Stripes: Wilderness Time

Maybe it’s the overabundance of evergreen trees or maybe it’s the epic number of giant hills we have out here, but the NW is prime hiking territory and this is the story of that one time I went hiking in the Summer of 2012.

The trip started off beautifully; the sun was shining, the air crisp with a hint of dust, the trees green as ever. So we took off heading up this epic hill. 

We climbed and climbed (this was a very big hill) until we were about a quarter of the way up because it was time for a water break. While sitting on a boulder, I decided to be vain and take some pictures of myself (I mean really, what else are you supposed to do in the woods? Reflect on life? Ponder the deep wonders of the universe? Look for birds? IDK) so this happened.

And then this happened.

Then I looked down and realized there was blood dripping down my ankle. Eeeek! I had a wound! So I rubbed some dirt on it and got over it (actually the dirt was there already…I just got rid of the residual blood and took a shower as soon as I was home to make sure it was clean and prevent gangrene and other things that the woods seem like they can cause). As you can see, this was a doozy of a hiking wound.

Then began the ascend once more. We climbed and climbed until the half way point when we stopped for water again. I chugged with everyone else instead of taking a million more pictures of myself but when it came time to decide whether we would go forth to the top or head home, we took a group poll  and ended up heading home. The hill had won. So with a sense of defeat, we turned around and marched our way back to the car.

Yeah, sorry this story doesn’t have an epic ending and I’m not even all that sure why it made it’s way to the blog but I do have a somewhat epic picture of the trail for you!

Happy Trails Folks!


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