Sequins: Travelwear

You’re reading this on the last day before Monsieur & I fly out to Hawaii for our vacation, so I’m just a touch busy. Although, if you couldn’t get enough of Stripes’ vacation posts, then don’t fret–I’ll be adding my own to the mix soon enough. Don’t you fret. For now, though, you can feast your eyes of my last travel outfit! This was for a train trip, so less intense than my current trip, but still.

Gray tights and denim shorts was the very first styling that led me to my tights-with-shorts obsession. You guys don’t see it too much on the blog what with me recording almost entirely my work outfits, but trust me–it exists. Also, I know at least one person seeing this post is squealing with an “ohemgee she got it!”, so yeah, Stripes, I totally found one!

Backstory–Stripes sent me a text a long time ago letting me know there was a a super cute seafoam green jacket at the place she found her hot pink blazer. I went to scope it out and they were already out of stock. I went back recently, though, when my sister dragged me to the mall and couldn’t resist. It’s mine now!

Blazer: Charlotte Russe, Shirt: H&M, Tights: very old, Sandals: Saltwaters, Shorts: Target, Flower: downtown boutique

Do you guys have any fashion trends that you stick to like comfort blankets? Because that’s what tights and shorts are for me. This happy trend has been going strong for four years in my life, and I don’t see it letting up anytime soon!

2 responses to “Sequins: Travelwear

  1. 1) That first picture is hands-down the most adorable picture I’ve ever seen of you. And that’s hard to do, because there are a lot. 🙂
    2) Love the blazer. Wonderful addition.
    3) I’m loving that you’ve been wearing the poppy pin so much. At the same time, it makes me want to steal it that much more because I see more awesome angles of it and I can’t see a darn thing about it that I don’t love.
    4) Have a great time in Hawaii! Say hi to the geckos for me. (You’ll understand later.)
    5) As far as a “fashion trend,” I’d have to say wearing purple. Purple has been a significant color in my wardrobe for a very long time, and when I feel like something’s either missing or I’m feeling down, I like to throw on a touch (or a huge splash) of purple and it almost always makes me feel better.

  2. My comfort blanket has to be cardigan. I honestly don’t wear outfits without them. And I don’t go anywhere without one, even when it’s 30 degrees out, I have one in my purse. I just cannot live without a cardigan… which is something you would notice if you ever took a look at my closet. I literally have three to a hanger at this point.

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