Sequins: My New Life

My new life has a very beautiful, albeit unfinished, backyard. My new life has some new chores, like watering. It has a near-instant walk to a beautiful lake, and it has new habits like running around said lake. It also has an old haircut that needs a little revitalized.

The hair is in one of it’s ever-cycling Straight Phases, and it’s beginning to look like half a helmet. Thoughts for how to fix? I was thinking about building some layers into the side near the shave part. I was also thinking about the best way to start growing out the rest of it. Monsieur and I were going through some old photos and I heard “You had such cute hair!” more than a couple times. He assured me he likes me current ‘do, but still. It’s true. I had really cute hair. I’m torn between how much I love the photos of my old hair and how much I love the feel of my current. The look, though, is shaggy. Soooo pretty please fill in some comments if you’re so incline.

Do you like my new photo buddy? His name escapes me at the moment, but my dad and I share a love for gargoyles. Perhaps it’s genetic. I have one who’s living in a box with the gnome who used to hold my keys for me, and I know they’re itching to escape and go one with their lives. They live near a gold triceratops as well, and the three are just the best of buds.

It’s in writing this that I realize I never shared pictures of my old apartment on the blog. Trust me–it was full of whimsy, silly crafts, and tiny creatures full of personality.

Dress (worn as a shirt) & Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Modcloth

No animal or creature, though, has enough personality to rival that contained within this skirt. Nice segue, eh? Eh? Seriously, though, this skirt is just hilarious and awesome and cool all wrapped up in one neat line of fabric. I can’t come up with much more beyond basic filler, but my head is in the clouds. Or in my to-do list, which is equally lofty. I promise fun things soon, not excluding a complete revamping of my other blog (which has currently been left to die a sad, unloved halfdeath in blogging purgatory).


3 responses to “Sequins: My New Life

  1. I adore your short ‘do. When I look at your photo on the sidebar, it just looks like a younger version of you who you are now. I think short definitely suits who you are and gives you an extra bit of style and uniqueness. That’s just me, though.

  2. I love that skirt! Are there little people on it?

    I thought about getting a partially shaved do earlier in the year. But I thought this might trouble the old people at my office slightly more than my already crazy hair (and outfits, and tattoos) does. So I dyed it. That’s usually my solution for when I’m bored with my hair. Buy a box and freshen things up a little!

    I say, have fun with your hair and your looks for as long as you can! You’re young and awesome, so why shouldn’t you look the part!

    • C Marica (Sequins)

      You’re so sweet! Thank you!

      Dying it is a good option. I think I forget about it, since I’m always jonesing to dye it pink. I could just dye it darker for a while though.

      And yeah, there are little (Azteca?) dieties printed on the skirt. It’s pretty much one of my favorite things ever.

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