Sequins: One Week Left

So I realized at about 8 PM Saturday night I didn’t do my post. I felt bad, but mostly I was too busy to care since I was doing this…

It was my sister’s Bachelorette Party. My brain just can’t grasp the concept that my big sister is getting married in less than two weeks. It might be having trouble because I’ve been averaging four hours of sleep a night for the past six nights. I am a zombie.

In fact, I had this whole cute bit planned about saying those bloggers who talk about their readers always crack me up, but that happened to me this weekend! But by “I met two readers”, I really mean “I had a close family member and one of my sister’s best friends come up to me and sheepishly admit they read the blog”.

Which is awesome. Except..

Why was it sheepishly? 😉

Thanks to the other two girls who joined us for Saturday night. It was a blast. Also, I strongly recommend any and everyone who reads this to go to a drag show. Also, the next day? I was busy with this…

Me: Sweater: Target, Dress: Macy’s, Sandals: Saltwaters
Blondie: I’m not sure, I’m sorry!

So that’s all I got. I promise a better update later, but right now I’m struggling to stay awake.

Oh, actually I’ll leave you with this gem of a moment:

My sister, introducing me to her new in-law, Gramma Jones McSmithstonstein*

Blondie: Hi Gramma McSmithstonstein, this is my sister, Sequins**

Gramma: Who is this?

Sequins: I’m Blondie’s sister.

Gramma: You’re her sister?

Sequins: Yes ma’am

Gramma (completely nonplussed): Never woulda guessed

*Not her actual name

**This is totally how my sister introduces me in public. And I have always called her Blondie. My entire life***

*** Those were both lies.

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