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Stripes: In Need of Some Advice

Alright guys, I seriously need your help. The East Coast has been wreaking utter havoc on my face…we’re talking 13 year old girl acne status up in here. So I was hoping you guys might have some suggestions for how I can clear my face up fast  because I’m officially job hunting as soon as I get back to my hometown and I would feel way more confident if my face was back to it’s normal (only a pimple or two…my skin is far from perfect) status before heading into interviews.

So this is where you guys come in: PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE leave any suggestions for how I can quickly (preferably cheaply but I’m pretty desperate so I am open to any and all suggestions) clear up my skin. I would seriously love you all forever (not that I don’t already) if you could help me look interview ready after this East Coast skin disaster.

A quick insight to my current and usual skin care routine:
-Currently-Neutrogena Face Bar and Oil of Olay for Sensitive Skin Lotion with SPF twice a day
-Usually-Neutrogena Face Wash (liquid) twice a day with the same Olay Face Lotion and 2-3 times a week I use a Neutrogena face scrub.

Anyways, heres a picture of a spotty seal partly because I don’t have any pictures of my pimply, slightly sunburnt face but mostly because this guy is SO ridiculously cute!


Again, pretty please leave any suggestions you might have in the comments section-I would super appreciate your help!


Stripes: Quick Florida Update

Hey guys! I’ve been up to a lot of this:

And this:

(Yes, that’s a sugar quill! And yes, you can write with the tip!!! TRUE MAGIC!)

Which hasn’t left very much time to write a well worded description of anything I’ve been up to so I’m going to let you fill in the blanks on these ones today! More Stripey posts with actual substance will be coming your way late next week, but until then let your imagination run wild as to how awesome this trip has been…it’s probably pretty close to what’s been going on down here (especially if you were imagining me fighting evil dragons, riding hippogriffs, pulling swords out of stones, or taming wild, flying elephants)!

Sequins: So Very, Very Twee

I got dressed in this outfit and was super excited about it it. Then I looked down and went “Holy crap, I kinda just look like a generic blogger”. I should redo my DIY, apparently. Anyway, this is the most twee outfit I’ve worn yet, so you should prepare yourself for the most twee post yet. I won’t let that detract from my love of this outfit.

I was super stoked about my outfit, especially since Monsieur & I had our usual standing Wednesday plans. He was playing at open mic night at a really good mead-ery, and I go to listen to his set and a few other musicians, and then we go home. I know, we’re precious. Have I mentioned yet that I’m with a musician? Because if I haven’t yet…. I’m with a musician. And we drink mead. I told you, there’s really no non-twee way to describe this night. Bare with me.

We went out for (local, organic, alternatively-topped) pizza and I asked him to bring the camera so we could grab a couple outfit shots first. He (very willingly) complied, and we were all set to go when I see him frown as he says

“We’ll have to do this fast”

I nod, pose fabulously (Stripes and I have been training, after all) when…

“Or not at all. Your battery is dead”


I’ll admit–I usually don’t care when an outfit gets recorded. I know I’m a fan of my clothes 95% of the time, so it’s not a big deal. This was a let down, though, if for no other reason than I WORE HEELS. There’s something about wearing heels (especially ones the blog hasn’t seen before) that makes me feel the need to have a photograph validate my shoe choice. How shallow can I get? Answer: Pretty darn.

I moved on with my life, we enjoyed pizza, and then went to the mead place for the open mic night. He let me know that our good friends, Lace and Mr Lace were coming to join us, which was a perk. They’ve recently moved about forty minutes away, so I miss them. A ton. Have I mentioned that I get to be Lace’s Maid of Honor? It’s exciting.

They show up and the first thing Lace does is gush over my outfit (I’m telling you–it was a good one). I thanked her and rehashed the dying camera incident. She nodded sympathetically and then…

“Let’s just take them on my phone. It’s got a camera in it”

… This, people, is why I love my friends.

Sweater: Target/ Dress: Charlotte Russe/ Tights: American Apparell/ Shoes & Bag: Left Right Left/ Bag:

Those shoes are totally the first grown up purchase I made when I first was hired at this job. They were my fancy shoes. Or, if you’re a much-loved close family member, they’re my “witch shoes”. Regardless, they’re fancy and they have a heel and I love them. Along with the rest of the outfit. It’s fairly twee, yes, but the real icing on the cake is the bag I picked up the other day…

*sigh. The things I would do for good typography. Also, this outfit is definitely bike-able. I rode my darling little (not-so) twee bike to work when I wore this.

So, Lace, thanks again, you darling wonderful beautiful lady, you, for taking my pictures and saving the outfit!

Stripes: Alma Mater

Whew-all this traveling is exhausting! Currently, as I’m writing this, I’m sitting in JFK getting ready to fly off to destination #2 and let me tell you, the last 5 days have been just surreal. I have seen so many things, meet so many people, eaten so much good food that I’m kind of in sensory overload so I thought the best way I could start off my series of NY posts would be to show you the most well received outfit I wore on this leg of the trip.

This statue is the Alma Mater on Columbia’s Campus. Having just graduated from a relatively small school in a more suburban setting, Columbia’s campus was a little mind blowing. The buildings were all giant and, for the most part, rather old. The attention to detail on these buildings still blows my mind, the scroll work, the elaborate entrances, and the carvings just made the architecture out here amazing! Not to mention, the campus statues are pretty epic!

Leave it to the hot pink zebra dress to make New Yorkers friendly but I seriously had the best luck ever while wearing this gem. While at a coffee shop at NYU (one of the most hipster coffee places I’ve ever been to) a really beautiful woman with the best Zooey Deschanel bangs leaned over to me to tell me she loved my dress and wanted to know where she could get one. OMG it was like Zooey herself had complimented me and I pretty much walked on sunshine (also, God awful humidity) for the rest of the day.

