This outfit is almost entirely c/o’d

I mean, not in the way you think. My favorite brown sweater and my only pair of jeans ripped on the same day, so my mom graciously agreed to replace them.

Sweater & Jeans: Target (c/o my mommy) | Boots: Mi Shoes | White Tank: Romys | Gray: F21 | Scarf: Vintage | Necklace: Thrifted

I wore this outfit on a breakfast date with David and my mom, and it was met with her approval. 🙂 To the point where she asked if I had taken photos of it for the blog yet. I think it’s really fun(ny) when IRL people ask about the blog. Anyway, this outfit post is for her!

We spent the weekend pet sitting for a couple we know through my sister’s in laws, and oh my gosh. They had the cutest doggie! I mean, sure, I’m partial to my own pooches, but I’ve never seen David go gaga for a dog that way. He’s not much of an animal person.

It was adorable. And I totally have way too many photos of the animals. I narrowed it down to my top favorite of each pet. Indulge me?

Just like cuddling Fluffy

My sister and I had matching stuffed animal versions of this breed when we were growing up. Her’s was named Fifi and mine’s name was Fluffy (I was the younger child, don’t judge). It was definitely my favorite stuffed animal for years.

I’m not even really a fan of cats at all (with very limited exceptions) but this guy was a total sweetie. He’s an older cat, and too lazy to finish his meows. He’d just give you a little baby-eyed look and croak a little, so I couldn’t resist picking him up and going the full monty and head-butting with him while we cuddled.


3 responses to “This outfit is almost entirely c/o’d

  1. Great photos…thanks for capturing a fun morning. I especially like the one with the matching expressions between David and the dog…adorable!

    • Glad you approve 🙂 That photo of David with the dog is one of my all-time favorites. Especially since it wasn’t posed in the least!

  2. This outfit is so absolutely falltastic! 🙂

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