Sequins: Maybe It’s A Compulsion

But I like color. A lot. I had a ton of fun pulling the most colorful pieces I could, including colors I don’t normally wear. Spoiler alert? I love this outfit. A lot!

I’m training my replacement at work and she noticed that my notes (which are then typed) are covered in different colors of highlighters. It’s a process, guys. And the process works well. Which means that for this day, I decided to go as colorful as possible. It’s the last day of a monthly meeting I attend with a bunch of amazing colleagues, who have previously noted my use of color.

Sweater & Shirt: Thrifted/ Dress: Macy’s/ Shoes: Modcloth

I almost went for a more solid color, (brown) sweater but I got Monsieur’s opinion first and he was all about adding the color. Dude just gets me. This sweater also had like all the colors I was wearing. Which is cool. Also, thank YOU fashion bloggers out there, because without you I probably never would have added up the three components. Or attempted the dress-as-a-skirt thing, which I’ve already admitted to being terrible about.

That’s right, I use the internet to help me get dressed some days. At least I don’t let you watch–then we’d have to change the rating on the blog, and it’s all just a lot of work.

So thanks. For that.

Button Roundup:
Labyrinth Pin: Hot Topic ~ 8 years ago
Wooden Typewriter Pin: gift from coworker ~1 year ago from a local boutique
Fox Pin: Made it myself from Fimo clay

I also tried to create another silly gif for you all. I’m working on getting better at these. Soon I’ll even learn how to do the blinking eyes in this post! We’ll see if this one works, though, because when I previewed the post it wasn’t doing its magic.

You’re welcome, world


6 responses to “Sequins: Maybe It’s A Compulsion

  1. The animated gif wasn’t working on mine, but I’m going to take a wild guess and say it was an animation of you putting (almost hopping) your leg up? Am I right?

    I love this outfit too! The colors work so well together. And I’m glad you’ve hopped on board the dress-as-skirt thing. It opens up a whole world of possibilities! (I’m looking forward to doing it myself in the fall, but *gasp* it’s been too warm for me to layer anything over my dresses right now!) And seriously, you should wear that sweater as much as humanly possible. It’s infinitely more fun than a brown one (though brown ones do admittedly have their place in the sun now and again).

    Also loving the shoulder candy. 🙂

    • C Marica (Sequins)

      Haha thanks! I’ll try to get the gif working tonight; last night Monsieur and I spent the evening at the park on the water, enjoying a picnic. I try to add that sweater in but it just feels so crazy busy! Which, I know, coming from me is kind of weird…

  2. You’re my favourite! Nuff said?

  3. I LOVE this look! That skirt is adorable and I love all the patterns and colors. It seems very “you” which I love.

    That fox pin is amazing and I need it. I want to wear it with everything.

    • C Marica (Sequins)

      Thank you! I’m pretty fond of the outfit myself, but I have to figure out how to clean that strange black mark off the shirt before I wear it next. I’m glad you like my fox pin–with a few hours of patience and a block of fimo clay, you can make your very own!

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