Stripes: In Need of Some Advice

Alright guys, I seriously need your help. The East Coast has been wreaking utter havoc on my face…we’re talking 13 year old girl acne status up in here. So I was hoping you guys might have some suggestions for how I can clear my face up fast  because I’m officially job hunting as soon as I get back to my hometown and I would feel way more confident if my face was back to it’s normal (only a pimple or two…my skin is far from perfect) status before heading into interviews.

So this is where you guys come in: PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE leave any suggestions for how I can quickly (preferably cheaply but I’m pretty desperate so I am open to any and all suggestions) clear up my skin. I would seriously love you all forever (not that I don’t already) if you could help me look interview ready after this East Coast skin disaster.

A quick insight to my current and usual skin care routine:
-Currently-Neutrogena Face Bar and Oil of Olay for Sensitive Skin Lotion with SPF twice a day
-Usually-Neutrogena Face Wash (liquid) twice a day with the same Olay Face Lotion and 2-3 times a week I use a Neutrogena face scrub.

Anyways, heres a picture of a spotty seal partly because I don’t have any pictures of my pimply, slightly sunburnt face but mostly because this guy is SO ridiculously cute!


Again, pretty please leave any suggestions you might have in the comments section-I would super appreciate your help!

4 responses to “Stripes: In Need of Some Advice

  1. I use cleanandclear morning burst ( yellow bottle) it’s a skin brightening facial cleanser. I buy it at either walgreeens or rite aid. It really cleans deep and reduces redness a lot after that just a face cleaning liquid like neutragena’s achol free toner to keep my face clean. I hope that helps I can give u more info on the ingerdiants if u need me to Hope that helps!!!!! I also use another product from neutragena it’s the clear pore oil- eliminating astringent which stings because of the salicylic acid but it gets better if u use after the wash. It reduces pimple size …again if u need more info I will give to u! This stuff reallly helps especiallly during this years heat!

  2. No problem! Acne sucks. This stuff has cleared away alot of it!!! Im glad I could help
    Goood Luck!!

  3. oh and enjoy the rest of your trip i hope u get your dream job!!!!!!

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