Sequins: Aloha Maui

I’m back in my home state. And, thanks to Monsieur’s willingness to drive two hours home not ten minutes after arriving to my mom’s place to grab the car, I’m back in my home town as well. Everything feels really surreal, but I think that’s because we didn’t return to our old lives. This vacation wasn’t a pause moment in our lives, but rather a marker noting the break from how we used to do things with how we will start doing things. Changes are afoot, and I’ve already mentioned most of them (I think) on the blog. We’re moving. We’re looking for jobs. We’re possibly crazy. It means there’s not a whole lot of routine or rhythm in our lives right now, which scares me. So for now, enjoy these photos of our trip.

This isn’t the famed Road to Hana. The locals call it the Goat Trail

The next photo is in place of the very appropriate and well-deserved thank you that Monsieur has earned. He was amazing and wonderful and patient, and I couldn’t imagine a better match to keep me sane throughout all of my sister’s craziness. He was also a ton of fun to explore the island with*, and was a great champ.

*Not pictured is my mom, mostly because I didn’t get her approval before hand to slap up a photo, but she was also awesome. To help keep everyone on a budget, we shared a two bedroom condo with her and had a great time with her! She rented a car and was always knew what we should do next so I never had to worry about planning a vacation. It was amazing. I love you both!!!!

2 responses to “Sequins: Aloha Maui

  1. You and your Monsieur are adorable. I’m glad to see you had a good vacay. I hope that the moving and job hunting and living new lives thing goes well for you guys.

    • C Marica (Sequins)

      Thank you so much! It’s all very scary and stressful, but we’ll full of naive confidence that will hopefully serve us well.

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