What to Wear on Laundry Day

This is the post where I flash you guys. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s true. I haven’t done this to you in a long time, but yeah. I tried to not flash you guys, but if you wanted to see what to wear on laundry, if you’re me, then it would look like this

It’s that time of year where David doesn’t get home until after sunset, and I still haven’t figured out a good tripod backup in this apartment. One day (hopefully soon) I’ll break down and invest in a tripod,  but until then I usually jerryrig chairs and stepstools. I plan on utilizing all these unopened boxes soon. But on this particular day, I actually left my camera in his car. That sentence can only be followed with–even though I left both my memory cards at home. *Le sigh!

Jacket: REI | Shirt: H&M (originally a dress) | Sweater: Express | Skirt: Homemade | Tights: Buffalo Exchange

The thing about laundry day is, and I’ll try to do this without humblebragging because ew much, I have a lot of clothes. Enough so that laundry day doesn’t rely on any of my clothes running out, but rather knowing I have enough in the laundry pile to be a complete load of laundry. This means I don’t get to my B-List of clothing very often, but I thought about the things I don’t wear very often and this is what I came up with!

The things I skip over in my closet have a fairly repetitive ring to them–active wear, homemade clothing, and cheap tights. Also on the list but not in the photo because it wasn’t visible is awkward fits. I know I should get ride of my Express sweater, but I can’t. I love it. I want so badly to love it even though it’s the most awkward fitting thing I’ve ever owned. The skirt and shirt I skip because I made (/modified) them, and for some reason I just don’t. The skirt tends to wrinkle really easily, and in my mind it looks unfinished. I never got around to sewing a liner on the inside. The tights I bought at Buffalo Exchange, and it’s a lesson I need to never repeat. Their tights are always the lowest quality costume-y tights. It’s sad.

What’s really sad, though, isn’t my overabundance of clothes–it’s that this post coincided perfectly with me actually needing to do laundry. The tragedy? That hamper is still just as full as it was the day before I decided to do laundry. Sometimes I’m a pretty awful SAH

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8 responses to “What to Wear on Laundry Day

  1. haha, I was a little worried to scroll down when I started reading your post, but then I got it. 🙂 skirts definitely seem to be the way to go! I’d like to be able to make them, but not sure I’d know how…hmmm.. maybe I’ll give it a shot one day.

  2. Don’t you hate those days when you don’t have your camera or, if you do, you can’t get it to do what you want? I have a tripod, but I find taking my own outfit photos to be the worst. It’s so hard. There’s all this running back and forth and hoping and praying that you will be in focus. Ugh. No fun!

  3. Whoa, cute skirt! That’s a really cool and interesting outfit choice. To use all of your least worn clothes. I like it. 🙂

  4. I took my own photos for my what to wear post for the first time…and it was SO annoying! If I posted more fashion stuff, I would totally invest in a tripod and remote…

    I love your take on the “too much clothes” thing! I try and pare down the stuff that I don’t actually wear, but I know there are a few “gems” that I can’t part with in the closet somewhere!

  5. This is absolutely hilarious! I also suffer from the full basket=laundry day vs. the “I ran out of clothes” conundrum! That skirt is cute! I wish I could figure out/be brave enough to make my own clothes.

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