I think the only thing I dislike about season changes is losing certain key pieces of clothes to the storage bins, resigned to waiting for another year. I’ve never been someone who holds closely to the rules of different  seasonal wardrobes, but some things just don’t fit year round. For a little bit there, I thought one of my new favorite dresses would be in that same boat.

Uh hells to the no, though. I’m still figuring out how to wear the zebras in the winter, but for now I’m happy with the color palette as a good fall look. These tights are the best–they’re the perfect texture and thickness. The only downside is I can not for the life of me wear them unless there are similarly colored leaves on the ground. They are way too autumn.


The earrings were a gift from David and I love them. They’re so pretty and perfect for everyday wear with just a touch of something extra. I’m not the kind of person that really ever wears earrings, but these are some of my favorites. And sorry in advance, but I have no idea where he found them.

Also, just in case I haven’t already gone into excessive detail about this scarf, I love this scarf. I went to Paris after I graduated high school and found this scarf there. It’s beginning to fray and has a hole already, but I just can’t get rid of it. I love the colors–the bright red with the mint and turquoise. Yum.

Sweater: Target | Dress & Bag: H&M | Scarf: Paris street vendor | Tights: Sojourner | Boots: Mi Shoes


4 responses to “Transitioning

  1. You are the cutest. I love that scarf, those boots, those tights and OF COURSE the zebra! And good work David for picking out those rad earrings.

    • I love your comments. They’re like the best ego trip ever! Especially since they come from someone who’s actually the cutest thing ever 😉

  2. Oh my goodness, that outfit is absolutely fall-tastic! And I mean that in the very best way possible. You look gorgeous. Kinda jealous right here. 😉 I love the scarf; if I owned it, I’d probably wear a hole into it, too. As for zebras in the winter? Black, white, and cherry red, baby! With a little bit of sparkle. I see a holiday party outfit in the works…

  3. I also love your background. The crates provide a very interesting fall-colored neutral backdrop. 🙂

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