What’s Your Superhero Look Like?

Thursdays are the day my mom, sister and I attempt to get together for crafting (and by crafting, I mean “art journaling” like this blogger). We’ve successfully managed to do this two out of the three times we’ve planned for it, which seems to be a good trend. I’m a total dork who takes the whole idea way too far, and so of course this past Thursday I showed up with an established prompt for the night, as well as some words and phrases I printed out for inspiration. I love my family, and I love how much they totally got into the whole thing. My mom and my sister both took the prompt and ran with it in completely opposite directions from each other, and from me. It was awesome!

What does your superhero look like?

I wasn’t too serious about it, and just had fun with the magazines we were cutting up. Have I told you guys that’s one of my favorite faux-arty-thing to do? It’s true. I love buying magazines and then cutting them up into itty bitty pieces without even considering reading them. I mean, I read the titles, but just to see if I want to use part of it for a project. My collection is stored in an old card box and has spilled way out into a big jar and several baggies.

Oh, also, I wore clothes. I’m getting back into my rhythm with clothes. I liked this particular ensemble a bit, although I’m still iffy about adding in the gray tights. Those shoes, though! Look at my shoes! Would you like to know how much they cost me? I’m not one for the bragging and money talk, no not at all, but they were $6 at Target. Massive clearance. It was exciting.

Shirt: Romy | Dress: Macys | Tights: gift | Shoes: Target | Necklace: Thrifted

What kinds of things do you like to do with your families? Any good suggestions for next week’s prompt?


3 responses to “What’s Your Superhero Look Like?

  1. This is awesome! I, too, love art collaging. I just never get around to it. Maybe one day, you and me can do it? Unless that’s strictly a family craft thing. I’d understand that. My family and I like to go on trips, I guess. I’m not really sure. There’s hubby’s side and my side. So we like to do different things.

    I’ve had fashion on the brain lately (mostly because moving keeps me from being stylish), so how ’bout next week’s prompt being “The Fashion Police’s Worst Offender?” That’d be fun to cut up things into heinously fun outfits.

  2. I love the peachy-orange dress paired with the turquoise! So beautiful!

    A good prompt for fun art journaling….?? I also think some kind of “fashion faux pas” would be funny. Or “If I could be a fake celebrity, what would I be famous for.”

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