My Favorite Sweater

Sweater:Hogwarts (Wizarding World of HP)//Shirt:Traget//Pants:Gap

Oh boy folks, I’m in love. How could I not be? It’s officially chunky sweater season and I’m finally able to break this woolen gem out as often as I please. How often is that? If I had my non-socially conforming way it would be everyday; more realistically it’s seeing the light of day about once a week (I’ve gotta experiment with fashion at least a little, right?!). Since I can’t wear this sweater everyday as I would secretly like, I decided it would be fun to write a poem dedicated to my most favorite article of clothing.

Sweater, Sweater, oh my Sweater,
You keep me warm, no matter the weather.
Your woolen knit
Doesn’t itch one single bit.

Sweater, Sweater, oh my Sweater,
I cannot think of a garment any better.
You hale from the Diagon Ally
And won’t be found on any regular Jim, Joe, or Sally.

Sweater, Sweater, oh my Sweater,
I love you more than any old Irish Setter.
I love you more than my iPhone 4,
I love you straight to my core.
Sweater, Sweater, you’re MY Sweater.

What can I say? I’m pretty ridiculous…and pretty not gifted at poetry. Eh, consider this amateur hour on the blog and have an absolutely lovely weekend!

3 responses to “My Favorite Sweater

  1. I just ordered one of these from Lochaven’s web site. I’m also planning a trip to Orlando. Had I known they sold them in Florida, I probably would have waited :-/

    • This just means you can wear your sweater to Florida (if you’re one brave soul, anyways). We should take pictures in our HP sweaters and make a nerd tumblr with them…it could be the next big thing like planking!

      • I’m up for that. I’ve been digging through the Moose archives and like the creative spirit. Where do I sign up? 😀

        The folks in Scotland told me they’re making my sweaters from scratch, so it could be a while until I get them. I didn’t realize they were made to order.

        Harry Potter fans unite
        And don your House’s sweater.
        Slytherin is fine, I guess
        But Gryffindor is better.

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