An Oregonian Adventure

One of the absolute coolest, most awesome parts of being apart of this “grown up world” is the ability to go where I want, when I want because I can use my money exactly how I want (except for that whole bit about the bills and life obligations…but we’ll worry about that on another day). While reveling in this new found freedom, I was able to take a weekend away to Hood River, Oregon to poke around and refresh a little….which I accomplished by literally stopping to smell the roses. Living out the cliches one cheesy picture at a time!

Aside from stumbling upon a great bluegrass show and having a spectacular tasting at the Naked Winery (I would so totally recommend the Cougar wine-so yummy!) we spotted the Multnomah Falls on the drive in.

Time for a little background: as a kid my very first classroom ever had a poster of these falls on the wall and I spent hours staring at it, mesmerized. I pretty much burned the image into my brain so imagine my surprise as we were driving down the highway, I looked to my right and like a mirage in the dessert it appears amongst the trees. I didn’t even know the falls were in Oregon much less that I would see them on my little getaway. It was quite the pleasant surprise!

Sweatshirt:Farmers Market//T-Shirt:Target//Jeans:Express (recent) //Bag:Lucky Brand//Scarf:F21//Sunnies:Ray Ban

Granted, I’m real reason smiling this big here because a ridiculously cute doggie was running around and headed straight toward my lovely photographer.

All in all, I had a great weekend taking some time to slow down and explore what life really is to me right now.  I’m so glad I was able to take some time to get away and I’m even more excited for what the next few months hold because, let me tell ya, after this little getaway, I am all the more pumped for what the next year has to offer!


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