Across The Pond

I run around this lake every morning that David and I are capable of being mature adults and follow through on our promise to run around the lake. It happens maybe twice a week, if we’re really committed. Now that he leaves at 6:30 AM for his new job, though, I imagine it will happen pretty much never. Which means I have to do it alone. Which means I’m not going to do it. Or I’ll pout. A lot.

These were from that great day where Kels visited my corner of the city. It was lovely. She let me whine and moan about all my trivial life problems, and she even procured a San Pelegrino for me. Because that’s true friendship, folks. In return I took stunning photos of her, and she reciprocated marvelously.

This was one of those days where it looked really warm out, and it almost felt really warm out, but in fact it was too chilly to go barelegged. I compromised with Mother Nature, though, and opted for boots. I’ve been living in these boots. Almost literally. My life feels so boring that I’ve filled an entire post talking about clothes and then I remember that’s what I’ve always done, and this is really no different. 

Vest & Skirt: Thrifted, Boots: Mi Shoes, Tank: Romy’s

For those who are super curious, my alternate blog is so friggin’ close to being finished and ready for it’s re-entry into the Blogging Society. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do all the design myself, in my stubborn I-don’t-need-to-look-at-tutorials way. My goal is by the end of the week. So if you’re just itching to read my book reviews and ranty-tangents, then by golly, have I got something for you! Oh also, stay tuned for a lovely sweet surprise tomorrow!


One response to “Across The Pond

  1. You’re already winning just GOING running! I despise running, so I choose to stay indoors and use the Nike Training Club app! Or aquafit in summertime, so fun!

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