Stripes: Alma Mater

Whew-all this traveling is exhausting! Currently, as I’m writing this, I’m sitting in JFK getting ready to fly off to destination #2 and let me tell you, the last 5 days have been just surreal. I have seen so many things, meet so many people, eaten so much good food that I’m kind of in sensory overload so I thought the best way I could start off my series of NY posts would be to show you the most well received outfit I wore on this leg of the trip.

This statue is the Alma Mater on Columbia’s Campus. Having just graduated from a relatively small school in a more suburban setting, Columbia’s campus was a little mind blowing. The buildings were all giant and, for the most part, rather old. The attention to detail on these buildings still blows my mind, the scroll work, the elaborate entrances, and the carvings just made the architecture out here amazing! Not to mention, the campus statues are pretty epic!

Leave it to the hot pink zebra dress to make New Yorkers friendly but I seriously had the best luck ever while wearing this gem. While at a coffee shop at NYU (one of the most hipster coffee places I’ve ever been to) a really beautiful woman with the best Zooey Deschanel bangs leaned over to me to tell me she loved my dress and wanted to know where she could get one. OMG it was like Zooey herself had complimented me and I pretty much walked on sunshine (also, God awful humidity) for the rest of the day.

Dress:H&M//Shoes:Mi Shoes//Bag:Sorial via TJ Maxx

Then, later that day, my lovely host, Mr. NY, and I found a lovely little gluten-free Italian joint in the Village and it was the first time I’ve ever had such awesome, allergy friendly service! They asked us when we were seated if anyone had any allergies and helped me to pick out a friendly meal. The food was absolutely delicious so when a man walked by who looked like a waiter I mentioned how much I appreciated their attention to detail and how happy I was that I could eat food right off the menu. Turned out this guy was the owner of the restaurant and he sent us home with a ton of uncooked, gluten free pasta! Behold the power of the dress!


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