For the Halloween Party

Kels and Kim know how to throw a good party. They also know who to go for when they need decorations, or who their friend is when they need two hours of prep for cookies. I don’t complain, because I’m That Girl for parties. You can read my small little DIY for some of the decor over here. You can take that same idea and cut skulls out of glitter paper, which I also did. And because the combination of glitter and skulls is just too mcuh for me this year, I also made little glitter 3-D skulls

$2 bag of skulls from Michaels | Mod Podge mixed with Glitter | paint until covered completely

I also wore clothes, which, ya know, is the real point of this blog.

Sweater: inherited from my sister | Long Sleeve: thrifted | Skirt: H&M | Tights: ?? | Shoes: Clarks | Mask: DIY

Okay so I didn’t actually wear the crow mask the whole time. I really just wore it for the photos, since it isn’t even my costume. I made my friend’s crow costume, though, and while she already had the wings I still had to deliver the mask. So um yeah I’m sneaking it into my outfit post!

I don’t have any photos of my beautifully carved pumpkin because I’ve been migraine-y-sick this whole weekend and didn’t feel in the pumpkin carving mood. I do have an adorable one of David, though! And since it is living on my balcony, that doesn’t really feel like cheating.

We decided it looks like Voldemort, if he grew out of someone’s thumb


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