Sequins: Thursday is Craft Day

It’s a super long and super silly story, but my mom and  had plans to check this cute little local pie shop out for their alleged Thursday Craft Night. We sandwiched the actual event in between epic craft shopping and then actual crafting at a totally different place with my sister joining in on the fun (which, btws, is totally awesome since she usually shies away from our overzealous craftasticness).

For the record, the actual Craft Night event consisted of a confused barista looking at the sign and saying “Oh, wow, we stopped doing that ages ago. People just stopped coming. I mean, I guess sure you can craft here if you want”

In between the pockets of our strange story, though, my mom took some super cute photos of me. It was fun watching her get into the actual art direction, too, so be sure to keep an eye out for more photos from her (I’ve already signed her up for some Photo Dates, which are way less dependent on flaky pie shops than Craft Dates)

I tell ya, I could get used to this whole living near family thing–the kind of thing where they buy me lunch and take my photo. So maybe I just mean I could get used to this whole mooching off my family thing 😉 My family just rolled their eyes hard enough to wind up a clock for ten years, because I’m the baby of the family and have always been the family mooch.

Dress & Shirt: Thrifted, Tights & Shoes: Mishoes

You guys should see what this dress looked like before I took my sewing machine to it. Imagine about two more feet of fabric down to my toes and then a wider waist so it’s more drooper. Bleck.


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