Traveling Back In Time

Let’s go on a trip, shall we? My good friend the Doctor has agreed to let me use his police box for one quick jaunt. It’ll be super short–just about a month ago. Remember all the weddings? I realized that Kels and I never posted our outfits for my sister’s wedding reception! And man, they were good outfits. So, like I said. Time travel.

I’ve worn this dress before, but I’ve had a hard time figuring out just how I like it. I realized I avoided wearing these tights with the dress because it felt too easy–the tights are the exact color of the shading on the purple flowers. So when I couldn’t decide what to wear, the obvious answer hit me like a ton of bricks.

Dress & Tights: Sojourner, Sweater: My sister’s closet, Shoes: Thrifted

The reception was a ton of fun, though, with a photobooth that Kels and I took complete advantage of. That’s how we have all those rockin’ photos on our sidebars. I also have some great ones with my mom, with my sister, and with one of my best friends from high school

Kels and I are doing our moose impression with my sister, and in the photo with my high school BFF and the one with my brother in law, we’re doing our bear impressions. Because that’s a thing with my family.

And that’s all! You may now return to the middle of September.


2 responses to “Traveling Back In Time

  1. haha, those are great photos! photo booths are the best. By the way, I just got your card in the mail yesterday, and it’s amazing! Thanks so much! I was thinking to myself, who the heck do I know in OR?? but then it hit me…. 🙂 thanks a bunch!

  2. i think the dress & tights look perfect together! not ‘easy’ at all. it’s a wonderful combination, actually!

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