Can You Hear the Crickets Chirping?

I’m sure you guys have noticed the blog has been a bit slower than usual this week. I meant to post something in the beginning, but I didn’t have the time (the ones you saw were scheduled well in advance).

Truth is, I’m not even that busy most of the time. I am, however, in the middle of moving. David and I areĀ finally in our own place, albeit with a lot of love and support from family. It feels really nice to be in our own space, although I’m definitely grateful to the family members who hosted us for September. No, the reason there’s been no blogging is simple–there’s been no internet.

No internet.

It’s silly how crippling that can feel. I’m the girl who refused to have internet the entire time I was living alone–several years. I mean, I figured if I needed something bad enough I’d head to campus or a coffee shop. I could do a similar thing now, except my knee is still bad. Not as bad, but still requiring crutches for distances further than the stretch of our apartment.

Moving, no internet, and a bad knee. That, my friends, is why I’m quiet. I’ll be making noise soon, though. David ordered internet and they’re shipping the appropriate tubes to us as we speak.



2 responses to “Can You Hear the Crickets Chirping?

  1. ah! I hope your knee gets feeling better soon!

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