Stripes: Ball Game

Alright, so I have a little (tmi-y) story for you guys. As you may have noticed (or not, because I don’t really notice it on people) I have long, kinda curly eyelashes. Now, I’m not trying to make you jealous and you’re going to see in just a second why you SO shouldn’t be jealous: I spent yesterday at the doctor’s getting an ingrown eyelash removed. Talk about traumatic. Seriously.

This is what my eye looks like post-scary doctor’s appointment…that red dot is a small scab where she managed to pry the lash out. 

And that’s why I don’t have an outfit post for you; I was busy having a nurse try and peel skin off my eyelid using a scary progression of tools sans numbing (they frown on numbing eyes, but I finally got some topical numbing cream to cut the pain before she brought out the big guns aka last tool). She started with tweezers…not too scary but then she realized (in what I really did consider a no duh moment) that there was skin over the eyelash and that just pulling at the lash wouldn’t get it out so she grabbed a needle. When that didn’t work she tried scissors (I seriously have no idea what she was doing with them but it was scary as heck when I briefly opened my eyes and watched her open them and say close your eyes) and then she finally numbed my eye and got the hair out using, what I later found out to be, the doctor equivalent of a box cutter. All I can say is I’m glad I had to keep my eyes closed and I am SOOOO happy the eyelash is out. And that ingrown eyelashes suck. A lot.

And this is one of the 60 silly pictures I took while trying to get a semi-decent picture of my wound. Despite being moderately traumatized by the whole removal process, I’m still my same old smily, silly self (who likes alliteration). 

Luckily, my night was filled with some family/chill time as we piled into the car and went to a local minor league baseball game. It was a pretty good game, no one scored until the 8th inning, there was gluten free beer, and a beautiful sunset. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Anyone else ever have an ingrown eyelash or know how to prevent it?! Seriously, I NEVER want to do this again!


2 responses to “Stripes: Ball Game

  1. Ack! That sounds so scary! I wouldn’t ever want to do it again, either. How does one know if they have an ingrown eyelash or not? I swear, my left eye always feels like there’s an eyelash stuck in it, but no matter how much I rub or rinse with water or do that whole “pinch eyelid and blink and hope something falls out” maneuver, I come up empty.

    On the bright side, you have a cool battle scar story, and you could always say the dot is a beauty mark. One of my cousins actually does have a beauty mark on her eyelid, and I think it’s so beautiful. So do the hundreds of suitors she has; seriously, they all say her unique beautymark makes her look so mysterious.

    • Thanks 🙂 I don’t think I felt too much, though I did feel like I had something in my eye a lot but I also lose a ton of eyelashes and 90% fall into my eyes so it may have just been that. But you could see the eyelash under a couple layers of skin up on the top of my eyelid, and once it was long enough it started boing out and you could feel it from the outside of the eye. I do know that if they grow inward too far it can scratch your cornea which would suck. So all I can really say, since I am not a doctor at all, is to look at it and if you see anything go see a doctor and DON’T pick at anything on your own! I got a mini-lecture from my nurse for picking at the lash before coming in.

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