Dress:H&M//Shoes:Mi Shoes//Bag:Sorial via TJ Maxx

Then, later that day, my lovely host, Mr. NY, and I found a lovely little gluten-free Italian joint in the Village and it was the first time I’ve ever had such awesome, allergy friendly service! They asked us when we were seated if anyone had any allergies and helped me to pick out a friendly meal. The food was absolutely delicious so when a man walked by who looked like a waiter I mentioned how much I appreciated their attention to detail and how happy I was that I could eat food right off the menu. Turned out this guy was the owner of the restaurant and he sent us home with a ton of uncooked, gluten free pasta! Behold the power of the dress!

Sequins: Maybe It’s A Compulsion

But I like color. A lot. I had a ton of fun pulling the most colorful pieces I could, including colors I don’t normally wear. Spoiler alert? I love this outfit. A lot!

I’m training my replacement at work and she noticed that my notes (which are then typed) are covered in different colors of highlighters. It’s a process, guys. And the process works well. Which means that for this day, I decided to go as colorful as possible. It’s the last day of a monthly meeting I attend with a bunch of amazing colleagues, who have previously noted my use of color.

Sweater & Shirt: Thrifted/ Dress: Macy’s/ Shoes: Modcloth

I almost went for a more solid color, (brown) sweater but I got Monsieur’s opinion first and he was all about adding the color. Dude just gets me. This sweater also had like all the colors I was wearing. Which is cool. Also, thank YOU fashion bloggers out there, because without you I probably never would have added up the three components. Or attempted the dress-as-a-skirt thing, which I’ve already admitted to being terrible about.

That’s right, I use the internet to help me get dressed some days. At least I don’t let you watch–then we’d have to change the rating on the blog, and it’s all just a lot of work.

So thanks. For that.

Button Roundup:
Labyrinth Pin: Hot Topic ~ 8 years ago
Wooden Typewriter Pin: gift from coworker ~1 year ago from a local boutique
Fox Pin: Made it myself from Fimo clay

I also tried to create another silly gif for you all. I’m working on getting better at these. Soon I’ll even learn how to do the blinking eyes in this post! We’ll see if this one works, though, because when I previewed the post it wasn’t doing its magic.

You’re welcome, world

Stripes: A Quick NY Update

Hey lovely readers! New York has been amazing, like, OMG-sooooo-many-adventures-awesome.  So awesome and fun and *insert 15 more adjectives* that all I’ve got for ya is this picture of me infront of the Seinfeld diner. I totally ate lunch today and let me tell you, they have the fastest service ever and their food was DELICIOUS, so delicious that I think I’m going to go back there one more time before I head off to destination #2.

But because I’ve been having so much of a blast, I’ve been a little too busy to write a quality blog post for you all (y’all…seriously a little itty bitty part of me is a country girl at heart) so I suppose I am just popping in today to tell you that I will be a little delayed in posting my outfit pictures and stories but, rest assured, I’ve got some good ones to relay back to you. If there’s one thing I can tell you, it’s that New York is a total blast!

Oh, and SEQUINS AND I NEED TO DO A NY ROUND 2, LIKE PRONTO!!! (See, I do read your posts! :p)

Sequins: Short Shorts

I live in shorts. They’ve always been one of my go-to items, since I’m not into pants and I don’t always want to sit lady-like in my skirts and dresses. I’ve heard from folks of all ranges of sizes who admit they’re self-conscious about wearing shorts. Since we’ve been on the theme of happy, postive self-image, I’ll say one thing I’m happy about are my legs. My legs are so good at doing tons of things, like walking to work and biking all over town. They’ve had a lot to recover from, like arthritis in my toes, three consecutive years of twisted ankles and blown-out knee, and the resulting weakness and necessary physical therapy.

My legs have survived all of that, though, and still let me do some pretty awesome things. My favorite, as mentioned before, being biking my butt all over town. These are legs that deserved to be shown off in all their glory, so when the weather warmed up enough to ditch the tights, better believe that happened.

Shorts: Sojourner/ Shirt: Thrifted Banana Rpublic/ Shoes: Hiltons/ Bag: H&M/ Fox Pin: handmade

We’ve finally been having some beautiful weather in the Northwest, so a jaunt to the ocean-front park was definitely high on my list of things to do. We packed a picnic, if you include water, iced chocolate coffee, raspberries and grapes, David’s guitar, my sketchbooks, and a couple books to read as a picnic!

Slight picnic-related sidenote? That beautiful quilt you see was made by Monsieur’s mom. She makes amazing quilts and he’s the recipient of an abdunant amount. She made this one specially for him, and it’s outer space themed. I love it, which is why it’s our go-to pinic quilt. When I took some photos of him playing with the intention of sending them to his mom, though, and I asked him if it’d be okay for her to see the quilt in the background, he paused.

“Maybe we can just crop that out”

So, Mrs Monsieur’s-Mom, on the off chance that you see this blog–first, please tell me. I’d like to know, and secondly, I hope you’re not mad that we used the quilt for a picnic quilt. We chose it out of love.

So there you have it. A mostly-typical Saturday with my favorite fella. Also, we got a couple really sweet comments about Stripes’ and I’s online friendship. And I never really thought of it the way it was mentioned, but I like that we can be a positive role model for a healthy female friendship. I know a lot of women (myself included) struggle with female friendships. Granted, I just struggle with friendships in general because I’m an extreme introvert, but I get that maintaining female friendships is a legit hard thing to do. I’m glad that it’s easy for Stripes and I, as well as with my other beautiful, wonderful close friends out there–my sister, Plaid, and Lace (the one getting married in September), among other lovely ladies.  With that said, though,


It’s boring without you.