Stripes: I Hate to Admit It, But I’m Not Superwoman

Ahh the last 5 years have been intense. I’ve learned how to multitask, keep lists, and rock projects for both work and school. How to prioritize. How to push my limits and do more things than I ever thought possible. I’ve also learned that sometimes I can’t do it all.

I was initially excited to blog about this outfit because it was the first themed Friday we had in my department and we did Fancy Friday. How fun is that? (the answer, jsyk, is way fun). But see that face? That’s an exhausted face after fighting an hour of traffic to make it home from the office after a full day at work. I’m exhausted. And I haven’t even started my paralegal program (which starts this week making me both a full-time worker and full-time student).

Seeing this photoshoot was the last straw for me (and you’re getting the least tired looking pictures in the bunch). All the photos showed just how tired I am: bags under my eyes and no color in my face despite the blush I layer on in the mornings and, suddenly, I realized I don’t think I can do it all. Especially once I add school in to the mix.

So I’m sad to say, starting this week, I am only going to be able to post twice a week until next summer once I’m back to only having one full time occupation. I’m so sorry. This is not a decision I am taking lightly, but I don’t want to post just to post nor do I believe the quality of my writing will be up to my usual level if I’m falling asleep while typing.

Dress&Black Tights: H&M//Blazer&Blue Tights:F21// Shoes:Lucky Brand via Macys

Despite the fact that I feel like I’m letting people down by doing this, I realize in order to not fully burn out, I need to take care of myself and my commitments. This is not easy for me to admit (what you’re not reading are the two paragraphs of excuses and attempts for me to legitimize this decision which were way more for me to help comfort my type-A mind than to help you understand me), but I want to produce quality posts for this blog and I’ve learned enough about my sleep deprived brain in the last 5 years it’s not going to happen if I’m posting 3-4 times a week while holding two full-time occupations.

Again, I do, fully, plan to come back to posting every other day once I’m done with the craziness that is going to be the next 9 months but until than, I’m going to have to accept that I’m not Superwoman and sometimes I just need to accept that I need rest in order to function (crazy, right? Who’da thunk?).

And on this note (kind of), any advice from people who have worked full time and gone to night school? Any tips about how to stay awake when you’re only getting 6ish hours of sleep every night? Any suggestions of how to not go absolutely crazy while juggling a lot? I’d LOVE (ok, let’s be real, I’d freaking love) to hear all about it in the comments!


4 responses to “Stripes: I Hate to Admit It, But I’m Not Superwoman

  1. It’s ok, Kels. The blogging world certainly understands. Over the summer I posted multiple times a week, but now I’m lucky if I even get one post in a week. I think the people who post every day are amazing because they have the time on their hands to do it. I really don’t, and it appears you no longer do either. I understand though, and look forward to reading your later posts.
    And, as a side-note, will Marci be taking over the days when you’re not blogging?


  2. Dude. You need to do what’s best for you. Your health and commitments are number one. Although we’ll miss you, we understand. Plus, where would you be if you let your blog become more important than your education? It’s just no smart. You’re doing the right thing, for sure.

    I know for a fact that when I did my undergrad and worked full-time, I wouldn’t have been able to maintain the blog schedule I have now. You have to do it when the time is right. And, who knows, doing it only twice a week might mean producing posts that you’re even more excited about.

    Good luck with school and work. Get your butt to bed at a reasonable hour and make sure there’s always coffee within reach. xx

    • Oh man, thank you so much for your sweet words! I’m feeling even better about the crazy that starts tomorrow! Now to make sure my car is fully loaded with instant coffee and Red Bull….

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