Sequins: Memorial to Art

I’m house- and dog-sitting for my mom while she jaunts off for a quilting retreat this week, and it’s really nice to be in my old stomping grounds. Not so much the house, since she moved in to the house after I moved out for college. It’s still in the Seattle area, though, which means I still consider it my old stomping grounds. And for the kiddos who grew up with a Seattle zip code, I concede–I am one of those obnoxious wannabes who lived in the outskirts but claimed the city for my own. I call it valid, though. I’ve been eating at Thai Tom’s since I was twelve, and the main chef knew me well enough to compliment my freshman-aged self on the freshly-pinked locks. I volunteered at the Seattle Aquarium and was on first name basis with the cook at my favorite sandwich shop in Pike’s Place Market, until he left to find his luck in the UK. I could go one, but case in point, my street cred is earned. Yo.

One of my favorite ever-evolving memories is of this random-ass building in Seattle’s U-District. I’ve grown up staring at it as we’d drive by to other places. First it was an actual store, named Tubs, and it looked like the most elegant, fancy building I’d seen (in my sheltered life). I’ve watched the business close, and the building be abandoned. I’ve seen the street artists slowly but steadily reclaim it as their own. My mom and I were driving past the building, and she indulged me in an impromptu photoshoot when I saw how the building’s most recent designs.

I love this building. And I love this city. I’m so excited to be moving back to Seattle. I mean, yes, right now I’m horribly stressed and grumpy and overwhelmed, but in the long run, I’m excited. I think. Being in a city full of art and community and graffiti and noise–that’s exciting to me. And I’ll be even more excited when August is over, I have a place to live, and a job to pay for things again. Wish me luck.

Shirt: Thrifted, Tank & Shorts: Target, Shoes: Clarks


4 responses to “Sequins: Memorial to Art

  1. Good luck, good luck, GOOOOOOOOD LUUUCK!

    What a cool building. I love graffiti. (Although I wouldn’t want it on or in my home or anything like that. But statement buildings that are covered in relatively creative graffiti are so cool. *I say relatively creative because I HATE taggers. There is no creativity there, just vandalism.*

    Anywho, props to your mom for stopping the car and taking some pics for ya.

    Enjoy housesitting. Oh! And GOOOD LUCKKKK! 😉

  2. Great back drop thats for sure, but i had to mention a dress I bought from Nordstroms with that same fabric, color, material….is that Nordies or ????

    • C Marica (Sequins)

      That’s so funny, I had a friend make the same exact comment about a dress with the same fabric. I guess so? I got it at a thrift shop, and the tag isn’t any obvious brand I recognized from Nordstroms. Now I’m super curious to see what the dress version looks like!

      • Jeni Johnson

        Well I’ll be doing an OOTD post closer to fall. I luv wearing it with black tights and blazer. I’ve only worn the dress 2x and bought it sometime in January of this year…..:) BTW- I miss thrifting!!!! Ugh one the drawbacks about Sicily! 😦

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