Stripes: The Big Time

Alrighty folks, I have a big announcement- this last week I landed my first big girl job. We’re talking a vacation day providing, health insurance giving, 9-5 big girl job. This is the start of a new era in Stripes-land and to commemorate the moment, here is a picture of what I wore while signing the new-hire paperwork.

Luckily, Sequins and I had a coffee date shortly after I signed the papers so we were able to catch my outfit (and have a total photoshoot reunion complete with the emailing of pictures…oh the things we took for granted in months past!). It was really fun catching up and pretending we still live in the same small town (despite the EPIC traffic I hit while making my way over to the Seattle coffeeshop where we were meeting). I miss Sequins a ton and I’m really excited for her to move down closer to me (albeit 45-70 mins away depending on traffic).

Shirt:Thrifted J Crew//Sweater:Old Navy//Pants:Gap//Belt:Charlotte Russe//Bag:Lucky Brand via TJMaxx

I’m also excited to transition into a new, professional wardrobe-lots of new clothing combos and a chance to really redefine my relationship with fashion. I’ve felt myself really evolve since moving away from my college town/bubble but that’s is really it’s own post…

What’s everyone else’s workplace essentials?! I’m sooo new to this business casual everyday stuff and I’d love to hear what you love!


2 responses to “Stripes: The Big Time

  1. Yay! Congrats on the new job. Do tell, what will you be doing?

    My business casual is generally a nice pair of jeans, a top and a cardigan. I do A-line skirts from time to time and I have a pencil skirt I throw into the mix when I need to look super professional. I work in a pretty casual office, so I can get away with wearing nearly anything… which is awesome!

    I love the belted cardigan on you. It’s a super cute look.

    • Oh man, thanks. I’m just your run of the mill administrative assistant which I’m excited about because I have the strangest love of admin tasks.

      As far as our office goes, we can’t do jeans but I’m definitely in the market for some new skirts! I’m also thinking about making sweaters my signature piece because (and this might sound weird) I really like how they look with my bangs. I totally applaude your bravery to wear a pencil skirt…it’s the only type of clothing that still shakes confidence in the fitting room. Thanks for your comment!

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