Something Clever About Status Quos

I couldn’t find the right title in my brain, but it involves a clever reference to my return to status quos. I don’t know what’s been going on with the messages between my brain and outfit selections, but it’s been weird, guys. Like, wearing blue jeans and stretch pants and plain t-shirts weird. Which, if you’ve spent any time looking at this blog (or at me), you’d know–that’s pretty friggin’ weird.

So I’m happy to say that when I got dressed this morning, I reached for this dress. This dress, which I thrifted for a whopping ten dollars the other day. I’m rather fond of this dress.

Sweater: Target | Dress Necklace & Belt: Thrifted | Tights: Fred Meyer | Boots: Mi Shoes

Also, can we pause for a moment on the tights? I love them. I picked them up as back ups to my reverse-polka-dot tights (which I’m now realizing I don’t think I’ve ever worn on the blog…) for my rehearsal dinner outfit, and I love them ten times more than the originals. They make me feel pretty fabulous, which I’m pretty sure is the entire point of fashion. At least, that should be the point of fashion. I’m sure I have a step sister who might chime in and offer an alternative point, what with her whole fashion-college-background, but I say you should always wear things that make you feel fabulous. Including, for the record, jeans and tshirts, if that’s your thing.  No judgements from this end, my friend, if you feel fabulous dressing like a commoner.

One day all of my friends are going to gang together and beat me up with their collective jeans. And then strangle me with their tshirts. Which is okay, as long as I get to wear something as pretty as this dress when they do it.


One response to “Something Clever About Status Quos

  1. I think that changes in seasons really effect people more than they maybe realize. Like full moons. (work anywhere with customers or patients and you will understand far too well the effects of a full moon on a group of people!)

    Maybe you just needed some time to adjust and now you can jump back in to the swing of things with your SUPER AWESOME dress and great boots (great great great boots!). And I love those tights. Can’t say anything about the originals, but these are fab.

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