to the fact that they’ve only been on the blog one time each. They’ve also only been worn on my person one time. Each. So when they went missing, I was a little irritated. I kept trying to retrace my steps but couldn’t figure out where they’d be. I gave up looking eventually and had my mom and sister over for a board game and dinner. My sister showed up with a bag that had the shirt, the skirt, and something else I had apparently left at her place. She’s the greatest. I was going to post a picture of the shirt and I reunited, but wordpress is being blah. So instead you get lots of words. I promise I’ll stock back up on outfit photos soon. Like, today soon.


One response to “Lost & Found

  1. yay! I’m glad you found your lost clothing; I hate when I misplace something.

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