Stripes: The Cycle of Blogging

I have to admit, this morning when I walked pass the bathroom mirror on my way out the front door, I didn’t recognize myself. When did I become quasi-glamourous? The answer was this morning when I got dressed. I’ve been SUPER dressed down and pretty unfashionable since getting back from my trips because I haven’t seen much of a reason to throw on a sundress if all I’m going to do is putz around the house all day reading/journaling/watching youtube/writing a fashion blog…yeah, that’s right, I write a fashion blog.

This realization that I do, indeed, write a fashion blog lit a fire under my butt to get out of my sweats and tshirts (which I’ve been wearing almost everyday aside from when I’m doing job hunty things) because I was quickly running out of pictures and stories for the blog (seriously, there is not much going on in Stripes Land right now, ooooo boy). So I did.

And somehow, throwing on clothes (and make up…I need to do a make up post stat btws because I bought a bunch of new stuff [I know, way to rock not having a job] and it has changed my life) has helped me to actually do stuff with my day. Like, productive, life enriching things that I can blog about in the future.

Dress:H&M(recent)//Shoes:Lucky Brand//Sunnies:Steve Madden via TJMaxx

So you see, blogging is really just an epic cycle. You need motivation to do something for the blog so you put on your cute outfit and then you have something to show everyone/can write a great post (because this post is clearly literary genius). The cute outfit makes you want to get out of the house and do things so you go to the craft store and buy all the missing components for the 47241 unfinished crafts you’ve been waiting to do. And then, when the crafts are done, you can blog about those too! Full circle moment, my friends.

What kinds of crafts is everyone else up to these day? I’d love to hear about it in the comments because, until I’m employed, I foresee a lot of crafting in my future.


2 responses to “Stripes: The Cycle of Blogging

  1. hmmm, well I haven’t crafted much lately because I just moved into my first house. I have my craft room all set up now, so it’s ready, but I’ve mostly been working on house stuff. I’m super excited though, because I’m going to paint my refrigerator! It’s going to be two tones of orange, in a zig-zag pattern, like this pin from Pinterest:

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