Sequins: The Ups and Downs of Travel

Hello–this post might seem like it’s late in the day to you, but I assure you–I’m posting at like 10:30. Hello Hawaii time….

I was really looking forward to sharing my silly travel adventures with you all, because Monsieur and I are nerdy enough to have very very silly travel adventures. Like, playing Mario-Kart-on-the-plane kind of silly. And themed-bracelet-I’ve-been-waiting-months-to-show-off kind of silly.

Instead, though, I talked to my mom after I landed and found out that one of  our dogs, Ginsburg, (who I had taken to the vet the day before we left) wasn’t suffering from liver failure–but that her liver had already failed. It was sad and difficult, but my family made the right decision to have her put to sleep.

Which, by the way, sucks.

We adopted Ginsburg when she was nine and gave her a pretty awesome last couple of years.

For those curious, as far as we can tell she’s a Corgi-Dauschund mix. Her ears, when rubbed, will form the full Corgi ear position. She’s always looked like she was a puppy, and she’s always had the sass of a little old lady. She has the best back-handed snark face I’ve ever seen, human and mutt alike.

I took this and the next photo on the way to the vet. Intuition told me to grab a couple silly snapshots of her. I will say, getting that long car ride with her was pretty awesome. She’s always been a massive cuddler (to me), but having that extra time to snuggle in is making this whole thing easier.

Thanks for letting me go on about this dog. I promise I’ll be back on Friday with something a little happier and more Hawaiin-themed. Mahalo & Aloha!


2 responses to “Sequins: The Ups and Downs of Travel

  1. Ack. Something is wrong with this page. About halfway through, everything gets blurry. 😥
    The picture of her with the starfish on her nose just kills me. Indeed, though, it’s good to know that your last memory of her is one massive cuddle. *Big super-sized e-hug*

  2. Thanks baby for writing what was in my heart!

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