Taking Back Fun

I’m back! I have internet, I have a roof over my head that is shared only with David (and our rattas, of course), and I (unfortunately) still have a lot of time on my hand for this whole blogging thing.

The past weekend was an utter, abysmal failure. It’s been a long time since anything has been that upsetting, or left that much of an impact on my psyche, but I guess, such is life. Sunday was full of errands, just like every other day (man moving is hard), so David and I decided to have a bit of fun. My fun? Blue hair!

I love this shot, because look at that gradient from summery green to fall orange! Also, look at that bright blue hair! Okay, so what if it’s just a wig? I had a ton of fun wearing it. David and I are working on our Halloween costumes and this wig is part of mine. It’s now also part of a desire I have to grow out my hair just a bit more and then do crazy dye jobs to it.

Wig: Goodwill | Sweater: Thrifted (H&M) | Shirt: Target | Skirt: Thrifted | Boots & Tights: Fred Meyer

And just in case you think it’s an empty threat, all this blue hair talk, have I ever told you guys about that time I dyed my hair bright pink? Best five months of my life. Well, at least hair-wise it was.


2 responses to “Taking Back Fun

  1. Ha! I did pink once too, although it wasn’t quite the best hair I’ve ever had. No. It was kind of awful. Along with the dye job, I allowed my friend who had never cut hair before in her life, chop of about four or five inches of my hair. She cut the whole thing straight across, so it was a big thick mess of awful.

    I love the blue, though. It’s like Kaylah’s over at the Dainty Squid. I wish I had a job that allowed for crazy hair. Somehow I don’t think it would go over well if I showed up to interview a politician with bright blue hair.

    Hey! Before I go, sorry for not getting back to you on the button front. I never know how to contact you. Also, can you email me the URL for your other blog. I have never seen it and would LOVE to.

    Happy Tuesday!

    • Aw, that sounds like such a disappointment! I’m actually kind of excited about this bout of unemployment and decision to pursue more retail-y jobs while I pursue my (supersecret) dream career, because then I get to plan out epic dye jobs for my hair. I’m excited. Kaylah’s hair was totally what I thought of when I was styling my blue hair!

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