Sequins: In the Garden

There are a few awesome things about blogging. One being, make new friends. I’ll admit, I was slow to join that realm of blogging, mostly because I went into the process with one of my besties, and then promptly convinced another awesome friend to start one herself (Have you seen it? She’s pretty cool)

Regardless, turns out there are some pretty cool people on the internet, and it’s been fun to “meet” them. Nicole from Gypsy in Japser is one of those awesome peeps, and coordinates a What to Wear idea. It’s fun and I jumped on board, because I’m nothing if not a joiner. FYI, Stripes will totally be joining in on this concept next time it rolls around, but I figured it wasn’t fair to spring it on her the second she got back from vacation. See how nice I can be?

Shirt: H&M (??)/ Shorts: Target/ Brooch: Local boutique/ Sandals: Saltwaters

When I saw the prompt was In The Garden, I immediately went “Oh, for tea parties and fancy things! Sundresses everywhere!” And then I read a couple of comments about it and realized I’d be the only one with that theme. That some people, shockingly enough, actually garden (it’s, like, a verb, people!) instead of just play in gardens.

That said, I have to confess–rather than a cute little green thumb, I have the black thumb of death. I won’t bore you with the details, but rest assured–whatever plant you’re about to tell me I can keep alive, I’ve already killed it. Twice.

It’s definitely a recessive gene, though, since both my parents are pretty fab gardeners. My mom’s front yard looks like the Secret Garden in full bloom with her just blinking in its direction. No joke. I’ll share pictures soon. My dad is redoing his entire back yard with elaborate plans (he already built the brick walls and leveled the ground). My sister has an ever-producing spider plant.

If it has a leaf, I kill it. Also, I’m allergic to everything outside. As in, the occasional plant will make my throat swell up. So I’m just not a get-down-and-dirty kind of girl. That’s all there is to it. I do, however,Β like flowers! And I love playing in my mom’s garden, and checking out what my dad is doing in his back yard! So this is my “when I visit other people’s gardens”.

That means a cute top to give me the perfect excuse to not offer assistance, shorts instead of dresses just in case I’m required to squat, shoes that can be washed off with a hose for the potential dirt, and a flower pin, since that’s the only type of florals I can sustain!

This was super fun and you all should check out everyone else who participated!

7 responses to “Sequins: In the Garden

  1. You are the cutest little lady. Loving that floral pin. πŸ™‚
    Also, I’ve never gardened before. I’m doing OK, but not great. There are a ton of weeds out there right now and ours definitely looks the worst out of all the gardens (there are eight plots behind our apartment building).

    Thanks for joining in the What to Wear fun. I look forward to seeing what you and Stripes come up with for what to wear to the beach.

  2. new to your blog! i love the title… moose are my favorite animal πŸ™‚

  3. i think the great thing about the What to Wear series is that we all interpret it in a different way! Nicole did the plant and sow route, Sondra did a flower garden, etc. It’s pretty awesome!

    Also.. I’m not very good at gardening. I love the stuff that comes from gardens, but dirt and i do not mix well. πŸ™‚

  4. Ha! You’re so cute. I’m totally the same way when it comes to growing things; but people, bless their hearts, keep insisting on getting me a plant of some sort at least once a year. I think they think it’ll boost my ego or something when it comes to life. Never happens. Hubby has a Christmas cactus that he’s kept alive for a long time, but I think this was the year that my influence finally caused it to start turning brown. 😦 He’s all stoked to start a veggie/fruit/herb garden once we get our house, but his gardening skills are only marginally better than mine. I support him all the way, but don’t think it’ll turn out well.

    My father actually has a degree in agriculture (horticulture?? one of the two) and their yard is brown like 90% of the year. I’m thinking that’s where I got my brown thumb for (ha, no pun intended). Their fruit trees and flowers are doing okay, though. Probably the work of my mother, though I’ve never seen her water anything outside in all my 30 years.

    Anyhow, thanks for the shout out! πŸ˜€ I’m so glad I jumped into the blogosphere. You’re quite influential, missy! As evidenced by everyone linking back to you in this challenge.

    And I want that floral pin. It’s pretty fabulous. I can see it getting a lot of use in your wardrobe.

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  6. Hey there, I wanted to let you (and stripes) know that I’ve nominated you guys for a Liebster Award (you can see the post here: ). I didn’t really know what post to comment this on but since I know your blog through what to wear, I thought I would comment here. Really nice outfit by the way πŸ™‚

    • Awww that’s so sweet of you! It might take us a little time to get a post together (mainly because Sequins is putting the final touches on/traveling for one of the weddings she’s apart of and our combined posts usually take longer than our single posts) but we will try to pass on the love! Thank you!

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